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Do you think that dating can be a little rigged at times? (e.g., it can seem like everybody else except you is in a relationship except for you, and you're mad about it) Yes! Almost all of the time! or No 2 months ago 72 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live in the United States or Live in the United Kingdom 3 months ago 68 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you agree, that the more urban a city is, the better it is? Yes! or No 4 months ago 85 votes 18 comments 0 likes
(Only people who have lived or visited this place can answer) Would you say that the city of Sacramento, CA (United States) is interesting / has a lot to do? Yes! It has a lot of great stuff! or No 6 months ago 32 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather buy a house in Atlanta, Georgia (United States) or Austin, Texas (United States) 6 months ago 66 votes 19 comments 0 likes
In this current year, 2019, are you trying to Get a new boyfriend/girlfriend/ spouse or Keep the boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse that you already have 6 months ago 56 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather retire in (spend your Golden Years In) San Diego, CA or Los Angeles, CA 7 months ago 51 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you think that the city of Austin, Texas could use a theme park Yes, it would be a great addition to an already great city! or No, it doesn't need it 7 months ago 63 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you ever consider moving to another country Yes! It would be a great experience! or No, probably not 7 months ago 92 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to (attend) a Out-of State University (College) or In-State University (College) 7 months ago 78 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in San Francisco or Seattle 7 months ago 69 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which part of California has better weather (in your opinion)? Northern California or Southern California 7 months ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you like Summer Better or Winter Better 8 months ago 102 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Austin (Texas) or Houston (Texas) 8 months ago 71 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Austin (Texas) or Dallas (Texas) 8 months ago 73 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Are you Extremely Liberal or Not 8 months ago 95 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather learn Portuguese or Spanish 8 months ago 92 votes 15 comments 0 likes
When you first started going to college (if you did), did you start out at a Four-Year University or Junior College 8 months ago 70 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Should I buy the 2019 Chevy Volt or 2019 Chevy Malibu (Hybrid) 8 months ago 62 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Seattle or Austin 8 months ago 68 votes 10 comments 0 likes
(Only people who watch the NFL regularly should answer) Which quarterback played better during the 2018 NFL season Jared Goff or Drew Brees 8 months ago 45 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which state has better weather California or Florida 8 months ago 75 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you think that Buffalo Wild Wings chicken tastes really good? Yes or Nah 8 months ago 58 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which do you like better Vanilla Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream 8 months ago 82 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which state has better weather Hawaii or California 8 months ago 72 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you think Buffalo Wild Wings food is good? Yes or Nah, only average 8 months ago 66 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you hate conservatives Yes or Nah 8 months ago 91 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Did you make it into a 4-year university straight outta high school Yes or Nah 8 months ago 82 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Do you hate San Diego, CA? Yes or Nah 8 months ago 80 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you think that Android or Apple is better 8 months ago 83 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you ever consider joining the military? Yes or Hell nah 8 months ago 90 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you use Snapchat on the regular? Yup or Nope 8 months ago 87 votes 14 comments 0 likes
