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Have you heard of Hollywood Undead? Yeah or Nope 5 years ago 170 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What version of the Iron Throne do You like more? The original one or The one from the show 5 years ago 89 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which is better? DoTa 2 or League of Legends 6 years ago 147 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Trolled or Sussed 6 years ago 176 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Old but very entertaining games. or New but not worth playing. 6 years ago 542 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather have as a sibling Maxwell or Felix Kjellberg (pewdiepie) 6 years ago 247 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Run through the entire world without stopping! or Make a technology discovery! 6 years ago 222 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What kind of questions should i make? Real life/Situation questions or Gaming/Technology questions 6 years ago 229 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read Beast quest line(any series 1-11) or Redwall books 6 years ago 215 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use Gaming Tech or Normal Tech 6 years ago 232 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather be like(personality etc...) Corvo or Mario 6 years ago 206 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be like(personality etc...) Kratos or Maxwell 6 years ago 188 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be related to Corvo or Batman 6 years ago 539 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Dragonborn or Saiyan 6 years ago 359 votes 7 comments 0 likes
If they existed would you rather own Night fury or Alduin 6 years ago 507 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own A Mace or A Dagger 6 years ago 259 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stop a tresspaser with the phrase YOU SHALL NOT PASS or Not today 6 years ago 854 votes 17 comments 1 like
Would you rather be/have RayQuaza or Groudon 6 years ago 5,711 votes 64 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be/have Darkrai or Deoxys 6 years ago 5,713 votes 58 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight in a war as Mage(spells,mana etc..) or Fighter(moves,energy etc..) 6 years ago 364 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight in a war as Tank(Direct approach) or Assasin(Indirect approach) 6 years ago 212 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Unlimited Future Weapons or Unlimited Future Power 6 years ago 224 votes 1 comment 1 like
Would you rather be misjudged but be an important hero or Be loved but be a pointless hero 6 years ago 231 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be A Legendary Knight or A Legendary Assasin 6 years ago 211 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather travel to (if it was possible) Hyrule or Mushroom Kingdom 6 years ago 242 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the family of Link or Mario 6 years ago 424 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the son/daughter of Devil Jin or Yoshimitsu 6 years ago 215 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use A GBA or A WIIU 6 years ago 249 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability's of Generator Rex or Ben 10 6 years ago 189 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in the family of Master Chief or Spartan Recon 6 years ago 192 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you be in the family of Duke Nukem or Isaac Clark 6 years ago 311 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the Evil/Good Counterpart of Lion Cat or Finn 6 years ago 301 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you like Winter or Summer 6 years ago 527 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the brother/sister of Feedback or Finn 6 years ago 217 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you do Ahri or Oishi 6 years ago 178 votes 1 comment 1 like
