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    what's the magic kingdom?  
    Are boats allowed?  
    be fired from a bad job  
    *makes new friends  
    I would probably black out (lose conciousness) and wake up after  
    WHOO I won 50000  
    Family guy is stupid  
    I'll choke out really dramatic last words and everyone will hear it  
    Basically I would be like 20 forever and be immortal and awesome etc.  
    Me too  
    I can... but I don't bother and the rock might cut you  
    If you were smart you would be rich  
    Both are awkward so I'll pick the more comfortable one  
    Both are fine with me  
    I don't have a phone  
    Whoops clicked wrong one  
    I camp a lot, like 9 times per year  
    I will get a very minor fever that goes away in 2 hours  
    they said which would you rather do first... so get a good job, meet new people, then get married with enough money and resources to support the family.  
    Crap clicked the wrong one  
    Lose $100.... and find it again.  
    Does watching a movie by yourself mean nobody else is in the cinema? because that would be really cool  
    I can already control my dreams because in the dream I'm concious that I'm dreaming, for some reason  
    I always get the good one in a 50-50  
    I like both so I just picked a random one  
    1 hour is better than 10 hours  
    Being able to control you dreams is called lucid dreaming. Anyways, I already can lucid dream and remember my dreams so the choice doesn't matter much to me  
    Never seen snow except for once when I was too young to remember :(  
    I have no siblings  
    can you wish for more wishes  
    whoops clicked wrong one  
    I can already listen to songs in my head  
    Whoops I pressed the wrong one  
    I can convert youtube to mp3  
    World war 3: nuclear war, everyone dies (from explosion or slowly of radiation)  
    Cute puppies are too much work, if I had to kill something, I would rather get it over with quickly  
    I would take the billion and give some to the poor african families (only a bit though)  
    whoops I clicked the wrong one  
    because your crush can be a celebrity  
    no idea  
    It would just get boring with no problems  
    Gets ipad  
    I've already been to all the places listed for the European vacation  
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