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    If you can do one then you can do the other.  
    I don't search anything gross or dirty.  
    They are both sh*t.  
    I'm not ass so obviously a beggar.  
    10% is 10 out of 100 which is 1 out of 10 which is not very likely.  
    Ninjas can be outlaws too.  
    Big dogs can protect you but small dogs are way easier to manage.  
    But I love both. This question is evil....  
    Dude, you are extremely racist and sexist.  
    Good drivers can kill/ get into crashes too.  
    I don't enjoy being a kid. People tell you what to do all the time.  
    They could help us and be good or attack us causing the world to unify against them. So 2 outcomes are good.  
    Pigs are adorable  
    Language can help get you a variety of jobs where as having mastery of every instrument can really only help you get a career in music, but if you want a career in music than B is a good choice.  
    Power can get you far but knowledge can often get you farther.  
    I hate Micheal Jackson. I dislike his music and from what I have been told he is an utterly terrible human being. aka he slept with little boys, apparently.  
    If you mentally never changed then you would be really dumb for all of your life but if you physically never changed you would stay a baby your whole life and not be able to do much.  
    Just because you're not married doesn't mean you can't reproduce. That is just part of a religion/tradition/belief. But if you didn't have divorce you could be stuck in a unhealthy relationship where you might be constantly cheating, in a abusive relationship, and you only get one shot. +1
    I clicked money but meant to click the wishes. These are mine: 1. World peace 2. More wishes 3. A wish where I can wish for money 4. For my family to be financially stable (??) 5. No more ISIS 6. No war 7. No more world hunger 8. Everyone to live a good life 9. No rape 10. And no murder Plus those other wishes that IDK what I would do with. What would you wish for/ do with the money?  
    So basically in this situation a little kid/ little me is able to imagine every curse word in the alphabet?? Or an old lady/ old me has a photographic/ videographic memory which is much better than my current memory??  
    Bella is sh*t, Hermione is lit  
    I already overdress  
    I did not know that prisons were rated with stars.  
    I'm a virgin so I wouldn't miss it.  
    Mermaids are cool but Unicorns have HOLO horns.#Holosexual  
    You can't easily support you fam with amazon gift cards. And you can't easily help the millions suffering from hunger.  
    In 9-11 around 2,996 people died and more than 6,000 were wounded. But in the holocaust around 6,000,000 were killed. There were about 1.5 million children killed. I would rather save the 6,000,000 from Hitler...  
    All my dreams are about my family dying so I would rather have my mind serve as an iPod as long as it didn't make me stupid.  
    If you had a crappy relationship but incredible sex, would it really last long? Would you stay in the relationship just for the sex?  
    Teleportation is probably safer than flying and you could just sneak into a room and be invisible and then hear them talking about you or something else with someone else or to themselves. +1
    Its where there is a bullet in the chamber and you shoot it when faced towards your head so, you could possibly shoot yourself in the head killing yourself.  
    Money isn't worth my life.  
    Speaking all languages can get you a really nice, well paying job.  
    I'm a white girl that said iTunes music forever. You're just being stereotypical and rude.  
    WTF is Hakuna Matata.  
    With a zombie apocalypse you can kill all the zombies and build an impenetrable fortress but with World War III there would be lots and lots of nukes and you can't kill a nuke. ( I think)  
    I HATE clowns. +1
    I don't think I could ever hurt someome like this. So I would rather catch them.  
    Sometimes I do really dumb stuff and with a rewind button I could redo all the stuff I messed up. But with a rewind button would you age even if you went back. So if you were 50 and went back to 18 or something would you stay 50?  
    I would get the billion and give it to the families.  
    Obviously Harry Potter  
    I've been wanting to be a doctor since like 4th grade and I'm in 7th and every test says I should be a doctor.  
    I don't want to see all my family die.  
    I wouldn't want to see all my close family die and my kids die. Also, wouldn't the government want to experiment on you to find out why you lived super long.(unless you died really young)  
    With money I could help people by donating and helping feed people where with time I would just grow really old and not be able to do much and I wouldn't be able to reach out and help as much. +1
    I would want to know the date because then I could say goodbye, and do everything I wanted to do in life. Plus I could except it and use it to motivate me  
    I would rather surf the internet cause A. I could drown B. I could be attacked by a shark or a different animal and C. I could get sucked out to sea and die  
    I wouldn't know that no one cared to be there where as with your wedding you would know.  
    dude, i'm an atheist and obviously you are too but people are allowed to have their own views even if you (strongly) disagree with them.  
    I've never seen the lion king so I have no idea what Hakuna Matata is.  
    I would just kill the zombies and build an impenetrable fortress, plus you can't just kill nukes. ( I think)  
    I hate clowns so burger king +1
    I would rather know the date because I would want to do everything I wanted to do in life/ on my bucket list plus be with my family before I died.  
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