Would you rather be the brother/sister of Mee or my cousin 6 years ago 375 votes 20 comments 1 like
Would you rather be the brother/sister of Death or Kratos 6 years ago 240 votes 16 comments 1 like
Would you rather be Jason or Altair 6 years ago 282 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Lol or TLoZ series 6 years ago 288 votes 5 comments 0 likes

3Ddogo has posted the following comments:

it says 'be able to switch to 3rd person' so you must be able to go back to 1st person 5 years ago +8
We are going to get along 5 years ago  
search bullet by hollywood undead if you want a good example for A 5 years ago +2
if you can't sleep you can't dream.If you can't dream then what's life mean?-J3T 5 years ago  
Imagine being drunk on the original iron throne.Robert would have died a lot sooner.The mad king also claimed to have gotten cuts and bruises from the Throne.Man it's easy to die in Westeros 5 years ago  
Hollywood undead what have you created! 5 years ago  
House Tarly,Samwell will just eat all the dragons 5 years ago  
i think we do 5 years ago +1
i rarely listen to music with vocals 5 years ago  
Awesome champ that's why 6 years ago  
Ribs grow back*turns around* No zey don't! 6 years ago  
If it was my imagination,well we all would be Goners 6 years ago  
Oh no 6 years ago +4
I would live in Skyrim? Cool! 6 years ago  
Yee-Haw! 6 years ago +3
I'm Batman 6 years ago  
No siblings >:D 6 years ago +1
Beep.Boop... 6 years ago  
Solo top lane (Dota and LoL players will know) 6 years ago  
BUDDER 6 years ago +1
Well i am a good defense in american football 6 years ago  
maybe 6 years ago  
choose B must You 6 years ago +3
Budder 6 years ago +2
Epic friendzone 6 years ago +1
I just made mine up! 6 years ago +1
HE ATE HAKE! 6 years ago  
I only miss you when i'm breathing!Literally 6 years ago +1
Spy from team fortress maybe? 6 years ago  
You mean MOBA 6 years ago  
Actually DoTa IS FREE 6 years ago  
SAS 6 years ago  
Your opinion.I played Lol but i transferred to Dota 2.But here's a tip-It's a rage-palooza in there! Depends if your Teammates are A-holes! 6 years ago +1
I'm listening to Skrillex right now! 6 years ago  
-_- 6 years ago  
And FPS,most. 6 years ago  
BF4 6 years ago +2
PS3 Superslim 500gb just in my living room 6 years ago  
FINALLY! I can wake Cthulhu! 6 years ago +1
You really fell for it! 6 years ago +2
Love both! 6 years ago  
Make'dat bastard walk the plank with a bottle of yum and yo'ho'ho 6 years ago  
I;, 6 years ago +1
Brace yourselves!Game of thrones comments are coming! 6 years ago +2
I only wanna be the alien on option B 6 years ago +2
this is not youtube 6 years ago  
Alestorm here i come 6 years ago  
Hannibal anyone? 6 years ago  
whoops i shouldve picked A .i already do B 6 years ago  
DIE HARD 6 years ago  
Stay optimistic*inner rage* 6 years ago  
NIGHT TIME 6 years ago  
ill just take a crowbar and option A will be a piece of....zombie brains? 6 years ago  
SMASHING! 6 years ago +3
A LOT longer... 6 years ago +2
Hey,how about you add "in my pants" after every pokemon move.Let that sink in 6 years ago +1
Either way:I'm going on an adventure! -Wise words from Bilbo Baggins. 6 years ago +5
Didn't get to know you too well.But option A is my choice! 6 years ago  
Sorry blue bomber.we'll miss ya! 6 years ago  
Yep...No innuendo there.. 6 years ago  
me too 6 years ago  
fly and poo on people just liek the birds do! 6 years ago +2
it's an RTS 6 years ago  
Party pooper 6 years ago  
XD the pizza man just brought my pizza when i answered this! 6 years ago +2
