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    Partiess! i dont mind not being alone let them see fk it 5 years ago  
    Sexy Woman I'd love if she could role play a scene for me 5 years ago  
    which one doesn't cause me to get hurt i think i'll go with surfing 5 years ago  
    Wine all day ! 5 years ago  
    I have a pretty cute face i'm not trying to be conceded, but i'm confident in that , as for my body..it could use a tone up xD 5 years ago  
    eh 5 years ago  
    almost had me 5 years ago  
    ohh damn , eh 5 years ago  
    I freaking LOVE CHips Ahoy! but i hate the Soft Chips ahoy >:( Those are the soft ones I rather eat an Oreo then that 5 years ago  
    ew,...weird on both levels.. 5 years ago  
    Get punched in the face and not instantly knock out for almost a full hour ,Heals fast, count me in 5 years ago  
    EXACTLY! Heals quicker tooo 5 years ago  
    hmm...I'm not a shallow person and just because looks sometimes matters doesnt mean anyone who cares about appearance wouldnt date someone who is less attractive. just saying..I've had my share of ugly guys who are the Best! 5 years ago  
    Much more funny in , i dont like the office that much 5 years ago  
    Neither 5 years ago +1
    Universal ,soony Hellloooo been around longer $$$$ 5 years ago  
    For you and everyone who agrees with you, but That's actually sexy. And scarlett is Hot 5 years ago  
    https://www.rrrather.com/view/272#comment1090722 5 years ago  
    She's not a slut she just looks like one ..sometimes. So Don't hate. 5 years ago  
    lmfao eventhou miley cyrus plays Hannah DOESNT mean she IS Hannah!!!! 5 years ago  
    Holy crap! That face scared me! O__O 5 years ago  
    i've never been on an actually blind my eyes or never know the person just dinner date before...will i be fed? 5 years ago  
    I'm not that funny sooo..Boss life it is 5 years ago  
    too much hitting , i rather be grounded 5 years ago +1
    Idc if it's a sport i much rather play golf specially mini golf fun as hell! 5 years ago  
    hmm...sounds like a trick question for men xD 5 years ago  
    Screw it get a new one xD 5 years ago  
    i rather have sore thraot i hate feeling sickish when i'm stuffy 5 years ago  
    Mouthwash anyone? 5 years ago +1
    Okay being with friends my whole life if i havent seen my fav celeb then Yesss helloo 5 years ago  
    umm......Will i be Found eventually?? 5 years ago  
    Both? 5 years ago  
    i luv a shy guy its cute when i can tease em 5 years ago  
    I Love my Name Noone Has it..well my 1st name anyway 5 years ago  
    OH....My...God....Damn....Dammit! okay ..If Ian Dances for me like he does in Vampire diaries then YEs! THis was soo hard 5 years ago  
    i didnt understand, i just read the one tht sounded good. 5 years ago  
    I had to google the meaning of celibate.. got lost for a minute... 5 years ago  
    i like elvis but i mean come on.. 5 years ago  
    Hey if i'm having sex and they can see it, what a show huh 5 years ago  
    Natalie is a sweet freak while Scarlett is a darinf freak 5 years ago  
    I'm not that good at tetris Luv mario thou 5 years ago  
    If i can be a Wizard then Yeahh 5 years ago  
    Hahah Trick question 5 years ago  
    Took the words right out my mouth xD 5 years ago  
    Can i kiss Both ? 5 years ago  
    As long as our family is safe idk who he kills as long as he's not caught screw it , DEXTERR 5 years ago  
    too much work to start over 5 years ago  
    Idky but 2008 just felt good 5 years ago  
    no offense i like COD but i'm not that good enough to play it Battlefield my game, Gotta give it some props thou cuz you were playing tht waay befor cod 5 years ago  
    no chance 5 years ago  
    None I'd Fail ! 5 years ago  
    i like nature believe it or not 5 years ago  
    just take your shirt off and we're fine 5 years ago  
    Yay bubbles! 5 years ago  
    as long as i dont get dark circles i'm fine 5 years ago  
    If they say i have to were black all the time i wouldnt mind just as they dont tell me i' have to expose skin*CoughmielyCough* 5 years ago  
