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Sometimes i feel like im too epic... but a banana is never to epic

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    *christianity* 4 years ago  
    how'd they get in? 4 years ago +1
    SCIENCE 4 years ago +1
    "NO THIS IS PATRICK!" 4 years ago +2
    one of my earliest dreams i can remember is standing on top of a rainbow and slipping off 4 years ago  
    ... seems legit 4 years ago  
    -glides into the guy on the right- 4 years ago +1
    now i can eat more 4 years ago  
    i dont get to see snow very often 4 years ago  
    Pixar is owned by disney... 4 years ago  
    Makes me proud to be a human 4 years ago  
    but were talking about drones with WEAPONS, they'd want to at least a little 4 years ago  
    but, this is 8-bit bruce lee... isnt that his name? 4 years ago  
    sarcatic laugh 4 years ago +2
    i dont think i understood 4 years ago  
    ytf r they cheerleaders 4 years ago  
    YAY TERRY 4 years ago  
    the best way to watch the news 4 years ago +2
    never said the drones had weapons though, just unmanned. 4 years ago  
    ok then, NEWbies or PROs. and i know everyone can make a mistake,but they still check and double check programing. 4 years ago  
    True, but still, who do you think would be programming the drones. Amatures or professionals. 4 years ago  
    ...? If people knew more about unmanned things then they wouldent be so scared. Computers cant break there programing, as long as there programed correctly there wont be any problems. 4 years ago  
    The halusions are amaze 4 years ago +3
    BLOOD EVERYWHERE. (also there not animated lego characters) 4 years ago  
    Starcraft 4 years ago +2
    i kept thinking it was 'souDern suTHan' 4 years ago  
    Edward kenway 4 years ago +2
    im cool with all religions, but they sound like theories to me, while not religion is backed by... SCIENCE!!! 4 years ago  
    as long as i can understand the others 4 years ago  
    Then we can kill them. I mean the king/queen 4 years ago  
    RUN FOREST RUN 4 years ago  
    zambies 4 years ago  
    DESERT EAGLE 4 years ago  
    no 4 years ago  
    i dont know but, can i use hearing aids... 4 years ago  
    really, Star wars has an entire SAGA. they have a single movie? dafuqu 4 years ago  
    the campaign is crap, but multiplayer is great 4 years ago  
    to much work 4 years ago  
    volume low, and ill sleep with it 4 years ago  
    Power 1: reincarnation. 2 other power ill decide later 4 years ago  
    Nukes and Radiation V.S. survivable apocolypse 4 years ago  
    Do what i want and undo. Then i can see what it feels like to kill somone i hate and NOT live with the consequences 4 years ago  
    Big Bang= A sun dying, making a gigantic blast and throwing debris across the Universe. Then one of thos debris getting stuck in the suns gravitational pule. !!!SCIENCE!!! 4 years ago  
    Terrorist are way worse, think of the people in 9/11 and then of some people texting/drinking and driving 4 years ago  
    Id say YOLO and do the hakuna matata 5 years ago  
    Ten guilty Demons, one Blood soaked hotel room 5 years ago  
    Poop buckets, Poop buckets every where 5 years ago  
    I dont want my banana bros to die before me 5 years ago  
    Money gives me time 5 years ago  
    Then i know when to creat my bucket list 5 years ago  
    i would spend the DREAM VACATION in hawii with a famous person. Its still the DREAM VACATION 5 years ago  
    u dont need it #Loopholes 5 years ago  
    God created everything, Who the hell created god 5 years ago  
    fried crickets dipped in chocolate... yummy 5 years ago +1
    dont bet 5 years ago +4
    ... if everybody liked you then your basicly popular 5 years ago +5
    wish 1: No tricks. wish 2: more genies. wish 3-infinit: whatever i want 5 years ago  
    i love wrong neibor hoods 5 years ago +3
    use it while u charge it. not that hard 5 years ago +7
    2 GOOD FREINDS. you can have more 5 years ago  
    airports have internet... right? 5 years ago +2
    if the gold was controlable, id pick up a pencil in school, throw it at the teacher 5 years ago  
    MECCANO IS AWSOME. C"MON PEOPLE 5 years ago +1
    BANANAS CANT DRINK/EAT 5 years ago  
    ... 0 5 years ago  
    its real in my life 5 years ago  
    have you heard of taning 5 years ago  
    ... 5 years ago  
    i would give money to the poor 5 years ago +1
    suspects of murder are nothing if they never knew the victum 5 years ago +1
    bananas dont die 5 years ago +5
    EPIC 5 years ago  
    guy holding gun, SUDDENLY, gun = 1,000 pounds 5 years ago  
    what about the gobern ment, they wont have money to kepp us protected or put a man on a new planet 5 years ago  
    much funer, dont have to worry about cops. 5 years ago  
    TOURTURE BUDDYS 4 LIFE 5 years ago  
    be me 7. at a party with cousins and relitives, celibrating something. people in the back yard, playing games. someone hears a rattle, i go to investigate. Uncle rushes out with a shot gun and pickme up into house. hear a boom. snake head flies off to the fence, brings in the body of rattle snake, missing head. BEST UNCLE EVER. also he turned the tail into his new daughters rattle. 5 years ago  
    if the 2 guys are the picture are the one i have to fight. BANANA ARMY 5 years ago  