In this current year (2019), would you rather Move to a different city or Stay in the same one you are in 8 months ago 104 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Do you think you could handle Marines boots camp? Yes or Nah bro 8 months ago 101 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Are you a Liberal for life or Not one 8 months ago 103 votes 16 comments 0 likes
(Guys only) Hey guys, do you think women are extremely selective? Yes or Nah 8 months ago 115 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Do you think Calvin Johnson should have stayed in the NFL? Yes or No 8 months ago 69 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Hey aspiring rappers, would you rather make rap Beats or Songs 8 months ago 67 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you think Ice Cube or Tupac is better 8 months ago 79 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do you think that Ice Cube is the greatest rap artist of all time? Yes! or Nah 8 months ago 102 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Are you a Democrat (Left-Wing) or Republican (Right-Wing) 8 months ago 86 votes 23 comments 0 likes
(Ladies) Hey ladies, do you love seeing your boyfriend (or husband's) erect penis/crotch? Yes or Nah 8 months ago 75 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do people ever block you on Snapchat sometimes? Yes or Nah 8 months ago 97 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Are you more Liberal or Conservative 8 months ago 97 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Miami or San Diego 8 months ago 110 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you agree that Los Angeles is WAYYYYYY better than San Diego Hell Yea or Nah, I pick SD 8 months ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you think the military is harder or easier now than it was back in the 1970's? Harder or Easier 8 months ago 74 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you think you could handle being in the military No or Yes 9 months ago 108 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a (choose one) Big City or Small Town 9 months ago 112 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in (which city in CA) San Francisco or Los Angeles 9 months ago 88 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you think Clemson will beat Alabama today in the National Championship? Yes or No 9 months ago 57 votes 10 comments 0 likes
(Guys only) If a girl randomly walked up to you and stripped naked in front of you, would you think it was weird? Nah or Yes 9 months ago 115 votes 19 comments 0 likes
(Guys only) If a girl randomly walked up to you and showed you her boob, would you think it was weird? Nah or Yes 9 months ago 98 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Are you on RRRather all the time? Yes or No 9 months ago 94 votes 13 comments 0 likes
(Guy only) Hey Guys, would you eat the booty? Yes or Nah 9 months ago 134 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a footrace? Jamall Charles or Tyreek Hill 9 months ago 97 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Texas or California 9 months ago 101 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a Big City or Small City 9 months ago 87 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you think T.Y. Hilton is better or Calvin Johnson is better 9 months ago 97 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Denver or Seattle 9 months ago 76 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do women like penises Yes or Nah 9 months ago 240 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Is being in the military Hard or Easy 9 months ago 91 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you think life is rigged sometimes? Yes or No 9 months ago 98 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who do you think is a better wide receiver? T.Y. Hilton or Odell Beckham Jr. 9 months ago 116 votes 10 comments 0 likes
In society, would you rather be a White Person or Black person 9 months ago 95 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who do you think is a better rapper Ice Cube or Tupac 9 months ago 91 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Sacramento or San Diego 9 months ago 53 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Austin or San Diego 10 months ago 71 votes 11 comments 0 likes