    I have two dogs and I think it's Awkward as FUxk..like are you judging me? are you getting excited too?...One time I was with my bf and we were moving from 1st to 2nd base then third and He fkn Peed on MY Leg! I was DOne! I rather dance and let everyone tlk about my random moment 5 years ago  
    hahahah i'm already average how's about fit Heey 5 years ago  
    i already am loved and poor 5 years ago  
    true gamer ^ 5 years ago  
    Underworld Vamp i wouldnt mind 5 years ago  
    I already have never met my fav celeb and think they're perfect, but i'd hate it and it'd hurt if they if found out they were jerks to me :( ,but if anything i'd go from i love you to i hate you! and i'll still watch your movies and shows ah 5 years ago  
    I like both 5 years ago  
    I'd be the cutest undetected Drug Dealer as suppose to if something goes wrong My ass is on the line. 5 years ago  
    no competition 5 years ago  
    At least I can Say I saw the greatest things in life as suppose to the 35% of ya'll who wont miss anything if you cant see it, but still wonder about it suxkers 5 years ago  
    Yeah sure as you eat a Burger with bacon in it 5 years ago  
    Yum yum 5 years ago  
    If i knew the passed history i'd oass mathclass and shut a niqqa up 5 years ago  
    Netflix bxtchess xD 5 years ago  
    Mountain climbing huh...great success getting up and getting cuts , U can't experience FUn like diving 5 years ago  
    i get lazy sometimes soo taking a shower and knocking out is good, unless its going to work den yeah 5 years ago  
    well if you look at it from an idgaf just doing my job then i'd Evict......euthanizing puppies breaks my heart i'd cry each time and their faces would never leave my mind i cant ! 5 years ago  
    THis Movie BlEw my Mind! i loved it idc 5 years ago +1
    lol it's already begun they cant stop it 5 years ago  
    I would like neither experience since i almost drowned once i think i'm set 5 years ago  
    Done Anyone of my Fav Celebs? Let's go and Rob a Bank Latifaa 5 years ago  
    https://www.rrrather.com/view/2#comment1057029 5 years ago  
    ugh those aids thou...cant we just use a condom and be set? (u can only get it after knowing he'd probably never say that he has it).....screw it lets Tie Porky up and shut 'em up Les gooo Done ..ew 5 years ago  
    lol 5 years ago  
    I'll keep the ones i already have and just do what Hermione does 5 years ago  
    71% Jedi wdf uggh, Just give in Man ! 5 years ago  
    At least in a tornado you an experience flight for the 1st time 5 years ago  
    Satan I got no time man Can you just take someone elses to sharpen your Horns , i'm busy. 5 years ago  
    damn I read the question and was amped ,but then i saw the ONLY two Options and just frowned.... Well I was in ballet when i was lil soo heeyy 5 years ago  
    I Accept The Challenge !! 5 years ago  
    I'm set 5 years ago  
    hahah If they we still this way i'd say the terminator , bt they both equally dont give up, but i mean the terminatorr is bullet proof come on 5 years ago  
    I have an appointment lets goooo message ! 5 years ago  
    If it's Illegal you can get away with a good amount cheap.smartasses 5 years ago  
    Mmm 5 years ago  
    being loud without wanting to would suck 5 years ago  
    it's more peaceful from afar 5 years ago  
    umm...yeah 5 years ago  
    moving all the time after 6months sounds nice but it'd get tiring 5 years ago  
    I wouldnt mind this 5 years ago  
    nah i'm good 5 years ago  
    guilty 5 years ago  
    if earth exploded i'll just inhabit another planet w.e 5 years ago  
    i havent had either so idk which is better 5 years ago  
    Bundle up and hide heheheh 5 years ago +1
    damn i would hate these....but i gotta have some reaction in the relationship else i'd go mad 5 years ago  
    if you dont say thank you from time to time it's rude when u get something....I rather not beg with a Please. 5 years ago  
    Agreed v 5 years ago  