Don't move .It's like a T-rex,what it sees,it doesn't move at all! XD 6 years ago  
Octopus arms on my back.I'm slenderman! 6 years ago +3
Looks like i got your achievement! 6 years ago  
Don't make me use Trueshot Barrage! 6 years ago  
How about Ian and Anthony.Or Pewdie and Stephano? 6 years ago +2
HUEHUEHUE...no brother...or sister.... 6 years ago +2
You sir,made my day! 6 years ago  
Grammar_Nazi left a long time ago.By my standards! 6 years ago +1
Rocks aint annoyin 6 years ago  
trying to argue with someone and have no good reason so you shut up instead..https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDEaYj3fa08rU6-9gc9HetNNxQM8SolENT2EIFsMqcBv0o8yJMFA 6 years ago +1
time to make the workers at gamestop gimme ALL the games 6 years ago +1
ehem......Awkward 6 years ago  
You're welcome 6 years ago  
BUDDER 6 years ago +3
If i wanted to use the death note (LoL players will know)P-P-P-P-PENTAKILL 6 years ago  
i just need Stephano! 6 years ago +1
it doesn't say cause a guest probably made it 6 years ago +1
*walks around in summoner's rift as yi* *soraka and teemo gank**me(yi)hits q*trololololololololol 6 years ago  
YOU'RE TOO SLOW! 6 years ago  
Can i be a part of this,,plz 6 years ago  
oh.Wheatley you crazy bastard 6 years ago +1
XD 6 years ago  
LOL i'm 6,861 6 years ago  
BARREL ALERT 6 years ago +3
Pitch black 6 years ago  
Well,this is awkward but ,...How is Jarvan IV doing? 6 years ago  
i ain't emo 6 years ago  
Brace yourselves!People are getting nerdgasms lol! 6 years ago  
:) 6 years ago  
BARRELS! 6 years ago +2
Macedonian,English(second language) 6 years ago  
yeah,different color 6 years ago  
LOOOL 6 years ago  
wow really? 6 years ago +1
why hello tall man,i will associate you to the NBA 6 years ago  
whoopie poopoo? 6 years ago +1
A non confident partially girly weirdo? 6 years ago  
yup 6 years ago  
i would like grumpy cat plz 6 years ago  
Ello gov,nor 6 years ago  
ROBIN HOOD 6 years ago +2
Have one.-__- 6 years ago  
yep i do 6 years ago +1
eh....i'm an only child 6 years ago +4
HOW DARE YOU! 6 years ago  
well,better borrow my friend's katana on the way to seeing JB 6 years ago  
i would be almost the size of the building i live in! 6 years ago  
Deadpool is both so! 6 years ago +1
looks like im with clash and double ! :) 6 years ago  
Better drink my own piss! 6 years ago  
But you are high so either way...COLORS!!!! 6 years ago +6
But he's Batman 6 years ago  
basically my name would have to be September (my bday month) or August(i't actually a name) 6 years ago +1
F*ck this sh*t im going to space! 6 years ago +1
Prince of pop,he is the king,unless you are a JB fan! >:(] 6 years ago  
meow 6 years ago  
I also like to live dangerously 6 years ago  
"And i'm glad i'm deaf so i dont have to listen to your crap"your stupid music gets you likes on your facebook pages"didn't get it quite right bit i haven't watched those in a while now 6 years ago +1
Too late.Already am 6 years ago +5
stop time.come back from school play videogames untill im bored .and go back to school time starts again 6 years ago  
MYYY PRECIOUSSSS 6 years ago +3
how dafuq aren't you in jail?! 6 years ago  
I asked this cuz a lot of people are already doing real life questions! so i thought let's see how you people think 6 years ago  
i have the newest model of the ps3,i have the superslim 500GB 6 years ago  
Understate , it's 50x better.CoD guns can't shoot for sh*t! 6 years ago  
Whopper is my fav! 6 years ago +1
ps3 6 years ago +1
finally someone said Macedonian instead of Greek!Thanks random1234! 6 years ago +1
(/0_0)/ (.Y.)(.Y.) LOOOL 6 years ago  
Elder scrolls...LOL it's sort of both! 6 years ago +4
still have windows xp 6 years ago +7
i have a newest model of the ps3 so im happy 6 years ago +1
need my skyrim 6 years ago  
