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Wich band is better? two steps from hell or explosions in the sky 2 years ago 37 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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I would be the first 2 years ago  
I have a soul 2 years ago  
the only reason I want to change genders is masterbation. thats the only reason 2 years ago  
dislike if you know how painful it is to drive on snow! 2 years ago  
when people say watching your family die.. you can just get a new one! why not have one good live when you can have as many as you want! 2 years ago  
you dont know the pain... 2 years ago  
im 400+ pounds this is an upgrade 2 years ago +3
I tried to open a sliding door by pushing and pulling it 2 years ago  
SAME 2 years ago  
lawyers dont have souls 2 years ago  
imagine a car with out an engine light. you would be driving around not knowing if your car is damaged or not pain acts as the same way as an engine light, an indicater that tells you if something is wrong 2 years ago  
thanks 2 years ago  
well you are from the united kingdom 2 years ago  
8/10 2 years ago  
7/10 2 years ago  
5/10 2 years ago  
your really dumb 2 years ago  
13 2 years ago  
im fine with being an omnivore 2 years ago  
no wonder your english! 2 years ago  
nether 2 years ago  
fudgeeo is a crappy european product isnt it? 2 years ago  
wtf are lollies? 2 years ago  
im kinda both. so I guess im steam. 2 years ago +1
wtf are lollies? 2 years ago  
both over priced cheaply made garbage 2 years ago  
your more likely to get struck by lighting in texas than catching ebola 2 years ago  
both full of toxic cry babies 2 years ago  
atari never gave credit to the programmers who made the games 2 years ago  
be the first in line 2 years ago  
what? 2 years ago  
I work with macs but I prefer windows 2 years ago  
how? 2 years ago  
same! 2 years ago  
I like me some porn 2 years ago  
candle looks a bit blurry 2 years ago  
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