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    Obama is awesome!  
    God is fake  
    Hate anime!!  
    In shoes  
    Those little ones in amusement parks! Then I don't die! Yay!  
    Don't have an ex. Boom!  
    I just wouldn't sit on the seat!  
    In a zombie apocalypse, it would go on forever until everyone is a zombie. Duh!  
    Don't have one!  
    Misspelling of Polar Bear  
    Mom doesn't approve of Facebook...  
    Don't party. Neeeeed Minecraft!  
    I'm on an iPod touch generation 5! Same thing  
    Don't have a computer! Don't matter to me!  
    Changing into a werewolf would hurt! Plus your not in control of yourself.  
    in a boat!  
    Buys gifts  
    Hello? Nightmares!  
    U get moneys!!!  
    Who's Kadafi?  
    My gender please!  
    #HarryPotter like if you agree!  
    If my friend was famous, I'd feel so jealous!  
    Not true! You can have a kid when you're dating! Or engaged!  
    Wrong one!!!! Anyway, if you had all your dreams, you could dream that you never died! Tada!  
    You could know how to dominate the world!  
    Sort of easy... DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!  
    You r evil!!!  
    Nope. Anything but Justin beiber. He's evil  
    I hate you!  
    Don't date  
    America and Cuba aren't happy with each other, and it would be Romeo and Juliet all over again. If I married a Russian guy, my family would approve, because I'm Russian. And we could talk to each other while other ppl are around and nobody would know what we're saying!!  
    I'm 9...  
    I like your taste!!  
    Why would u kill some poor people?!  
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