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WHy is my name 45 cuz 50-5 is 45 thats quick maths

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Would you rather Play Play on your gaming PC for a day or Watch boring programs on your TV for a day 1 year ago 69 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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Sell the bugatti and buy a pagani easy 1 month ago  
Just say no homo 1 month ago  
Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury Rest In Peace the legends ;-; 1 month ago  
Why did you put the east on the west side and the west on the east side 1 month ago  
If god is Jesus Christ then who created the world before him? 1 month ago  
I likE My masTurBatiON rOugh 1 month ago  
i will die either way XD 1 year ago  
You have to do this for a day and dont use toilet or nothing for the whole day XD 1 year ago  
I already scam in cs go heh 1 year ago  
I dont rent i download heh 1 year ago  
Iphone zombies 1 year ago  
im 12 years old so heh 1 year ago  
Im a dude but hey there are hot famous girl persons (this makes no sense whatsoever heh) 1 year ago  
I have tinnitus so it wont be that quiet but somehow my tinnitus helps me relax for some reason XD 1 year ago  
As a male im offended 1 year ago  
Im offended 1 year ago  
Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Fack Boom done 1 year ago  
Everyone gonna see my big C0ck 1 year ago  
I hateiero homos 1 year ago  
Iphone zombies 1 year ago  
As a Bulgarian i think E.U is broken enought 1 year ago  
Gonna ask that princess out when she grows up heh 1 year ago  
My Grandma isnt annoying in fact she is the woman that raised me from birth! 1 year ago  
*Drinks Pepsi while selecting* 1 year ago  
Osama is dead 1 year ago  
Im gonna film that sh*t and help these girls with my big C0ck 1 year ago  
Console Peasnts 1 year ago  
Bulgaria is horrible now it was better in the 90s WHEN I WASNT EVEN BORN BUT MY DAD TOLD ME EVERYTHING AND I WASNT ABLE TO SEE ANY OF THAT BECAUSE IM BORN ON 19 june 2005 thank you. 1 year ago  
Kids in 2020 be like:Dad can you buy me this Iphone XII *Checks wallet* Sorry son i only have for an Iphone 7. Man wtf is wrong with you i want IPHONE 12 YO BICH get outta here. Me:Removes belt from Jeans and u know whats next XD 1 year ago  
Aliens are my only friends :( 1 year ago  
I grew up eating cookie dough XD 1 year ago  
Easy My pc is trash throw it out and ask my dad to buy me a gaming one and boom easy profit 1 year ago  
Gonna ask a the Predator to come and save my ass we are good friends with him 1 year ago  
Getting paid to play on your PC seems legit 1 year ago  
Whats a book? 1 year ago  
*Sees a homo eyeballing yer boi* *Goes to Homo* *Makes Eye Contact* *Slaps that bich* 1 year ago  
I would like Bulgaria to have such a nice president 1 year ago  
Its catchy XD 1 year ago  
These girls and their netflix Gaming is life 1 year ago  
Computer is my life my friends are a$$holes from top to bottom 1 year ago  
I can be in wheelchair but nothing is stopping me from gaming 1 year ago  
I dont care about what they do i care about myself 1 year ago  
I will buy good PC and a good car for my dad and leave the other money for something else 1 year ago  
Slap the shi* outta them 1 year ago  
The pic says it all 1 year ago +1
Me and my brother get into fight and sometimes yell at each other but He is my blood and there is no one better than him 1 year ago  
I want to go to the Sun because MANS NOT HOT 1 year ago  
I hate justin and i hate rebecaa but SHE IS MORE FREAKING ANNOYING THAN YER AVRAGE JUSTIN BEIBER 1 year ago  
Whats Earth ? 1 year ago  
Fu*ing 9 year olds 1 year ago  
Google if filled with viruses because of me but im suprised that firefox is doing great job 1 year ago  
They are gonna see me playing on my pc until my parents come home and until i get a 7 day cooldown BECAUSE OF FREKAING RUSSIANS 1 year ago  
You know when you play coinflip in cs go betting sites and you have 10 precent losing and you lose yea sad life 1 year ago  
Im already a kid XD 1 year ago  
Offended im already in friend zone with my crush 1 year ago  
Rip Mikey :( 1 year ago  
I will wish my grandfather was still alive and my crush being my gf forever and all of my family members be immortal 1 year ago  