    still got a few words to get out, i'll deal with the pain later, once i leave i wont have to deal with pain...unless its hell 5 years ago  
    Actually i'm debating..still got my V-Card . It's my Precious. xD 5 years ago  
    I picked L.A becuz even if my car breaks down on the way I wont be near dessert 5 years ago  
    Without seeing the commentsI already kow someone said the lines "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" lmfao so predictable. 5 years ago  
    I wish i knew about tech then i'd further our tech, that whe conquering is only limited, till someone figures you out and try to kill u . 5 years ago  
    smaller portable 5 years ago  
    is it just me or are these pictures a lil......nvm 5 years ago  
    I Already went to Magic Kingdom, I wanna see the Land ! 5 years ago  
    Yeah but WHO Sucks LESS from the Two! 5 years ago  
    Sorry Spidy 5 years ago  
    i wouldnt be able to concentrate Legit 5 years ago  
    when i saw this it just caught my attention more nothing against avatar, was okay too 5 years ago  
    i rather be surrounded by Gaga's lilMonsters then bieber's fans 5 years ago  
    I picked Deaf because there's just too much I want to see in life, then Someone mentioned missing out in music and i was like oh shxt...but then i realized just cuz your deaf doesnt mean you Cant feel the Vibrations of the beat sooo it's still okay :P 5 years ago  
    ugh i wouldn't live In Either Places, but i have more tolerance for miami i guess 5 years ago  
    well i was a geek and shy..so 5 years ago  
    I rather be Hairless , too much work shaving 5 years ago  
    I Love StarWars! 5 years ago  
    Money is a Prize 5 years ago  
    adopting can make a difference 5 years ago  
    you ppl sure like bending these questions huh..it's an either OR question. 5 years ago  
    Bench warmer....Do i get paid as much as them? 5 years ago  
    No, They Are Not my friend. Geeks have a chance at hitting it, Nerds well they're smart but they dont get tamped as quick 5 years ago  
    I'm a Geek soo.. 5 years ago  
    !st..OUCH! ,but I'd have a better chance at Survival with piranhas Croc's can get on land if they wanted 5 years ago  
    American FootBall ALL Day !! 5 years ago  
    At least i'd be remembered da freak Haters bring fame 5 years ago  
    I get motion sickness either way , but if i didn't i'd love the Yacht I could go anywhere and even live in it 5 years ago  
    dance clubs are boring-ish at least small get togethers are awesome and u can do so much more 5 years ago  
    I've seen my parents sooo.. yeah 5 years ago  
    as much as i dislike the U.s I dont mind it that much 5 years ago  
    Well i'm Bisexual so i dont give a fuq 5 years ago  
    If it's Private I guess it's Romantic ,but if its In Public It's more exciting and real i like that type of s***. (my opinion) 5 years ago  
    Idk How in the world she was able to do that and i have no time to google it, but i'd rather have kids just the pain issue is wat i hate 5 years ago  
    I'm sure it tastes like chicken, but I'd rather not be a Cannibal . Plus I dont want ppl chomping on my remains da fuq. 5 years ago  
    I like the surprise, ppl get to into it when they know plus I like messing with ppl on the day of the baby shower they'd be like "is it a boy or girl? what color should we pick? " Most ppl go with baby colors....Just Go with Black or White xD Done! 5 years ago  
    f***n hate JS..but i do like their tan...hmm white as snow...i'm already tan if i were white i could always gets a nice fake tan xD that aint orange 5 years ago  
    If i Ever dream i wished was accomplished dont you think being in love with the person of my Dream would be in there? pssh easy. 5 years ago  
    t make new one's 5 years ago  
    i have a weak system i would be able to handle physical labor ...hahah Physical Labor, get it x) cuz i'm a chick * we give birth (may sound corny and stupid to most without the same humor) 5 years ago  
    Gee i would love it if people bet on me to loose and when i win they loose money 5 years ago  
    that could be a big change..even something we might not like soo i rather lv it be 5 years ago  
