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I love Anime! x3

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    If I felt the same physical pleasure as the other person, then if that person was having sex or masturbating while I was in school doing work... Well, yeah.. That would be... disturbing for me and my classmates... o.o +2
    The proof of fairies is "The Book of Fairies". Feel the magic. For their love is sprinkled on to you the day you're born. All others say it's BS, but it's the truth. Just seek Tinkerbell while analyzing the story and you will find her and the other fairies. Feel the magic, seek the truth.. Faith, trust and pixie dust..  
    By your logic, a believer of fairies could ask a Christian how they could believe in an unproven God, and then the Christian asks, "Have fairies been proven?". Then the fairy believer says: "Fairies don't need to be proven because we have something called faith." What the fairy believer is saying sounds kinda stupid, right? Now glance back at your comment..  
    As long as it's NOT the god of the Bible. o-e +1
    My motto is, "screw society, who cares about the majority".  
    Sore throats are HELL. ;n;  
    I'd rather know that my crush is happy and with a good person(my best friend) than know that he's with a b**** that will screw his life up negatively(my enemy).  
    Dekalb School of the Arts.x3  
    I'd be healthy.  
    Qualities of being socially conservative: being against gay marriage, pro-life, for the death penalty, for government censorship, against any form of gun control whatsoever, placing business desires as being more important than the environment, against a separation of church and state, for teaching creationism in public schools, for having prayer time in public schools, mostly or completely supporting war, against legal euthanasia, either against legal divorce OR for making divorce difficult to get, against a person's right to burn their own flag, supporting a drinking age of 19 or older OR making alcohol completely illegal, mostly or completely being against the legalization of marijuana, and teaching kids only about abstaining from having sex.  
    Qualities of being socially liberal: being for gay marriage, pro-choice, against the death penalty, against government censorship, for some form of gun control such as background checks OR not allowing people to own military guns OR completely eliminating guns OR something else, placing the environment as more important than business desires, supporting a separation of church and state, against teaching creationism in public schools, against prayer time in public schools, being mostly or completely against war, supporting legal euthanasia, supporting legal divorce, supporting a person's right to burn their own flag, supporting a drinking age of 18 or younger, mostly or completely supporting the legalization of marijuana, and teaching kids their different options about sex.  
    Just because a really in depth story with a lot of detail is written in a book, doesn't make it automatically true. +1
    Who created God?  
    I answered this back when I was Christian and just went along with what people around me were saying about homosexuality . Now I wish I could go back in time and choose the other option.  
    Just because something was written in an ancient book, doesn't mean it's automatically true. +1
    wrong one  
    I like how pale skin looks. It's epic. x3 +4
    Why is their never an in-between. Your either skinny or fat. What about chubby? e_e  
    Well, I'm going to go throw up...blood.  
    I still have books and manga to read, my flute to continue practicing, manga books to continue learning to draw with, stories to write, Goanimate and Anime Studio to animate with, my backyard to explore, games and toys to play with, people to talk to, fun places to go to, my guitar to learn to play, a science fair project to start, and many other things to do. I just hope I won't need my computer for school. o_o  
    I say Two thousand- fourteen, without the and.  
    :3 +1
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