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    I'd shave my head. +1
    Stomp on them.  
    What is a lobset? +2
    Zombie apocalypse is impossible and stupid.  
    I wouldn't have to make donations.  
    No, your head wouldn't explode. That is what Hollywood taught you. You'd freeze or boil to death in space  
    You don't know what autistic is.  
    Who the hell are Ryan and Ian? +2
    Hot coals can feel good.  
    Fingerling potatoes.  
    Just kill yourself. +1
    Are you kidding? +1
    Fruit is sweet and yummy.  
    Not if it's that THING in the photo....YEESH  
    I thought the monkey in the photo was ejaculating. Anyway, monkeys can snap at any time and hurt you.  
    I'm a vegan :D  
    You'd get in bigger trouble if you keep running.  
    You mean corrosive acid?  
    Shut up this is a rrrather question  
    I would be associated with the winning team.  
    A keyboard can function as a controller.  
    If everyone proposed in private no one would be married.  
    I'd die immediately under anarchy.  
    The powers of rrather would create a magical barrier preventing you from reaching the other.  
    I'd get to talk to anyone but they'd hate me because I'm American.  
    Ew I don't want people touching me  
    It would grow up to be an asshole anyway.  
    I wait to get in the shower to pee.  
    Not necessarily.  
    Had Hitler been killed before the Holocaust, something much worse would have happened.  
    I don't want to know my future.  
    Immortality would be torture after 200 years or so.  
    I would rather someone like me.  
    No more annoying children.  
    I'd rather start my own religion. It will never fail, because the stupid sheeple will keep believing me and keep giving me money. That is how religion works anyway.  
    If you weren't aware, it is no longer 1912 and we have technology such as radar to avoid hazards such as icebergs.  
    I might fly into a building by accident. I would never want to know what people are thinking.  
    Make a law granting me the ability to abolish a law of my choice.  
    I have the weirdest hunch that you may be a troll.  
    Considering they are both equally mediocre and irritating, I would choose the least amount of time.  
    Let him learn his lesson.  
    Parents so they buy me things.  
    The Bible is bullsh*t. +1
    You people say that there was nothing to create the BBT. Then what created God? BTW, I wanted to vote BBT, but I accidentally clicked on God.  
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