You can get anyting you want from amazon Like from A TO Z thats why that Thing (sry i forgot it my england is bed) that goes from A to Z is for 1 year ago  
My bro tells me i snort like that when i sleep sooo yea 1 year ago  
Ahoy m8 1 year ago  
If they dont bite and hit you like in L4D IM GONNA SLAP EM UP 1 year ago  
Slap them both and find another girl XD 1 year ago  
I leik babies and i leik puppies i used the wheel decides for you to help me doe XD 1 year ago  
HEH 1 year ago  
Yea i agree 1 year ago  
Get something wrong while the teacher asks u a question no problem! wait for ur friend to say the right question then rewind and easy A XD 1 year ago  
Bro im 12 years old and im 54 kilos and my mom is 37 and she is 43 kilos DX 1 year ago  
EY Ey ey yeyeyeyeyeyey listen.... Its not my problem that AFRICA is freaKING poor man its they problem its not EUROPE'S PROBLEM OR ASIA'S PROBLEM YE ? 1 year ago +1
Mind reading+Me=Pass exam 1 year ago  
I have a phone but i dont use it that much so ye 1 year ago  
Time is money XD 1 year ago +1
Lazy douchebags 2 years ago  
Console Peasants 2 years ago  
Im offended im a male goddamn it 2 years ago  
Bulgaria is horrible i rather live in Australia 2 years ago  
Aliens are cool duds 2 years ago  
Bois unite 2 years ago  
Who ate cookie dough when they were kid leik dis commint pliz i niid likeis 2 years ago  
Australia is the best country ever to exist 2 years ago  
I can reset the pc to factory without having to get to the desktop 2 years ago  
Sit on the Pc all day is what i do Jk i leik going outside too 2 years ago  
Its gonna be like 1 sec 2 years ago  
I download movies fer free yeweyuyreuther 2 years ago  
PC is lyf 2 years ago  
I dont even have a crush but i leik selecting stuff 2 years ago  
Heh emm i like myself i dont even have kids so ... heh 2 years ago  
Time for Drifting 2 years ago  
Well my BFF is a male so i rather get friend zoned by my crush i she is an a**hole i hope she gets run over by a semi truck 2 years ago  
I will play with them 2 years ago  
It dosen't stop me for asking more wishes ? id wish for Millions of Supercars sell some of them Profit 2 years ago  
Sadly i wont be able to get a Goddamn Nissan Gtr but i will get FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD 2 years ago  
I download them for free so i rather have starbucks than sh*tty songs 2 years ago  
Puppies for Lyf 2 years ago +1
#AfricaDosen'tMatterInEurope 2 years ago  
Hope i dont hit a plane heh 2 years ago  
The sniper is a spy! 2 years ago +1
None of them 2 years ago  
Greece is poor 2 years ago  
My friends will make the movie either fun or amazing 2 years ago  
Kids are annoying 2 years ago  
I dont really smoke 2 years ago  
Im always down 2 years ago  
COKE FOR EVERYONE 2 years ago  
Im alrady hairy 2 years ago  
Well but usa turned on UK and thats why UK hates this stupid county 2 years ago  
Ewww console 2 years ago +1
I will film and upload the porn to pornhub ;) and fap all day long 2 years ago  
Choosed the wrong one 2 years ago  
Im so bad at climbing 2 years ago  
I dont want a drunk wife plus i can understand her the german is so hard to learn 2 years ago  
Ewww whats a controller 2 years ago  
So offensive to males 2 years ago  
I want to lose my phone cuz i hate when IT FU***** RINGS AND WHEN SOMEBODY TEXTS ME! 2 years ago  
BULGARIA FK yeah 2 years ago  
Make love not war 2 years ago  
Audi is a gilrs car 2 years ago  
I cant play Cs go without a hand and i dont move that much so i rather lose my left leg 2 years ago  
Aliens arent bad infact they can be frendly with us nothing that they live on other planet and dont know anything about us 2 years ago +7
MURICA FK YEAH 2 years ago  
Hey atleast i can shoot it with a Deagle while i cant shoot in water well i think it possible but the bullet will travel a short distence 2 years ago  
i love to stay in the bed for 10 hours is that enough (Cut my life into peices and store it away) 2 years ago  
5 years of dreams yo 2 years ago  
PC is love PC is life 2 years ago  
I always did sh*t by myself i dont need anyone 2 years ago  
You can really troll somebody with that 2 years ago  
Well if you are outside you can still chop trees and build sh*t right ? 2 years ago  
The earth will die one day so i want to see my grandpa in heaven 2 years ago  
Win compliations are the worst fails are the best XD 2 years ago  

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