In what city would you rather go/visit for your 21st birthday? Chicago or Atlantic City 1 year ago 79 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Where would you rather go to celebrate your 21st birthday party Chicago or Las Vegas 1 year ago 100 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Los Angeles or San Diego 1 year ago 72 votes 14 comments 0 likes

AcChill1 has posted the following comments:

I don't think so honestly 2 months ago  
Alright. Also, since I'm planning to visit Switzerland soon, would you say it's a great country? 2 months ago  
Doesnt it go through Germany too? Or does Germany have their own rail? 2 months ago  
I heard there's a high speed train that goes from Germany to the U.K.! Is that correct? 3 months ago  
Wanted to move to Montreal 3 months ago +1
Couldn't agree more! 3 months ago +1
But can't you own guns in the U.K. too? 3 months ago  
You can get freedom in the U.K. too! 3 months ago +1
I live in L.A. but I'd like to live in Oakland 4 months ago  
By raped, do you mean committing the act to someone else, or someone else doing the act to you? 4 months ago  
I know right! 4 months ago  
Either Japan or Italy 4 months ago  
Miami & Orlando! 6 months ago  
China has a better economy than the U.S. Plus there is cheaper housing! 6 months ago  
There is alot that live in Miami & London as well! 6 months ago  
I already live the Los Angeles area (Long Beach). It would be nice to experience something different! 6 months ago  
Also hcps-moreirajm , you should either compare city-to-city or state-to-state. In other words, you should make everything an apples-to-apples or oranges-to-oranges comparison. 6 months ago  
Closer to many great(er) attractions! 6 months ago  
Awesome! That must be a cool event you like to go to, eh? 6 months ago  
And what is that supposed to mean? 6 months ago  
Exactly! I know right! 6 months ago +1
Does the city of Austin, Texas, United States have alot of skyscrapers as well as things to do? 6 months ago  
It can get hot sometimes in Georgia too! 6 months ago  
Would you say Austin, Texas has a lot of large skyscrapers with lots of things to do? 6 months ago  
What country do you live in? 6 months ago  
And why do you choose that? 6 months ago  
What does that mean? 7 months ago +1
Already live in an L.A. Suburb (Long Beach)! 7 months ago  
I know right! A city as major as Austin really needs it! 7 months ago  
This is actually what I meant. Either directly in the city of Austin or one within close drivable distance. 7 months ago  
You ever lived in or visited Austin? 7 months ago  
You ever visited/ lived in Austin? 7 months ago  
Okay. You must live in Austin, am I right? 7 months ago  
Thought about living there? 7 months ago  
Great country! Even more great if you love the cold! 7 months ago +1
So obvious! 7 months ago +1
I have no relatives there, or any part of Europe for that matter, so it makes me moving there all the better! 7 months ago +1
I would wanna live in Italy or Great Britian. Do you like those countries? 7 months ago +1
Which country is it? Just curious? 7 months ago  
Like maybe Australia or Brazil? 7 months ago  
Planning to apply to UN at Reno Guys! Anyone think that is a good school? 7 months ago  
No. It's in the U.S. state of Washington! 8 months ago  
I don't wanna get called out by the teacher (which is embarrassing) 8 months ago +1
Dont think it was 8 months ago  
Another word for a community college. 8 months ago  
Fully agree 8 months ago +1
Is Miami any good? Are you always busy? 8 months ago  
I take hurricanes lol! 8 months ago  
Since I already live near Los Angeles, I gotta say B! 8 months ago  
Already live in California (Los Angeles) 8 months ago  
In your opinion, would you say that Austin is a great city with many things to do? 8 months ago  
Have you driven it yourself? Can it run solely on electric power? 8 months ago  
Have you tried both? And is the Chevy Malibu Hybrid capable of relying exclusively in electric power? 8 months ago  
There are more activities to do in Austin 8 months ago  
I had them for the SuperBowl yesterday and I absolutely LOVED them! 8 months ago +1
Female teachers are better! 8 months ago  
You would say so? 8 months ago  
Amen brother! 8 months ago +2
Have never tried! But am tommorow! 8 months ago  
Me too! 8 months ago  
If people appreciate your work more because you were dead, it doesn't necessarily mean that you weren't well knowing before! 8 months ago  
