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    didnt say how much  
    im 13  
    im glad that picture A is blurred out  
    i can buy friends  
    family guy is dumb  
    ima guy  
    i would donate money to the poor :)  
    my grandma isn't annoying though  
    screw sex, lets eat legos together!  
    chinese girls are hot  
    im black so....  
    Space,the final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS enterprise. Her mission to boldly go where no one has gone before  
    go big or go home  
    mans best friend  
    what "freinds"  
    Root Beer is the best  
    im using chrome right now  
    I like that in A its a picture of a lawyer  
    ah god i just read the authors comment  
    James Bond  
    what kind of sick twisted person would think of this  
    i can send innocent people to jail  
    if no one showed up to your Funeral that proves you lived a bad life  
    Xbox has halo  
    this is going to make me cry  
    Nintendo has Mario  
    Digimon is dumb, Pokemon rules!  
    what is magic kingdom  
    wtf why is A picture huge  
    Bang, then yes  
    Twilight sucks! all they do is talk about their feelings  
    the selfish 14%  
    screw Justin Bieber! I want to save some kittens :D +1
    the worst part about this question is that someone thought to ask it  
    after reading this i feel gross inside  
    more fun in bed +2
    Yay my baby gets to look like Mr. Bean!  
    Yahoo is cool and all but everyone knows Google  
    as long if my Dentist is a girl and she is hot  
    what is "garbeg" is it some kind of gibberish word?  
    Nerds are hot  
    i rather shoot myself  
    no, just no  
    no just no. +1
    how did this get in tech  
    how did this get in tech?  
    i can always get away with stuff  
    10,000,000 DOLLARS!  
    bros before hoes (literally)  
    maybe he'll let us 3way  
    i can visit them  
    how is this relationships? O_o  
    it didnt say how big the cliff had to be  
    I dont have a dog  
    I Actually Hate My Own Country  
    HA! Fooled Again! I Dont Have A Dog  
    "Shot in the stomach" With a Nerf gun  
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