Option A are gonna be the only friends that won't f**king judge me! 6 years ago +4
well, if option B is correct,GIMME DEM MEDALS 6 years ago +3
FUS RO DAH 6 years ago +6
ew 6 years ago +1
:'( 6 years ago  
YOU'RE TOO SLOOOOW! -Sonic 6 years ago +3
i am a cocktail making person 6 years ago  
Let's see someone do the 100 hour NYAN CAT VIDEO! 6 years ago  
Freedom fighting machine,big ass hatchet in hand 6 years ago  
How many fools can i kill today? 6 years ago +6
MELONS 6 years ago +2
none 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
JB maybe? 6 years ago +4
i am an only child 6 years ago  
RELEASE THE KRACKEN 6 years ago +3
batman=No powers LOL and he is still the best! 6 years ago +2
chop is my death blow 6 years ago +2
Tay Zonday! Always wondered how his voice was like that 6 years ago +1
they have a hairy genius 6 years ago +1
i believe in ghosts,,but that's just vibration 6 years ago  
mah laaz du nok! 6 years ago  
FUS RO DAH 6 years ago +2
i am not a text person 6 years ago +2
sweet job 6 years ago  
read three comments together aand it's package bullsh*t batman XD 6 years ago +2
well for a parent(like yourself) it probably isn't annoying 6 years ago  
well.time to make stark tower 6 years ago  
Beep.Boop.Baap-Pooop! 6 years ago  
the new twilight is getting an "award" the golden raspberry which is opposite of an Oscar,finally people have come to their sences 6 years ago +1
girl on the left on option B reminds me of Syndra (LoL 6 years ago  
haven't played it yet,,,but soon 6 years ago  
well,i guess that just gets me connections to JB....TO KILL 6 years ago +4
MUAHAHAHAHAHA 6 years ago +1
well atleast..Summer is coming 6 years ago +1
A BK 6 years ago  
The pictures are horrifying 6 years ago +2
i am already on T-mobile 6 years ago  
GOSH! 6 years ago +3
Pegasus 6 years ago  
LION KING YEAH! 6 years ago +2
Smashing you with a spinach can 6 years ago  
Eventually Disney will buy every working brand on earth(it's very likely). 6 years ago  
verbatim 6 years ago  
Well 3D-Sphere cereal here i come 6 years ago  
Let me come with you..I got the right gear! 6 years ago  
Time to join NBA 6 years ago +4
did not say it hit anything...Especially a person 6 years ago +6
wtf 24%? I bet it's Grammar-Nazi,if not then i'm sorru 6 years ago +1
Too long,time to skip. 6 years ago  
SKRILLEX BIATCH 6 years ago +1
Scary monsters and nice sprites -skrillex 6 years ago  
Agreed. 6 years ago  
I guess 6 years ago  
Emulator.Coolrom, look it up 6 years ago  
I already am option A,is he here?phew 6 years ago +2
Finally a skyrim question,I approve 6 years ago  
Soiderman,Spiderman 6 years ago  
Why in the flying F**k are you haunting me 6 years ago  
Pointless question is made for fun 6 years ago  
Trying to f**k up the words so nobody suspects 6 years ago  
Option B is like real life ,cut money doesnt fly 6 years ago  
Already am option B.sort of 6 years ago +1
Honda has a cool visor lighted car 6 years ago  
it's just like in the summer with my swimsuit lol 6 years ago  
Help me get better at gaming 6 years ago  
Spidey all D way 6 years ago +3
No more wasting money on sweets for me 6 years ago  
I see waht you did there ,whit le title 6 years ago +3
Don't have any car yer 6 years ago  
Hello Azlan 6 years ago  
Me too 6 years ago  
so basically i have to live withNobody? 6 years ago +1
I am half half of these options 6 years ago +1
MEOW 6 years ago  
Lol that was ironman 6 years ago  
Dang i need Clash, 6 years ago  
Don't have 4th of July here 6 years ago +1
no siblings lol 6 years ago  
i feel bad for Pluto! 6 years ago +3
everybody has their perspective,:P 6 years ago  
i didnt use teh facial hair.i just make him Pitch black with a white batwing tattoo on the sideof his head a white mohawk and glowing blue eyes 6 years ago  
europe 6 years ago  
now there is a real pic of JB,Total girl 6 years ago +6