Don't know him, but I'll assume the best! 8 months ago  
Much less sugar 8 months ago  
I live in CA and I would love to see snow 8 months ago  
Burns less 8 months ago  
B can do more! 8 months ago  
Testicles produce sperm, which means I can't have sex 8 months ago  
Better 8 months ago  
Its called counseling guys... 8 months ago  
What a stupid question... 8 months ago  
Still slightly cleaner 8 months ago  
Consuming knowledge gives you power! 8 months ago  
Very reliable 8 months ago  
I'm black 8 months ago  
We would make great friends! 8 months ago  
You can do A another time 8 months ago  
And donate a lot of them lol! 8 months ago  
Hiccups are natural 8 months ago  
She's closer to dying anyways 8 months ago  
Taking one life is not as bad as taking two, so I gotta say B 8 months ago  
Very true 8 months ago +1
I like brighter colors 8 months ago  
Not gonna vote 8 months ago  
You're only there for 10 minutes at most. 8 months ago  
Easier! Plus I'm dead on the spot. 8 months ago  
Most sharks are afraid of humans 8 months ago  
At least I get to, "Have it my way!" 8 months ago  
B is super creepy! 8 months ago  
Jessica Alba! 8 months ago  
You would still be a billionaire tho! 8 months ago  
Get a new dog 8 months ago  
Takes longer to overcome a physical injury 8 months ago  
Respect bro! 8 months ago  
Its not worth it. You could ensure that you have money. 8 months ago  
More important 8 months ago  
Didn't say I couldn't have a parachute! 8 months ago +1
Healthier. 8 months ago  
I know right! 8 months ago  
I'm a dude, and I think sleeping with big women is just fine! 8 months ago  
I'm a dude, so it wouldn't matter. 8 months ago +1
Gotta save the best for last! 8 months ago +1
Vegetables have more Vitamins! 8 months ago  
One word: Public Transportation 8 months ago  
Hey jomarc, did you mean Stanford or Strathford? 8 months ago  
Hellen Keller lol! 8 months ago  
Couldn't be any more true! 8 months ago +1
Agree! 8 months ago  
You should think about moving to a place like Chicago! 8 months ago +1
100 percent Democrat for life! 8 months ago +1
It has the filling of a pie. 8 months ago  
If its 0.9, with the 9 repeating, yes it is. If it is simply 0.999999999 and the nine is NOT repeating, then no it's not. 8 months ago  
Thank you! I'm so glad I'm not the ONLY one who thinks this! 8 months ago  
Android has a wide variety of apps as well! 8 months ago  
There are a good amount of celebrities (rich people) who own Androids! 8 months ago  
And fewer features! 8 months ago +1
Are you a liberal for life? 8 months ago  
Vegas? 8 months ago  
Agree! I rarely use it! 8 months ago  
He's the best since 2015! 8 months ago +1
But if you did have the funds, would you do it? 8 months ago  
I think he should have. He retired at a relatively young age , so why couldn't he keep going? 8 months ago  
Wow, this one is really close! 8 months ago +1
Like this comment if you hate San Diego! 8 months ago +1
What exactly are you meaning by this? Please tell me! 8 months ago  
Exactly! 8 months ago +1
Couldn't be anything else! 8 months ago  
Tyreek Hill is NOT the fastest player in the NFL lol! 8 months ago +2
Not even close! 8 months ago  
The music itself is more important the the device you are using to listen with! 8 months ago  
Love love love the backdrop! 8 months ago  
Better setting 8 months ago +1
Definitely B! 8 months ago  
I'm already a guy 8 months ago  
Couldn't agree more! 8 months ago  
Amen to that! Democrats rule! 8 months ago +1
So obvious 8 months ago  
Being B is the worst! 8 months ago  
Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's what's up! 8 months ago +1
I agree. But I like both! 8 months ago  
Misclick 8 months ago  
Like the colors! 8 months ago  
Of course 8 months ago  
A is more liberal, and has more things to do! 8 months ago  
Already am 8 months ago  
Definitely A! 8 months ago  
Thank you! I agree! 8 months ago  
Would much rather see people succeed than fail! 8 months ago +1
B is creepy, so I gotta say A! 8 months ago  
I wanna die eventually, so 8 months ago  
Do women like it if you have a big penis lol? 8 months ago  
Misclick. Meant to pick A 8 months ago  
Do you (and other girls in general) find guys with a large penis as "well endowed"? 8 months ago  
Depends on the case. But if all else is equal, it is true 8 months ago  
Not even close! 8 months ago +1
A is cooler! 8 months ago  
On second thought, I probably could, but not forever lol! 8 months ago  