    ..i would understand them if they got raped and i'd show them it'll all be okay.. eventhou i'd be Pissed beyond belief ! At least they didnt cheat on me thts heart aching 5 years ago  
    I as a woman would not be able to handle the sight of my child dying before me, i'd rather die and let them live their life, but i'd make sure things werent misunderstood. 5 years ago  
    Eric's to rough with it, i prefer Bill, seems like he knows what he's doing 5 years ago  
    hello arch enemy equals me not giving a shxt, Exboyfriend/Gf Means I'm Over it and iget to Drink eat and have fun. 5 years ago  
    I Pressed the Wrong ONE , Damn You Bradley Cooper with your good looks! i'm 20 now so if they were 10yrs younger then me..they'd be immature and kiddish they'd be 10yrs old noo , chill. 5 years ago  
    damn i like both , 5 years ago  
    I'm a Tomgirl sooo either one is fine. 5 years ago  
    10 words each day?! sucks. Lucky for me since it's just me and my dogs, it wouldnt matter 5 years ago  
    Fame is wealth...but privacy is important 5 years ago  
    I can't even remember my 1st kiss so yeah i'd like to have it over with someone else 5 years ago  
    Screw that! at 40 I wanna be resting , not having to deal with teens or kids chill i'm set 5 years ago  
    I've always wanted to live in a tree ! living Underground reminds me of the Teletubbies. 5 years ago  
    money like that wont last, and i'd be f**ked if i smoked 5 years ago  
    i'm the one who's gonna be famous for it why not 5 years ago  
    Woop At least the queen has some freedom fun moments 5 years ago  
    If i killed myself i'd probably go to hell. But then again Killing 10,000 people for no reason, would send me to hell either way right? where's that 50/50 chance 5 years ago  
    lmfao your fkn welcome I choose those 10.000$ so that you could have your 50.00$ 5 years ago  
    hmm.. is it bad if i might wanna do something now that i'm a single old person? like doing something fun? idk 5 years ago  
    I'm a chick so um noo da fudge i'd kick him 5 years ago  
    okay no word of a lie ,but i'm kinda tired of being a chick if i could be a guy for like a month Alright , ya know 5 years ago  
    i like the bad news, in hopes that the good news cheers me up enough 5 years ago  
    i rather dye in peace thankx 5 years ago  
    Photographic memory would be Awesome!! i could draw anything 5 years ago  
    I've always wanted to jump off a bridge and survive...but slow recovery and broken bones..idk plus nudity isnt bad, ppl are calling it art now right? screw it make me famous 5 years ago  
    Snowboarding is sooo much Fun thou! surfing is cocky plus you can surf on snow BOSS like ! 5 years ago  
    the presidents arent cool enough 5 years ago  
    umm ew just remembering how they use to bathe in the 1950's bugs me 5 years ago  
    Camping! ...O.o wdh is wrong with you ppl Life isn't a Luxury!! Gotta have Fun with what you have 5 years ago  
    SouthPark is Stupid funny FamilyGuy is Funny stupid 5 years ago  
    MUCH more fun with Friends!! 5 years ago  
    all that raw meat, hmm 5 years ago  
    i'm second in the family so idk 5 years ago  
    my friends would hate me if my personality changed at least they can deal with different looks 5 years ago  
    well i'm a chick and i'm bisexual and my guy thinks its great so no problem there, thou i'd love to have a gay kid with a great sense of fashion See 'em be someone in life 5 years ago +1
    uggh too much to deal with on both ends.. 5 years ago +1
    i'm an artist so inventions are a given 5 years ago  
    I'm Cluster-phobic chill ! 5 years ago  
    that's happened before...he's just lucky I didnt deck him in the face..at least a text break-up althou lame and weak, it wont hurt too bad.. 5 years ago  
    this year no word of a lie i decided i'd spend my last teen yrs trick-o-treating since i pass for a 16 yr old at best why not right? Party from here on forward ! 5 years ago  
    I'm doing that right now xD 5 years ago  
    At least I can fly anywhere 5 years ago  