Notable* i see what you did htere 6 years ago  
hell yeah,night vision,better unarmed skill just the best in every way 6 years ago  
Run,Forrest,run! oh Vaas! 6 years ago  
even if im a better Bball player i like tackling pople to le ground 6 years ago  
they are better 6 years ago  
wel that a great photoshop 6 years ago +1
it is,the one you are thinking of is the union jack flag 6 years ago +3
yup LOL 6 years ago  
lol i don't believe in it either...But wasting my time in jail for possibly life?WELL f"#k no sir 6 years ago  
was 6 years ago  
Skyrim 6 years ago  
whopper arm here i come 6 years ago +7
skip skip skip i am not doing this 6 years ago +1
already am option A 6 years ago  
FUS RO DAH 6 years ago  
YOLO 6 years ago +3
everyone's connected somehow,XD 6 years ago  
only if it's spelled:NRG 6 years ago +3
Vaas sure is creeping me out with dat stare, best line:RUN FORREST RUN 6 years ago +1
A,,,,,,,,,,, 6 years ago  
option A is just like astrid from Skyrim 6 years ago +1
SILENCE,,,,,I KILL YOU 6 years ago +5
of course 6 years ago  
lol if i had so much money id give it to charity anyway 6 years ago +2
well i do,ever heard of RARITY or being UNIQUE..no offense 6 years ago  
not in my rituals, when i buy one i just eat the entire thing up in a day 6 years ago  
just no piercings 6 years ago +1
LETS GO 6 years ago  
i already have photographic memory 6 years ago  
THIS IS SPARTA 6 years ago +1
well.Connor can climb up trees and has a Tomahawk, but Ezio is smooth with the ladies and is first master at parkour,,,, 6 years ago +1
i always think there saying:hmmm,this kid should not be staring at the cameras,LETS GO SHOOT HIM! 6 years ago  
such annoying habiy 6 years ago  
i feel special when a cat hisses at me 6 years ago  
NYC my dream 6 years ago  
lol i live in between fedex and ups but ups is a lil closer 6 years ago  
close enough few more steps to ....KILL HIM with me BEAR hands. 6 years ago +1
same here LOL 6 years ago +1
i don't even care about the news 6 years ago  
well,Kick-ass is kick ass 6 years ago  
I come in peace.i always wanted to say that 6 years ago +1
when i become famous i'll just say:well.DO you feel stupid now 6 years ago +1
i never bet 6 years ago  
Toby logic XD 6 years ago  
Skull 6 years ago  
wooden frame KINKY 6 years ago  
it's spelled Gryphon 6 years ago +1
GET THE F*CK OVER HERE 2nd line of 3 6 years ago +1
he wuz 6 years ago  
ew ew ew 6 years ago +2
spammers are trolls 6 years ago +7
ANYTHING BUT GLEE 6 years ago +3
ugly betty isnt that ugly to me actually 6 years ago +2
Rock n roll will take you to the mountain 6 years ago +2
FUS RO DAH biatch,favorite game of all time 6 years ago +2
LOL you can't 6 years ago +3
too much text,grumpy cat brain no like 6 years ago  
she has over 9000 gay questions .Not judging but 6 years ago  
i don't give a sh*t,i've played 18+ games and nothing has happened to me 6 years ago +3
MIDAS TOUCH B"TCH 6 years ago +1
Camo Nuff said 6 years ago  
dont have a dog 6 years ago +2
no sister WIN 6 years ago  
1.Cat2.Aligator3.Hawk4.Chameleon(don't ask)5.DRAGON 6 years ago  
steampunk looks cooler 6 years ago  
Dagger 6 years ago  
only child... 6 years ago  
she is fake now 6 years ago +7
only child LOL 6 years ago +1
Hellooooo Dragonborn 6 years ago +1
Crazy Chixo 6 years ago +6
if people where like me they would have at least given me 10 bucks 6 years ago  
Tose Proeski Look it up 6 years ago  
well i didnt know that 6 years ago  
lol i had a game which auto-sets the arrow keys SO ANNOYING 6 years ago  
PiewDiePie in Skopje! that would be awesome 6 years ago +1
Skyrim F*CK YEAH 6 years ago +1
we don't have black friday 6 years ago +1
thx 6 years ago  
idioms? 6 years ago +1
*batmobile* 6 years ago +1
im not judging.But it is still cruel 6 years ago  