Equality for all! 9 months ago  
I'm black, so I gotta try having something I don't have! 9 months ago  
A is way better lol! 9 months ago  
How is this 50-50? Doesn't even make sense! 9 months ago +6
I know right! 9 months ago  
How is this even a competition? B should be the easy answer! 9 months ago +1
Why would anyone want A to happen? 9 months ago +1
I would lose a ton of weight! 9 months ago  
Why would anybody choose B? 9 months ago +1
Hurricane Florence 9 months ago  
B is nasty 9 months ago  
Why did so many people pick B? Lol 9 months ago  
More to do in B 9 months ago  
Already live in A, so I gotta say B 9 months ago  
Exactly! 9 months ago  
Can't answer lol 9 months ago  
More important that I have people take me seriously when I need it! 9 months ago  
Definitely not 9 months ago  
Not even sure lol! 9 months ago  
Tom N' Jerry! 9 months ago  
There's a lot more than looks in a relationship! 9 months ago  
You burn more calories when you are cold! 9 months ago +1
A is way better! 9 months ago  
More to do 9 months ago  
Spinach is healthier anyways! 9 months ago  
I can shed the weight! 9 months ago  
Definitely! 9 months ago  
Didnt say I was 200lbs of muscle! 9 months ago  
Need to lose weight badly! 9 months ago  
A is just a dream in the making! 9 months ago  
Much bigger advantage! 9 months ago +1
He's bigger, so I gotta say him! 9 months ago +1
Its only 1 years. I gotta say A! 9 months ago +1
Definitely A! 9 months ago  
Can't vote, don't have a lover. 9 months ago  
Definitely B! 9 months ago  
Already live in L.A., gotta say B! 9 months ago  
Does controlling fire mean creating fire? 9 months ago  
Tokyo is amazing! 9 months ago  
I live in the United States but I really want to visit the Prague! 9 months ago  
Judaism is a religion that people practice. 9 months ago  
Who the heck had voted for B? 9 months ago  
What kind of question is this? 9 months ago  
Haven't tried Venison before but I would like to! 9 months ago  
A would definitely suck! What if something happens! 9 months ago  
A looks cooler lol! 9 months ago  
Paris has more amazing art museum, but that's it! 9 months ago  
B is definitely a better choice! Don't know why many people picked answer A! 9 months ago  
I would only do Option B if I was sure I had oxygen lol! 9 months ago  
Why are there so many votes for No (That you would mind)? 9 months ago  
Yes. I mean as does it occupy a large portion of your free time? 9 months ago  
Denver has all four seasons! 9 months ago  
Thats my big advantage as well! Plus Texas has many similar attractions (e.g. theme parks, music festivals, beaches) 9 months ago  
Ice Cube is the man! I mean, look at, "Today was a Good Day"! One of the greatest songs ever made! 9 months ago  
Democrats rule! 9 months ago  
There's a lot more to do in a big city! So I gotta say A! 9 months ago  
Yup! This is coming from two democrats! 9 months ago  
I like snow better than rain! 9 months ago  
Couldn't agree more! 9 months ago  
Already lived in San Diego its overrated 9 months ago  
Exact same! Lol! 9 months ago  
Gotta have my respect for T.Y.! 9 months ago +1
Is Seattle awesome or what? Does it have loads of things to do? 9 months ago  
Its actually sunny and cool year round! 9 months ago  
Although Texas has some Democratic Cities in and of itself (Austin, Houston) 9 months ago +1
Do you absolutely love it? 9 months ago  
Do you love them? 9 months ago  
I would say 1.5 million 9 months ago  
There's more things to do in Texas! 9 months ago  
We want to share the wealth with people who are less fortunate! Equality for everybody! 9 months ago  
This vote is extremely close! 9 months ago  
It's more meaningful! 9 months ago  
Since most of us probobly do Option B, they would choose Option A lol! 9 months ago  
Wow! This vote is exactly 50-50! 9 months ago  
I'm 242 pounds, I'm trying to lose weight to get to 135 pounds! 9 months ago  
I don't wanna know EVERYTHING. But I do wanna know some things! 9 months ago  
When a veteran talks about how he fought in the Vietnam war... 9 months ago  
I live in the U.S.A but would rather live in Europe lol! 9 months ago  
I live in the USA but would rather live in Europe! 9 months ago  
Couldn't be any more on point! 9 months ago  
Here's the thing about abortion. If a baby was never officially created and brought out to the world, how could they lose their life? How could somebody be against abortion lol! 9 months ago +1
