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    Heavily debating whether to rate 7 or 8  
    Alright, Great. Thats just what needed to happen. You had the weaker argument in this situation, and so you admitted to being wrong. Thank you for taking the higher path here rob  
    I really doubt that's the case. It sounds more like your upset about being proven wrong, so you're attempting to pull a "lel u mad bro" to sound cool, when in reality you've been pushed into a corner. If I'm right just follow up with by saying u mad bro  
    You're attempting to to criticize other people's opinions while complaining at the same time about having the same treatment applied to your own. It mind as well be a debate at this point. Opinions should be challenged, if it cant be defended then its probably not worth having. Also I thought you said were done with this. Why are you still commenting? +1
    You didnt bother to debate a single thing I said there. I'm going to assume you just have no argument to make. Good bye +1
    Your original comment openly criticized people who would have wanted immortality and the ability to live. I'm not sure how you've managed to overlook that detail. If you payed any attention to the original question, you would have the ability to age yourself to death at any given point, but you still felt the need to rant about immortality and how horrible it is to keep living. Your loved ones are going to die regardless of whether youre alive or not. You being dead isnt going to magically bring them back. There's nothing to look forward to in death. I don't know what about this is too hard for you to comprehend. +1
    See, right there. You just admitted that you want to be dead. Maybe not now, but you do want to be dead at some point. Youre clearly dodging the point for reason. Why do you want to be dead? Who the hell knows, you haven't really provided any real reason for it. The way youre wording this really only comes off as you saying "life sucks and if you want to be alive then you suck" +1
    I just assumed that not living = being dead. Correct me if I'm wrong here +1
    you chose the pointless ability of being able to switch genders, then you proceeded to say how terrible immortality was as if its a bad thing. If thats not an indication of you wanting to be dead I dont know what is +1
    There's nothing good about death. I'm not sure why you're so thrilled about being dead +2
    It sounds more like you openly hate the idea of living, hence why you want to die at some point +2
    If you choose not to be immortal, it sounds more like you either have a deathwish or you're just suicidal +6
    becoming immortal > becoming transsexual +5
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