AWW litle rats can be cute 6 years ago +1
cats need their claws.Anyone who has declawed a cat is a Monster! 6 years ago  
God is already real so.. 6 years ago  
how are the pictures animated? 6 years ago  
PENTAKILL! 6 years ago +2
Deoxys,Darkrai,RayQuaza,Sceptile,Groudon,Zekrom are the ones i need 6 years ago  
i haven't played Halo yet so Didact looks awesome 6 years ago +3
running fred is awesome 6 years ago  
sorry bats but you gotta be honest on this site 6 years ago +5
tada tudu tadadada DO SUBSCRIBE! 6 years ago +2
yeah i like french toast 6 years ago  
Cartoons.Nuff said 6 years ago +2
Is she...........SMILING???!!!!???? 6 years ago +10
Neil ain't gay lol 6 years ago +1
i had ant in my Apartment so 6 years ago  
and no more cats or dogs;( 6 years ago  
9GAG has both so.I WIN!!! 6 years ago +1
I SKIP Breakfast anyway.And i eat at school instead so 6 years ago +2
SAY WHAAAAAT?!?! 6 years ago  
SPACE SPARTAN 6 years ago  
Cat! 6 years ago  
id like my name to be 3D.But it's actually Teddy 6 years ago +1
WAAAY BETTER 6 years ago  
agreed 6 years ago  
You can get ball virus if you wear super skinnys 6 years ago  
Shark can eat you in a whole bite.Lion have to decapitate you first! 6 years ago +1
It makes a better challenge for the viewers 6 years ago +1
this made me hungry for cheez 6 years ago +1
agreed 6 years ago  
yeah i like pancakes 6 years ago  
Alexander the Great is a Macedonian hero 6 years ago +3
whats with all the buffy questions? 6 years ago  
EW 6 years ago  
darth vader is my favorite lolz 6 years ago  
can we be friends 6 years ago  
Already good at Option A if you believe it.Option B is more fun for me! 6 years ago +1
yeah i like waffles 6 years ago  
you have no childhood 6 years ago +2
badass gloves 6 years ago  
No pain.No gain 6 years ago +3
HEY! 6 years ago  
third gender=Lady gaga ,JB 6 years ago +1
assassinated 6 years ago +1
thanks 6 years ago  
if happy ever after did exist,i would still be holding you like this 6 years ago  
the smaller midna is actually cute,the old one looks like a hooker.ZELDA FTW 6 years ago  
amnesia thiny is not that scary.BROS FTW 6 years ago  
I do both.Depends if i wanna look it up or not 6 years ago +1
c'mon everybody knew that the earth is a sphere since the 16th Century 6 years ago +10
i need my awesome comics and heros 6 years ago +1
my dream is to go to NY 6 years ago  
STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago +1
that he puts aside when he is doing his job 6 years ago  
i don't care about any elections.go back to the politics page where you belong 6 years ago +1
ah cookie monster.COOKIE!!!! 6 years ago  
would rather what? 6 years ago +5
lol username is minecraft.GO TOBUSCUS 6 years ago  
just cause im a gamer doesn't mean im a nerd guest 6 years ago  
mordekaiser doesn't use mana so 6 years ago  
Kratos vs batman .HELL YEAH 6 years ago +1
probably some of the enemies he sucked in a star 6 years ago  
dead rising lol 6 years ago +2
we had a school uniform.but everybody stopped wearing it 6 years ago +2
Vader is my favorite star wars character lol 6 years ago  
doom 3 BFG edition 6 years ago +1
don't know about big sister so 6 years ago +1
Complain.I have a right to say what i want.Nothing can stop me!NOTHING!!!!! 6 years ago +4
just order pizza and stuff and that's it 6 years ago +4
Am i the only one who likes Slendy? 6 years ago  
as long as i get the traveling compass! 6 years ago  
Spartan Recon 6 years ago  
WHO THE HECK is quicksilver 6 years ago +4
i just came from school and it's FREEZING outside so 6 years ago +1
true 6 years ago  
already have photographic memory so 6 years ago  
(WARNING!EPIC LOOPHOLE COMING)don't have a car 6 years ago +1
pika pika 6 years ago  
it's my dream to be spidey! 6 years ago +2
i can already do the gangnam style 6 years ago  
i rarely use it so 6 years ago  