Who says the aliens won't give me superpowers lol! 9 months ago  
I win! 9 months ago  
I bet like 95 percent of the guys voted for female lol! 9 months ago  
I play wide receiver so I can't be short lol! 9 months ago  
I already live in the U.S.A. It's a corrupt country! 9 months ago  
At least, in Option B, you can have good dreams some nights! 9 months ago  
Your friends are one of the most important people in your life! 9 months ago  
The big city I currently live in is Los Angeles 9 months ago  
Much better to live in a big city. Way more things to do! 9 months ago  
Since you can (eventually) lose them, I gotta say B! 9 months ago  
I'm a dude, so I gotta say B! 9 months ago  
Eating only 5 pounds is better than eating only one pound! 9 months ago  
Bad breath is much easier to fix than B.O! 9 months ago  
5 Models are better than 3! 9 months ago  
As long as everything goes in the toilet, I'm good! 9 months ago  
Option A is for the rest of your life, so I gotta say B! 9 months ago  
At least she's not part of my family! 9 months ago  
Thats a nice loophole LOL! 9 months ago  
Since I'm a straight guy, I had to say A. I mean I could say B, but wouldnt that mean I'm gay? 9 months ago  
Why have sex if you don't feel anything? Lol! 9 months ago  
It's a blowjob. It's when a girl sucks your dick! 9 months ago  
Blowjobs are better than hamdjobs, so I gotta say B! 9 months ago  
Only one person dying is better than multiple people! 9 months ago  
Thought Answer A said hate lol! 9 months ago  
Option A is a double whammo 9 months ago  
This is the same question as above! 9 months ago  
The few people I am not hated by I would still be interested in! 9 months ago  
Would much rather do the hitting than be hit! 9 months ago  
I wanna live longer but not twice as long lol! 9 months ago  
That's the Western Hemisphere 9 months ago  
I already live in the USA so I had to say Australia! 9 months ago +1
I would rather take a European sight-sreing vacation so I could do more! A relaxing Carribean vacation is nice, but the glory would wear off soon! 9 months ago  
It's much better to end one life than to end 100 lives, so I have to say A! 9 months ago +1
You can eventually lose the (extreme) weight, but it would be very difficult to gain half your height back! 9 months ago  
Already am extremely smart, so I have to say B 9 months ago  
Just because a person was bad in the past doesn't mean they'll be bad now! 9 months ago  
Had to say NYC because I live in L.A.! 9 months ago  
I'm black, but I would have to say being a white person is better! 9 months ago  
Much better! 9 months ago  
To succeed in life, you HAVE to take risks! 9 months ago  
Read the subtitle it says if you are a wizard you can't cast a spell to turn yourself into a ninja! 9 months ago  
You can lose an unlimited amount of body weight, but you only grow 1-2 inches taller (after 21) 9 months ago  
It's good to have more exercise! 9 months ago  
Monopoly 9 months ago  
Grand Theft Auto 6 9 months ago  
So hard to choose, but I gotta say A! 9 months ago  
To be honest, it's non-existent! Im trying to get my number up! 9 months ago  
Eat the booty like groceries! 9 months ago  
All Victoria Secret models are hot LOL 9 months ago +1
I think he's good but I think Ice Cube is a little better LOL 9 months ago  
I don't want to freeze for 5 hours, so I have to say A 9 months ago  
Since 80's clothes aren't bad (and some of them were really good back then), I gotta say 80's clothes 9 months ago  
Pandas are cute, but I wouldn't have sex with one! 9 months ago  
Tokyo is one of the greatest cities on Earth! 9 months ago  
Easiest 100,000 ever! 9 months ago  
I live in the United States, so I gotta say B! 9 months ago  
Teen Titans are WAY cooler and have cooler powers. So I definitely have to say them! 9 months ago +1
I haven't even met you, so I think you're okay! 9 months ago  
Yahoo has a lot of features, plus it has fantastic sports! 9 months ago  
Both are terrible, but I gotta say B 9 months ago  
The people that put Answer B aren't smart! 9 months ago  
I have to say A because I live in the United States and I want to visit.another country! 9 months ago  
I'd rather be warm then cold 9 months ago  
Unlucky that those things even occurred LOL! 9 months ago  
That's a win-win 9 months ago  
Once you earn that much money, the value of it will significantly decrease! 9 months ago +1
Misclick I meant to put answer A 9 months ago  
Misclick. Meant to pick B 9 months ago  
