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    CONDOM 1 year ago +2
    static is a tiny lightning soooo 1 year ago  
    farts 1 year ago  
    already happened 1 year ago  
    gas mask 1 year ago  
    groin cups bro 1 year ago  
    shave it offf of of of 1 year ago  
    in my DREAMS 1 year ago  
    etc 1 year ago +2
    aftermarket version turbo, clutch new engine 1 year ago +3
    shave it off everyday 1 year ago  
    Insanly smart HOOHOHHOHOHOHOOHOHOH 1 year ago  
    INSTAGRAM FTW 1 year ago  
    yay ballon dogs lol 1 year ago  
    just a fart 1 year ago  
    taking a bullet to the stomach will give you internal bleeding snd death. tho u can live without a testical or vagina 1 year ago  
    huge MUSCULAR person 1 year ago  
    netflix bro 1 year ago  
    you have a better chance of not dying on everest 1 year ago  
    filthy rich in 1950 means being a billionaire if you live till the 21st century 1 year ago  
    at leeast you have a nice view 1 year ago  
    oxygen tank..... BRUH 1 year ago  
    dammit 1 year ago  
    smoothies are wayyy healthier, like if you agree 1 year ago  
    dont celebrate christmas 1 year ago  

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