um Goalkeeper plz 6 years ago  
atleast it's better than being a Psycho 6 years ago  
BEETHOVEN FTW 6 years ago  
hello dino's 6 years ago  
picked smosh but i should have picked piewdie 6 years ago  
the zombies never win so 6 years ago  
halloween doesn't happen in my country 6 years ago  
listening to PSY AT SCHOOL AND 4 HOURS AFTER AT HOME...AWESOME 6 years ago  
BY DO I MEANT ANYTHING:drawing,screw,be etc... 6 years ago  
depends IDK 6 years ago  
um option A has happened to me 6 years ago +2
im i don't wanna be gay 6 years ago  
too late to change my name now.why would i? 6 years ago  
um...SPIDERMAN MUCH 6 years ago  
1]action keeps me on edge of my seat 2]comedy makes me happy 3] thriller gives me a good shiver once a while 4]adventure is pleasing and relaxing 6 years ago  
THE SHOW MUST GO ON 6 years ago  
what's the big deal about these useless election cmon!!!! 6 years ago  
wrong one 6 years ago  
if you are fat you have man boobs so it's the same 6 years ago  
In my school some classes get lunch.Some bring their own 6 years ago  
More Fantasy In God of War 6 years ago +1
umm..TON of creepy pasta fears.overcome all of them.don't make me count the fears 6 years ago +1
Calm down Crossbones 6 years ago +8
i don't cheat 6 years ago  
i'm SpiderMan 6 years ago  
waffles?LOL\ 6 years ago +1
Even if it happened i wouldn't believe it and move on how life is now 6 years ago  
i love echos 6 years ago +1
um...be a missioner playboy genius or the god of thunder...EASY 6 years ago  
voted for Minecraft sheep 6 years ago +3
i never forget names so.. 6 years ago +1
i feel bad about poor people.me gonna cry now 6 years ago  
maybe my crush will like JB? 6 years ago  
i pronounce them ME-ME'S 6 years ago +15
ummm be a girl and go through childbirth.No way(no offense).im good 6 years ago  
umm...Minotaurs! 6 years ago  
umm 6 years ago  
well,yes and no,in a game death killed deimos(his brother) and he went nits and killed him 6 years ago  
death 6 years ago  
HONEYDEW 6 years ago  
rrrather,youtube,coolrom 6 years ago  
lol mpic fail 6 years ago +1
zelda is a princess.the one on the pic is Link the hero of the games 6 years ago  
um duh 6 years ago +3
chose cuz of baby hitler! 6 years ago +1
miniclip is for kids 6 years ago +8
don't wanna masturbate 6 years ago  
batman too serous 6 years ago +1
in vice city u can't swim which sucks 6 years ago +1
slyfox! 6 years ago  
i love GL and aqua man 6 years ago  
just untill were nto talking terminators 6 years ago  
ive held my poo for 3 days so 6 years ago  
anything but gotye PLEASE!!!! 6 years ago  
being famous won't stop me from the perfect relationship 6 years ago  
i dislike her too! 6 years ago  
um..parachute 6 years ago  
option B 6 years ago  
push people to the ground! yay 6 years ago +1
i love minecraft but i had to choose TF2 6 years ago  
go barney 6 years ago  
anime has bakugan and pokemon 6 years ago +2
i just love zelda 6 years ago +1
chose cuz of joker 6 years ago +1
umm.idk why but skyrim will always have a place in my gaming heart 6 years ago +4
oops wrong one 6 years ago  
im a dude so 6 years ago +2
um...you're a dude 6 years ago +1
cartmen=f*** f***kidy f*** f*** f*** lol 6 years ago +6
i want to know what"that's what she said means" 6 years ago +1
i like slendy 6 years ago +3
i would love to tackle people to the ground 6 years ago +1
i would love Option B 6 years ago +6
i that the rake on the pic? 6 years ago  
wtf 6 years ago  
none 6 years ago +2
i just haven't played the games but i fell bad for ghost.He did anything to keep you alive 6 years ago +1
why do people forget about Pichu? he's what comes before pikachu 6 years ago  
haven't seen you 6 years ago +5
only if im green 6 years ago  
don't know them 6 years ago +1
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