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    I can kinda control my dreams, it's called lucid dreaming. 6 months ago  
    The earth will one day be destroyed but Heaven will always be there. 6 months ago +1
    I would pick neither because I know that God would give me peace in every moment I'm in. 6 months ago  
    I wouldn't care if my family looks at my internet history because I just usually listen to NF on Youtube. 6 months ago  
    I don't know so. I picked one of them with my eyes closed. Since I really don't drink soda that much at all. 6 months ago  
    I would try to stop both, so neither would happen 6 months ago  
    Tell you the truth if I could go back 1 minute ago and think about this question carefully I would have pick neither because I would not want to be in the world when a world corruption happens every where 6 months ago  
    But why would you kill a baby? Anyway, you never know if this baby could have changed the world in a good way. You can't just use the example of Hitler, to say that all babies who are born will one day become Hitler when they grow up. 6 months ago +1
    I would pick neither because you are taking life of a human baby which is manslaughter and killing 100 puppies which could have been used as a service dog, for people who are blind and for people who were in the Air Force, Army, Coast Gaurd, Marine Corps, and Navy who were injured and need companions 6 months ago  
    I want to say I'm a Christian. And you don't always have to see something to believe it's real. You have to use faith in your heart to know that God is real. Anyway, those people who believe in other religions that involve others gods don't have the faith to believe there is one true God. By the way, I wanted to point out that those "gods" are actually demons disguised as a helping creature or whatever you guys call that they do. They actually draw you away from God's presence because they want you to go to hell with them and be in pain forever in your life. But if you are with God, He can make miracles happen and calm the raging storm or the war you are having in your heart and allows you to have peace in your heart. So all that anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts you have in your mind. They will disappear forever and never come back to you ever. So trust in the One true God and His son name Jesus who died on the cross for your sins so you may not have to carry the burdens on your back. 6 months ago  

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