    I understand italians much more i would if someonesaid some shxxt about me in french 5 years ago  
    THAT DOUGH!!! 5 years ago  
    i can have a loving relationship later 5 years ago  
    I'd rather someon be like " oh my god its her! Can i take a picture with you and this 20$Bill? :D " Much more of a posibbility then having a hometown ppl cant pronounce and say 'WHo" 5 years ago  
    hahah I've lost both, easiest to deal with is losing a key, but the if your thinking"what if someone finds it and breaks in with ur key" ...really? what r the changes? then i'd worry but my phone has more things tht a jailbreak could open. 5 years ago  
    to be quite Honest.. I only got maybe passed one book, but i've watched 3 movies, soo... 5 years ago  
    50/50 till I messed it up xD 5 years ago  
    both beautiful places 5 years ago  
    Does it matter? 5 years ago  
    lmfao muwhahahah 5 years ago  
    My birthday was Nov3rd...and we didnt do shxt! At least Christmas we celebrate and go all out with the food Yum! 5 years ago  
    I personally think Aliens are much more Gentle..lmfao and i use that word very loosely.. 5 years ago  
    umm...yeah i'd like my ideal body thank you, plus I'm a chubby chaser soooo if he/she is too good loooking i might have to fight somebody 5 years ago  
    ..... 5 years ago  
    There was a similar question a few pages back....these kids loo tooo yong and those adults look like their gonna party after work...hmmm 5 years ago  
    lmfao smh is it weird that i covered his eye one by one to see how he'd look if his eyes werent like that? 5 years ago  
    i've had physical pain I can handle it but i cant handle Psychological I'd go mad ! can't relax ! 5 years ago  
    well then.. 5 years ago  
    German girls Woof now they can Party and hold it good 5 years ago  
    how awkward is it being the ONly one standing up Compared to everyone who stands up Blocking you from others noticing that you sitting... use to do it in church dont see why its a must. 5 years ago  
    I'm Pro-Choice , but I still dont like that option 5 years ago  
    Patriots ! 5 years ago  
    what's the point in living forever if you have all the money in the world to freeze you jk But seriously then ou'd see everything and be bored, money helps the bordom 5 years ago  
    I love my food I'll just as my man to do tht hand work for me 5 years ago  
    Chill if Hermione gets mad, she DOn't FOrgive Easily, at least Katniss doesnt forgive but walks away cuz she has tht much pride 5 years ago  
    hahaha i'd love to do the pain, not burn someone half alive chill , plus i wont kick them too hard tht they wont be able to bare kids >:3 5 years ago +1
    GodDammit! that would Hurt thou!! I can't i'm a big pussy, i'll take my chances eventhou all my sins will bite me in the ass. 5 years ago  
    I f***kn Love Harry Potter (books & Movie) Idky but eventhou it's much more dangerous, at least you dont die forever like in hunger games, (great also) 5 years ago  
    Stress, Routine, Boring life, Worries,.....V.s...., Happiness, Reckless, Worry free, Fun life.....yeah i don't know , oh right NeverLand. 5 years ago  
    Umm.. Sounds like I'm going to Die anyways, might aswell GO Swimming with the fishes, Let em Rip off My Arms or chomp my shoulder as I black out and sleep. 5 years ago  
    The problem with this option is that ppl are becoming lazy ,aint nobody like talking to too long that's why texting is an options no awkward long pauses, if you take long it's okay thru text , 5 years ago  
    If i Knew it All i'd be smart enough to use it to be the richest 5 years ago  
    It'd love to dress up and pretend i'm battling lions at the colosseum If they'd let me. 5 years ago  
    Racism is at its neutral in todays world, but the hate against sexism is a strong one these days 5 years ago  
    I like coca cola but i mean the caffeine is what's poppin' more students and people worldwide just attract to it easily, plus free internet xD 5 years ago  
