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17, Likes Doctor Who. I dont care if you want to talk to me, go right ahead. I will talk to anyone.

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    I cant go on a date at that moment...I have an appointment with a .45  
    Oh no Jew didn't....  
    I really like the Predator, But i think AVP is alot better than both  
    I must admit Final Fantasy is terrible....The story line is bad, and they have never really got the logic in that game right...Plus who doesn't like having a Raquazza Ex and showing up all your friends!  
    Loving the Sith Code John!!  
    Superman is afraid of green rocks...And Batman beat him with no powers. So my choice is definitely on Batman's side.  
    Haha!! NO!  
    Or none of them :D  
    Probably tastes like chicken....Like everything else  
    This guy below Is a Genius like his post!! Oh my god i am now dying  
    Girl so it doesnt matter to me!! XD  
    I hate white....Black all the way  
    I will try my luck...plus i cant fight something that's not real.....Grolar bear XC  
    Ha NO  
    Parents...Because it happens anyway  
    I hate this question...I....Just.....AHHHHH!!! +1
    Or you can get a life and stop watching twilight and fantasizing  
    I think the train would feel better over all.  
    Guest from texas...Your a Dick...Seriously you dont know how hard it is with low self-esteem  
    Still wish there was a Skip Button!!  
    Where is the 'None of the above' Selection???  
    This is a stupid question, i dont find this right  
    I have been to a mental institution so i know what it is like.  
    I already have nightmares everynight so why not chose it.  
    If i piss of a foreign guy, then i know if he is talking sh*t about me  
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