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    btw, you can't survive cutting your penis, you'll overbleed to death  
    that guy probably found that picture searching camel toe. what a perv  
    i hate my friends  
    I don't mind being single.  
    I just chose from the pictures :D +1
    That beggar looks really desperate.. though  
    Uhh duh it's called "Private Browsing"?  
    big one looks cuter  
    fart off Bieber  
    dude it's 10%  
    Wow 7%  
    Eat it  
    This was funny the first time I saw.  
    Gosh I really want both! :D  
    Sorry Stevie, although I'm using a mac to vote, I'll vote for PC  
    Oh wait, I chose mermaid thinking of sex, and just realized she's a fish.  
    I donno about Holocaust and I dont want to  
    lol the pic for always get away with lying is Mr.President xD  
    Eww look at cow's tongue  
    You could always carry an ipod with you. Can't you?  
    Communicate with sex  
    Hey right side has another digit! :D  
    hey, it's 50:50!  
    Oh my god had to laugh so hard at this one XD  
    Would you have a zombie ripping your throat apart or a solider simply ending you with a bullet?  
    I'm quite poor myself, who says that African families are the poorest?  
    I hate both but idk why people hate Twilight  
    People to people is sad, but defending against alien can grow sprit of team-working :)  
    Where I live, Korea, people usually choose to live alone since it's so hard and money-taking to raise a child. We have a very low birthrate and possibly not exist on the world map a 100 years later. +1
    Guys - tattos girls - piercings  
    Bill Gates: I'm already the richest person on the planet.. so... :D  
    Would you want to be 180? I'd rather live short and thick than long and thin  
    Friend: Did you know surface of the sun has temperature exceeding 10 million degrees? Me: Oh sh*t +2
    Gosh teens voting 4 love  
    i donno how 2 surf  
    You dont find true love. With $10,000,000, true love finds you.  
    Ooh a 50 50, but I bet you'll get bored of flying some day. But reading mind, you can probably make profit out of :)  
    Guys, it's reality.  
    WHAT?! WHY?!  
    Funeral, you're alone. Nothing to be embarrassed about. But wedding, you have a wife/husband by you  
    No internet, no cell phone  
    Ocean FTW!! better than human-made. Thx mothernature  
    I thought it was going to be a 50:50 XD I guess I"m weird..?  
    I dont like chocolate anyways :/ so..  
    Save life of "A" starving African child. I'd reconsider if it was like 100 maybe :/  
    My vote is for Mark because well, I've seen one of pewd's vid and really he had lots of sexual jokes going on. However Mark, he does swear a bit but he has respect to all his viewers and never says anything that might mentally harm ANYONE. Thus probs pewds' viewers are probs much younger than Marks', because look at their logic. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENCE. like "vote for pewds because he has more subs!!" +2
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