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I like logic

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    Other way around. And the college doesn't have to be famous  
    It's not who but what  
    Yep, and we were not even meant to be here. We are just objects coincidentally moving  
    I'd be dead anyway I wouldn't care. And besides, what if I was innocent  
    The explanation makes it so biased anyway  
    Dude ur logic is on point  
    You could be ugly while u are young  
    Ur so right  
    Killing Hitler would cause many geniuses to not exist. Think about that  
    Ya. You are part of society  
    Then why would you pick the other?  
    Exactly why you pick the other  
    He was a colonel he had no military experience  
    No one would eat the human  
    Not really. Think about it differently  
    One of the best questions. Either way it causes pain for both people  
    It could be dexter  
    I wouldn't know it's a serial killer  
    I know right!  
    Exactly my logic  
    You would have no power being immortal. You cannot die so you would be in a coma for the rest of your life at some point. Remember, immortality does not come with power  
    You will drive yourself crazy trying to know truths  
    Make people think u are telekinetic by controlling them  
    So did you  
    Why do u have 2000 likes?  
    Not guaranteed  
    That's like saying samsung stole apple's pattern and Apple stole microsofts pattern  
    Instead of repeating a quote, explain it  
    Ur awesome  
    Ur awesome  
    It is everywhere fool. You apparently haven't heard that trump became president  
    U suck. It's not funny  
    Racism covers more people. I'm not being sexist just practical  
    Very hard  
    True. I guess I picked wrong option  
    Standing is healthy, and you can't travel by sitting unless in car  
    It's better to live in the moment than sadly regretting not doing you fav things more  
    So true  
    Books are healthy  
    Not driving makes you carsick  
    More food at buffet  
    Ur cool  
    No not quite because it can't buy love  
    That was one time, and besides, the odds are the same  
    Flights are boring unless first class  
    I've never used controller and I already know it's better  
    A spouse is a husband or wife  
    What if the hot spouse if rich  
    Do u want to be tacked now or later? lol don't take seriously  
    And vice versa  
    If you have wealth you can achieve fame and vice versa  
    And no one said you could take his money for being a jerk  
    No one said you are rich  
    N one said you had an extra pair of keys  
    I know right. And right wing also does not mean fascism  
    I am left wing because I actually want to move forward, and trump is getting in the way of everyone  
    This is a cruel world  
    I hate that men have more power and so I'm just going by what I alseady am  
    R8 is not great. A single rhyme costs a dime  
    Can't stop war  
    Legs matter more. I picked the wrong one  
    Rather learn than fail grades  
    Shut up  
    For example you use towel to dry off. U use more water to wash towel  
    So is shower  
    Best comment yet  
    No, you can still love them. Make money however u want as long as it's right, regardless of what others believe  
    If you were your enemy you would not say the same  
    Ur a fool. Let people believe whatever they want to believe. If u we're not Christian u would have a different idea  
    You didn't vote  
    I highly bet you don't have a job. And also, look at the facts  
    I'm not doing either I don't want to be sexist honestly  
    Oh God(get it?)  
    Pollution is abusing animals.  
    What type of coma?  
    Me too I'm 14  
    Harsh, man. I wonder what your friends would say  
    Dude Ur awesome  
    U suck  
    Nof that easy  
    No such thing as a perfect world, only humans have made that term  
    I'm not worth the worlds time. The world has made itself a knot that only infinite power can fix. And I don't have that power and nor am I worth it  
    You'll fall in love with people you can't be with  
    Would you rather have food or time  
    Size is more powerful  
    Ur so right  
    But also crazy asteroids that can kill you in an instant  
    Nope, not at all  
    People do evil stuff and the public should know about it and make some change happen  
    I hate wiki leaks it's illegal anyway  
    Dude that's so funny  
    U suck  
    AZ and Alabama are racist man  
    People can believe what ever they want  
    Not true if district attourney  
    You could steal from bad people  
    People who win  
    U suck so hard man  
    No, but everyone should have an opinion  
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