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Would you rather have... X-ray vision (any version that can be imagined) or Mind reading (you have to actively choose to read a mind) 7 years ago 364 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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It's a sentimental thing. It doesn't need to make sense 6 years ago  
agreed 6 years ago  
*awkward 6 years ago  
meet new people 6 years ago  
both suck 6 years ago  
I'm pretty well set for life if I use my million carefully (and invest) 6 years ago  
In. The. Wild!! 6 years ago  
threesome 6 years ago  
Death eaters, dementors, that cupboard thing you have to say "ridiculous" to? (b)itch please. besides who said you were a wizard, you could be a muggle. 6 years ago  
huh, that choice pretty well describes my life at the moment 6 years ago  
What the (f)uck is wrong with people, are you racist or what!? I mean come on... 6 years ago +1
netflix 6 years ago  
netflix 6 years ago  
nerds are brainy but disgusting, geeks are just guys who like comic books and superheroes (pokemon, physics, etc...) 6 years ago  
to recently rewatched avatar 6 years ago  
more variety 6 years ago  
dude, that world would suck because no one would ever be driven todo anything, no competition because what do you get out of it? nothing. so imagine our world with infinite ressources but with few to no technological advancements. 6 years ago  
found it already 6 years ago  
Quote:"on land IN a burning building" so you can't get out. 6 years ago  
Quote:"on land IN a burning building" so you can't get out. 6 years ago  
just for the picture 6 years ago  
only child 6 years ago  
I want a private romantic wedding 6 years ago  
Humans are animals and all animals have language of some kind. Same sh*t. 6 years ago  
19% of people are either idiotic teenage girls or gay. 6 years ago  
money cuz I found mine already and it would help my chances ;) 6 years ago  
plus if the holocaust never happened maybe there would be no terrorists. Therefore you've prevented 9-11 anyway 6 years ago  
because I already found mine 6 years ago +1
invisible as in unable to be seen not invincible as in unable to die 6 years ago  
I love the cold 6 years ago  
The people who are smart enough to notice that it doesn't say 'die' in the fire. Just jump in a lake or stop drop and roll 7 years ago  
I can see the answers to any test or exam in the teacher's or my classmate's minds 7 years ago +1
Let's just say for a minute that a human life is worth twenty times more than a dog's. By killing the one human it is like you just killed twenty dogs. By choosing to kill the puppies, you have just killed the equivalent of five humans. So it makes no logical sense to kill the dogs. If you are questioning my logic, here is my explanation: 1 human=20 dogs 100 dogs=5 humans and since the question is to kill one human or one hundred dogs you have the choice of the two options demonstrated above. 7 years ago  
desperate GRAMMER NAZI 7 years ago  
desperate GRAMMER NAZI 7 years ago  
But that wouldn't be fair to them because the two broke up 7 years ago  
Or if there's someone you like who doesn't share your feelings and you want to be able to forget 7 years ago  
X-ray vision you can choose to not be seeing x-ray 7 years ago  
already am one so... 7 years ago  
Bieber is an asshowle 7 years ago  
anorexia is a serious and occasionnaly fatal illness. Also you can't just choose to gain weight 7 years ago +2
japanese, the hell is wrong with 58% of people 7 years ago +2
'cuz I would laugh at him so hard for the rest of his life 7 years ago +1
depends what kind of chocolate or what kind of ice cream 7 years ago  
I have nothing against gay people but being pregnant at 17 is total bull 7 years ago  
What the hell, same f*cking thing. remove head from body or remove body from head. 7 years ago  
hate coconut 7 years ago +1
move out 7 years ago  
Hold it with yur tongue, it won't hurt. Or kick the wall with your heel or the side of your foot 7 years ago  
i'm a guy... I pee standing up 7 years ago  
the pic for predator looks like a protoss 7 years ago  
people who prefer the movies are illiterate 7 years ago  
Dear god, how could any human being choose to kill ONE HUNDRED PUPPIES with their BARE HANDS instead of just ONE human baby. 7 years ago +2
ugh, so hard to choose 7 years ago +1
it says die in the tornado but you could survive the burning 7 years ago +2
they said I could...so i became a girl (no change) 7 years ago  
Stop. Drop. Roll. Haters gonna hate 7 years ago +3
not all acids will burm you 7 years ago +1
how the hell would anyone rather kill themselves than play WoW. 7 years ago  
Shoot the baby by the tip of the finger so that it just grazes them. Only damage would be the sound... No but seriously, shooting a baby is wrong. 7 years ago +1
In between but if I only had those two choices, I'd go with the second. 7 years ago  
kill the serial killer in his sleep 7 years ago +1
I would say: if youre a girl go with B if you're a guy go with A cuz' we all know the guy is gonna end up paying for the dinner 7 years ago  
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