Being poor maybe get you happiness, but it doesn't get you the super important things in life. So I gotta say A 9 months ago  
What's wrong with you? 9 months ago  
Anyone who picked B is super retarted lol! 9 months ago  
Since I'm a dude, I have to say A! 9 months ago  
German girls are nicer and arguably better looking than American girls LOL! 9 months ago  
Legs are far more important LOL! 9 months ago  
Love Katniss's body! 9 months ago  
The United States may arguably be the most powerful, but it isn't necessarily the best to live in LOL! 9 months ago  
Then it's a double win for you! 9 months ago  
The amount of people that picked B I'm actually surprised about! 9 months ago  
I'm overwhelmed so I gotta say B LOL! 9 months ago  
Most people pee in the shower anyways LOL! 9 months ago  
95 percent of guys probobly picked B lol! 9 months ago  
I think most left-handers picked A and most right-handers picked B! Like if you agree! 9 months ago  
I meant to pick B lol I picked A by accident 9 months ago  
Both are terrible, but overall, I have to pick A as my choice! 9 months ago  
Although I picked A, smoothies are healthier! 9 months ago  
You're such more limited in A so I gotta say B 9 months ago  
Like if you would rather do the sex scene! 9 months ago +1
I have a sexy body people would love to see naked! 9 months ago  
If you're never able to speak again, how would you be able to ask for help if you need it? 9 months ago  
I pick A because B isn't worth the risk 9 months ago  
Anyone who voted B is extremely immoral LOL 9 months ago  
Would wonder what it's like to be a girl! 9 months ago  
I'm Atheist so I gotta say B 9 months ago  
After your 5 years is done, you don't have to be a prostitute anymore for the rest of your life. So I gotta say B 9 months ago  
I would much rather see people succeed than fail! 9 months ago  
The Holocaust was clearly way worse than 9/11 9 months ago  
What if the guy who always knows when someone is lying meets the guy who always gets away with lying? 9 months ago  
Since you are ending one life rather than 100 lives, I gotta say A for sure! 9 months ago  
Like this comment if you think B is weird! 9 months ago +3
I mean, in Harry Potters world, there's magic, so why not live in it? 9 months ago  
I would agree 9 months ago  
Gotta say A because incest is disgusting LOL 9 months ago  
I'm a guy so I gotta say B LOL 9 months ago +1
I mean Viddy LOL 9 months ago  
I would rather Buddy! 9 months ago  
I couldn't agree more. There's some decent things to do but overall, there's better places 9 months ago  
Could you explain to me how L.A. is overrated? I'm moving there this January! 10 months ago  
I had to vote for A because I live in B 10 months ago  
There's more things to do in NYC 10 months ago  
Then still pick A! 10 months ago  
Like if you picked Answer B! 10 months ago  
100 percent of people should have picked A 10 months ago +3
Because they want to make it more competitive 10 months ago  
So hard to choose because both of them suck! 10 months ago  
Don't understand the question 10 months ago  
The real question is, would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond? 10 months ago  
Yeah but you can find another planet with some interesting life on it! 10 months ago  
Also, if you ALWAYS knew the truth, you also would never be curious about anything, so I definitely gotta say B 10 months ago  
How long do the nightmares last? And how long do you see the scary things? 10 months ago  
Since Chrome is already big, I voted to use Firefox 10 months ago  
Begging for money is morally right. Being a theif is not 10 months ago  
A is a MUCH better choice. Why would you wanna be average? 10 months ago  
You're ending 100 lives instead of 1. So I have to pick answer B 10 months ago  
Most of the people that picked A are girls, most of the people that picked B are boys 10 months ago  
Yes the are. They play for an association called Major League Baseball 10 months ago  
People who voted for Option B didn't read the fine print below. Remember that the other person that is falling in love with you is the same sex as you! Would you like that or not? 10 months ago  
I DEFINATELY agree dude because not only does Chicago have casinos/ is a good place to gamble, it has also MANY bars and other things to do (such as world class museums and city sights) that would make your 21st birthday experience so much more well rounded. You could go gambling, get drunk, and see some of the most famous sites (and buildings) in the world all on the same day! 1 year ago  
