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Meaning of life, is what you give to life as a meaning

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Would you rather use Tape or Glue 9 months ago 74 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a communist or a capitalist Way of the Lenin or Way of the Uncle Sam 9 months ago 56 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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who can say why your heart sighs... 9 months ago  
then it will kill nobody 9 months ago  
what if it was a cessna 9 months ago  
that is what all french eat 9 months ago  
if you were able to communicate, you will able to re-invent the internet 9 months ago  
if you were flash, and you were trapped in prison or a cage, how the hell would you escape 9 months ago  
im russian 9 months ago  
i can still help her 9 months ago  
at least i will be honored by millions after war 9 months ago  
create your own job 9 months ago  
i will have chance to fix my grandfathers legacy 9 months ago  
cuz they dont steal your GODDAMN SECRETS 9 months ago  
İKR 9 months ago  
SKIP 9 months ago  
SKIP 9 months ago  
GLORY TO LENIN 9 months ago  
cuz it will still be democracy no matter who the president is 9 months ago  
y'all knew that man on the right was Stalin right? 9 months ago +1
three words: welcome to RUSSİA 9 months ago  
me too 9 months ago  
mind=blown 9 months ago  
BUT maybe it was just PRETENDİNG to fall, so we could argue that this is real world 9 months ago  
if i use the HCL 9 months ago  
i will kill her/him instantly 9 months ago  
cuz at some point people will understand me and correct my legacy 9 months ago  
0/10 9 months ago  
its goddamn 16, of course i will 9 months ago +1
more honorable 9 months ago +1
who the hell would let it. and i know sombody will say"hey! it deserves to live too", but cmon, an ant? 9 months ago +1
i did not tryed the lobster, so i'd rather give it a try 9 months ago  
*severe nausea* 9 months ago  
what kind of mutant is your mom 9 months ago  

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