    I think I'm cute enough to get by, but my memory with things is terrible it'd be nice to have a perfect memory I could use quite a bit against people 5 years ago  
    I love reading it expands the mind, but I'll be damned if i didnt like watching a good Movie pssh 5 years ago  
    I'll Live 5 years ago  
    um yeah.. 5 years ago  
    Damn these are both good one's, but Can I have multiple house in different places that ARE paid off? hmmm Traveling for free is niiicee to thou 5 years ago  
    Show me Something I HAVENT seen 5 years ago  
    I'll just walk away before i can slur it out xD Someone knock me out before i can speak ! 5 years ago  
    I'm a HUGE Animal Person, sooo yeah... That's like saying Would You rather ..Stop abortion 5 years ago  
    stuck in an island with ppl i hate V.s Being alone and going crazy? Nahh i'll just yell at them if they start acting crazy 5 years ago  
    Neither.. 5 years ago  
    lmfao i just mad thiss 50/50 XD 5 years ago  
    I Love Nutella but i eat without the bread 5 years ago  
    that's like not having bugerking out side but the burger alone, or McD with just the M nothing around it...nah i like old logos 5 years ago  
    where's the thought that counts xD lol i've actually given a gift with nothingin it for my brother, best this everr 5 years ago  
    i'd be like ohh, you cut it that way? looks interesting i think i might try that next time. 5 years ago +1
    i get tired of the rain, plus gets me sick 5 years ago  
    it'll go away i'll deal 5 years ago  
    2 birds one stone come on people duhh 5 years ago  
    it's cool if i have friend i'll go over and use their shxt 5 years ago  
    swear to god, right when i read this , my dog farted...sounded wet O.e 5 years ago  
    Yes doctor it hurts here.si 5 years ago  
    I can not debat to save my life 5 years ago  
    damn 5 years ago  
    i can at least protect my face if this happens ..lions i'll be dead 5 years ago  
    forever alone Status right here lol ... but nowadays noone really cares. i've done both and enjoyed myself 5 years ago  
    Prince..less moody 5 years ago  
    looking good is always good 5 years ago  
    the safer the roads the less accidents (morons) . I can wait in line its noo biggy 5 years ago  
    ooh i love the hair styles, but the clothes can be rocked 5 years ago  
    drown in the cold water or burn in hot fire......hmm at least if i drown my bones are still possibile to find in the furutre 5 years ago  
    Damn...this sucks.. 5 years ago  
    The idgaf religion lol nahh company and keep it going more money 5 years ago  
    FOOOOD!!!!! 5 years ago  
    if i watch a short film it'll probably stop midway, and i'll want to know the ending screw tht 5 years ago  
    if i see scary things i might Have Nightmares come on stupid wdf 5 years ago  
    if i can still have kids , does this mean i can still feel and have sex?? cuz tht sounds soo much better then not being able to have anyy kids 5 years ago  
    without marriage there's No presurrreeee lol and if it doesn't work you change your mind in time 5 years ago  
    What if i mess up? nahh i'll be hated chill thats a worldwide embarrassment , nude movie not as bad 5 years ago  
    damn i meant to press rich, but that facee mmmm damion :3 5 years ago  
    when i eat cereal as soon as there's just a few floating i try and eat in even numbers 5 years ago  
    Yeah sure i'll double my weight and then before i can do much about it die from heart attack 5 years ago  
    Both are amazing 5 years ago  
    i already sleep that long, if i could control my dream now tht would be good 5 years ago  
    i'd like to know when it is this way everyday before it Ends in COmplete AwesOmnesssss!! 5 years ago  
    can't some of the money by half your wishes Anyways? 5 years ago  
    i just made this 50/50, now some idiot will change that. 5 years ago  
    at least i can train a monkey to give me things if i'm lazy 5 years ago  
    i'm sorry ,but being me for soooo long i'd want something different, tht whole just being me crap yeah save it. 5 years ago  
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