    ^_^ banana siblings always share 5 years ago  
    creepyer is better 5 years ago  
    ...t-toy's... 5 years ago  
    532... no were near LOL 5 years ago  
    beats them, B*** PLEASE 5 years ago  
    if it means something, why change it 5 years ago +3
    BORDERLANDS 2 IS WAY BETTER. (check angryjoe's reveiws) 5 years ago +1
    how is 40% not borderlands 2... 5 years ago  
    HA, 51 % NOW 5 years ago  
    ... 50 %. DO THEY NO THE CUP OUT OF THE TRASH CAN INCODENT!?!?!!!?!!?!? 5 years ago  
    seen it. 5 years ago  
    i dont like hogwarts 5 years ago  
    gross...? 5 years ago +1
    you can get cure, go here for walkthrough: http://www.rarityguide.com/articles/articles/420/1/One-Chance-Walkthrough/Page1.html 5 years ago  
    O_O... 5 years ago  
    OLD MEN 4 THE WIN 5 years ago  
    i dont like it when people leave my brothers like that 5 years ago  
    cant be lesbo/gay if ur a banana 5 years ago  
    siletn but deadly 5 years ago +1
    aliens do exist. Infinit space and time. Its imposible for then not to exist. 5 years ago +4
    My sniper is ready. 5 years ago  
    realy. you would be a little kid in the play groung. Kids start droping like flies 5 years ago  
    im the only one that doesnt trip and crie 5 years ago  
    but i perfer bananas 5 years ago +1
    the battle was 30 years long 5 years ago +2
    RUN LIKE A MOTHER FLUCKER 5 years ago +2
    the kids though... why are the happy 5 years ago +1
    id team with the persone who chose the other side 5 years ago  
    ASSASSINS CREED 5 years ago  
    sounds boss 5 years ago  
    Dr. Halse/Cortana = WIN 5 years ago  
    i awsome at slender 5 years ago  
    i dunno 5 years ago  
    ima stalk u 5 years ago  
    TACO'S 5 years ago  
    not into soccer 5 years ago  
    ... wrong place wrong time RUN LIKE A MOTHER FLUCKER 5 years ago  
    i do it everyday of my life. also the reson im on this site 5 years ago +2
    dont know either... 5 years ago  
    reloads quicker 5 years ago  
    films are 4 old people. movies are 4 the 21st centry 5 years ago  
    pic is to funny to resist 5 years ago +1
    i know earth was created using the bigbang, but that doesn't mean people cant beleif in god/jesus 5 years ago  
    im using an apple right now... its in my tummie 5 years ago +1
    Id be the, AM I THE ONLY ONE guy with a gun... and a mechette... and grenades... and jerky... and medusas head ina bag... and then the rewind button 5 years ago  
    i could imagin a kid acidentaly gluing his finger into his nose. then youd look at him and see the OH S*** face 5 years ago  
    i like being the dumba** in the group 5 years ago +1
    ill make a tv show 5 years ago  
    kitty because my pinki's arnt strong enogh 5 years ago  
    id put gunpowder in the pond he was drinking in. then with a single grunade i would stick it in one of the holes it has in its face. then id ride it to iraq and see how many terrorists are killed 5 years ago  
    Id be peters replacement for cleavlend. always wondered what happend. (yes i know he got his own show for 1-somthing seasons) 5 years ago +1
    i dont shop i game 5 years ago +1
    dragon ball z was the only anime i could acualy put up with 5 years ago  
    cat's are self centered b****s (not that i dont like them) and a dog makes it so you dont have to buy ADT. also its fun to strap a gopro onto it and watch what happens to the people in its way. hehehe 5 years ago  
    my friends arnt friends, the hommies 5 years ago  
    because then you wont get molested as a child, raped as a teen, ann murdered as an adult 5 years ago  
    infinit cookies 5 years ago  
    id fall asleep to it 5 years ago  
    about 10 ft off the ground 5 years ago  
    id buy a jenie 5 years ago  
    IM EDWARD KENWAY B******S 5 years ago  
    i would rule the person with infinit knowlege 5 years ago  
    im scared the monkey will eat me in my sleep 5 years ago  
    bananas. wait. O S**** SWITCH SIDES BEFOR IT COMES TRUE 5 years ago  
    wins are fails in my book 5 years ago  
    i could do whatever i wanted. i get arrested 4 the crime. 10 days earlyer. LOL, they mised me 5 years ago  
    justin is being bananad from US and kanada 5 years ago  
    my sister chose this one 5 years ago  
    exactly. another reasone why chrome is superior 5 years ago  
    Music is a language 5 years ago  
    i already get away with lying... alot, so i already have one side 5 years ago  
    WW3: earth is killed. APOCOLYPS: every one gets an exuse to go outside and kill someone/ something. And either way, zombie apocolyps is best apocolyps 5 years ago  
    basicly theres 1 bullet in the chamber. 1 or 2 people put the gun to there facess and pull the trigger. 5 years ago  
    so basicly it doesn't matter what you pick, youl get both sides 5 years ago  
    ?'s holocaust. 30 seconds later: LET ME SWITCH DAMIT 5 years ago  
    basicly the question is if you want a quick, non painful death. or suffer for days until you die 5 years ago  
    Edward or Jacob... ill just kill them both 5 years ago  
    big dog, then i dont need to buy ADT 5 years ago  
    i would listen to peoples minds and punch whoever is thinking c*** about me 5 years ago  
    i donz use i tunes... yet 5 years ago  
    id have my phone with me, and i like heights 5 years ago  
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