Very true! You have to make the VERY most out of your new (legal) freedoms that have been granted to you! 1 year ago  
Your parents must have been rich then 1 year ago  
The one in East Chicago, Indiana (Ameristar)? 1 year ago  
Why do you pick San Diego over LA? 1 year ago  
I agree dude LA has wayyyyy more things and WAYYYYY better people than SD. Trust me I live in SD and it SUCKSSSSSSSSSS and the people suck! 1 year ago  
Do you think it is great? Do you also think it is a great place to go gambling/ go to the casino? 1 year ago  
Do you have a really high opinion of it/ think it is great? 1 year ago  
Have you been to/ live in A? 1 year ago  
Thank you yes I agree Las Vegas is considerably overrated 1 year ago  
At least the 9 year old is not related to me! Having sex with your sister is like incest on the DL. 1 year ago  
Then you don't answer lol! It's PRETTY clear this question was meant for heterosexual guys! 1 year ago  
I'm a guy, so... 1 year ago  
True but why does that matter? 1 year ago  
I'm actually from California, soI see summer like ALL the time! I'm trying to move to a state/ city wit all four seasons so I can experience some change! I was thinking Newark, New Jersey? 1 year ago +1
I acccidentally voted on this wish I could take my answer back I'm not a girl 1 year ago  
There's nothing wierd about marrying your best friend 1 year ago  
The emporer is older and wiser, so that's my pick 1 year ago  
I prefer quantity over quality, so thats my choice! 1 year ago  
What degree of rich and what degree of poor 1 year ago  
I would MUCH ratger be caught cheating because if you don't know they are cheating, it cant hurt you hehe! 1 year ago  
I don't wanna live forever 1 year ago  
I am a virgin, and I am proud to admit it! 1 year ago  
Chose Macau, because it also has great gambling, but a better OVERALL experience than Vegas 1 year ago  
New York has the better weather (4 seasons) and WAYYYYYY more things to do! 1 year ago  
Which one do you pick? 1 year ago +1
Yup. People never really talk about heavy crime in those cities and they have higher crime rate so why bash LA for crime? 1 year ago  
At my funeral I would be dead anyways, so I wouldn't really care! 1 year ago  
How random is the randomly method? Is it COMPLETELY random, or like random from a group of choices? 1 year ago  
I agree lol and surfing keeps you in shape too 1 year ago  
Surfing in the Ocean is more active and takes my vote. Welcome to California! 1 year ago  
Anyone agree that Chicago or Milwaukee would be nice to have a GTA in? E.G., they both have alot of ghetto parts, they each have a large body of water right by them, have a number of gangs inside the city, etc. 1 year ago  
I think Chicago or Milwaukee would be nice, you guys agree? 1 year ago  
The UK has more things to do, so I pick the UK 1 year ago  
Actually I don't think it has THAT bad of a crime rate. Its actually lower than Miami's and New Orleans's 1 year ago  
I know exactly! People don't want to move there because they say it's expensive, but the jobs WAYYYYY more than make up for it. So it doesn't matter! 1 year ago  
Hey I agree, new york City is like the best city in the world, up there with Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong 1 year ago  
I actually would take smog and a bad accent, thank you very much! 1 year ago  
No, most apartments go from around 1300 to 1750 in NYC, so you don't have to worry 1 year ago  
Dude I agree! Plus New York has WAYYYYY more attractions anyways! 1 year ago  
Dude I LOVE winter and the change of seasons! Love how there's a brand new season to look forward to every 3 months! 1 year ago  
Actually Los Angeles has more pollution 1 year ago  
I myself, am from the Sam Diego area (which doesn't feel like Southern CA, hehe) 1 year ago  
I agreeeeeeeee dude! California is WAYYYYYY overrated, except for for Sam Francisco and the Bay Area or course hehe! I wish I could move to a country in Europe, like the UK or Sweden, hehe! 1 year ago  
San Diego might be beautiful, but living there SUUUUUUCKS! Terrible job market there, and impossible to get a job 1 year ago  
Well actually those people have the North Coast, (Great Lakes Area) or the South Coast Gulf of Mexico. Most states I believe have access to them directly or by reasonably long drives. 1 year ago  

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