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    At least I know I can stay away from AIDS more than cancer.  
    Less pain and more fun.  
    Ummm what?  
    Ignorance at its best, I mean look at this comment I just loss 10 brain cells because of this.  
    You must be 12 for using fag as a insult.  
    Without greed war can be stop and without Religious Fanatics people will shut up for once.  
    XD this comment need to be flag.  
    Football or football.  
    Never knew firefox fanboys are so dumb.  
    Why? because people vote celebrity more than the president? What a weird way to lose faith.  
    Do you mean back then or now?  
    Well, what if people seen to much star wars so they want to watch something new.  
    What if you said I want 2 years of alone time?  
    Viddy is a cam for your phones people.  
    Well that was easy than picking a rather question of Chairs or Doors?  
    Ok, thanks for being careful with the ugly pictures.  
    I don't want to be famous word wide just in my city.  
    I hope they don't get to far with ugly pictures.  
    Well I guess I will be 'Nochairs butfloors.'  
    That will be a dream.  
    Guys, There is a difference between Socialism and Communism.  
    I heard a popular girl in school said something smart She said "A boy told me once...".  
    I eat my enemys just like how eat my M'n'Ms.  
    Can I still be the ginger bread man?  
    I saw a picture of Paris Hilton reading a book and that day the picture is still unknow.  
    My enemy is gay so yea.  
    In 1980 You can have friends without computer but in 2014 people won't talk to you because you're not in Facebook If you give up Facebook dumbass people will be like "Oh he not using facebook so let not talk to him and whore our phones for nothing". Sorry just a rant I have.  
    I want a wife as a friend anyway.  
    I'm a early bird .  
    Oh racist people.  
    Crap I miss the "for the rest of your life" part.  
    I just reliezd I am living in a country when being fat is generic but being gay is a choice.  
    Attack of cute because it's purrfect.  
    As long it has nothing to do with Eleven Fingers then I'm fine.  
    Who doesn't want to play the rubber duck game? You have to rub your duck so fast and hard until it's soak.  
    Why do people vote for something that cause car deaths instead of something that help plants..  
    I got kicked from the the air cause I play to much SAX in public.  
    I like how good dreams are forgotten but bad dreams will be in my brain forever.  
    How can you give money to the sun?  
    Did you hear about the crime that happened in a parking garage? It was wrong on so many levels and my new lawn for be for is that every candy that is not from America has to be in America even Kinder surprise.  
    Did you hear about the crime that happened in a parking garage? It was wrong on so many levels. My new lawn will be all candys that are not in America have to be in America. [Even kinder surprise]  
    I almost got coke so I went to Dr Pepper. +1
    I saw a -outside lynx-..... Wow, I didn't know my puns will be THIS bad.  
    The shareholders of a compass manufacturer were concerned that the company wasn't heading in the right direction.  
    The harm caused by sibling rivalry is relative.  
    My froskin will frozen.  
    My friend's bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.  
    Why do nursing homes give Viagra to the old men every night? A: It keeps them from rolling out of bed.  
    Natalie Portman has announced that she is pregnant.So expect her baby to drop around the first of October, from a black stork.  
    With copper unavailable, continued operation of the mint would make no cents.  
    I think I would been make "MANOS The hands of fate" a much better movie.  
    Do do do dododod FAT MAN dodododododod FAT MAN FAT MAN FATTTTT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. [I'm so sorry].  
    I was expecting B to have 89% voters XD.  
    Got to have protien, people.  
    Got to have protien people.  
    I got chrome in my home, I use it because it is good and I do it in the hood. The pizza guy shot me in the bings, all I wanted is some onion rings. My mom slap me in the store, Even i'm 89 I got a imagery dinosuarrrr. +1
    A normal firefox fanboy.  
    I can be a great stalker.  
    Does my garden still be ok?  
    When did say I can get caught?  
    Then why are they still beggars?  
    Sorry guys but there is no such thing as the Canadia cupcake fair.  
    I can survive a dream where there no bacon then see someone eating my bacon.  
    I rather be a first aid kit then a chair.  
    54% voted on todays music! NOOOOOOO, Is this real life? Is this a fantasy? caught in real life.  
    Star Trek is a longer seires than Star Wars.  
    If there such thing as chair heaven then I will go there.  
    You shall not eat cookies.  
    I want people to know there is such thing as Chair porn.  
    So they kick you out and they told you don't you ever come around here Can't find a place to cry, Your butt is really tried You turn around and see me acting like a chair and i look at you funny and I said sit me just sit me.  
    A chair in the streets.  
    9/10 of my wishes will be chairs the one wish will be something about clock berrys.  
    Get naked in front of cars.  
    Oh wait I can bring someone back to build a time machie to kill Hitler.  
    My chairs will break.  
    I may see this coming but we all know that your friend is cumming.  
    I don't want a dog but if I want to pick I will have a dog .  
    Talk about a+++.  
    Joes are cool.  
    Do i speak 12344568594567965704878658945908607945709637045746597?  
    I AM A PC :O  
    What do you mean what is wrong with us?  
    Nether way I eat tacos......computers are better than chairs.  
    Sad news i'm a person.  
    I just reziled that being a wizard could make you even more powerful by magic.  
    Read the author comment below.  
    I don't about you but I be the smartest chair and COMPUTER SPAM HAS BEEN CHAIR.  
    People are going to eat unicorns.  
    I like to be a man err I mean chair.  
    Milk so I can bake it as a cake and the milk will go away.  
    Sweet dream are made up the years who am I to eat chairs?  
    Maybe at work....screw it.  
    Then maybe I can make chairs into people.  
    I don't have any jokes to make.  
    So skip it just skip the chair yoda.  
    I still can fix relationships like how i burn chai...  
    Penguins in a chair 0_0  
    It's time to eat chairs.  
    I hate chairs.  
    Rocking like a 90001 chair.  
    So bye-bye Miss American chair. Drove my butt to the cushion but the cushions were very un-fair.  
    I love windows.  
    Let it B.  
    My life motto is never be a a house.  
    People will be like Where the hell is the chair?  
    Oops wrong one I want to be well something with floors.  
    Chairbucks. Now serving ice chaise with flavors like rockying roll chairs.  
    World war 3. With the zombie apocalypse who is going to sit me? THINK OF THE CHAIRS!  
    At least the puppies doesn't drool at chairs.  
    Chairs can't use the internet.....oh wait.  
    So I can move away from that man who has a stinky ass.  
    Chairs can't use money.  
    ......chair porn.  
    I remember back then when I was in the doctor I was in a checkup and the doctor said "You have chairese" Good times.  
    I would be called the chart chair chart chair.  
    I can be the biggest chair ever :D.  
    I want someone to sit on me "but" [get it?] I want other people from other countrys to sit on me.  
    Why is it always people? Respect your chairs!  
    The hottest chair ever.  
    Chairs can't swim.  
    The hottest chair.  
    I think you know why.  
    To get chairs.  
    Just to get alots of chairs.  
    I want the whole solar system to know chairs.  
    I think it won't there won't be a date of my death since chairs live forever.  
    To see if people like to sit on me.  
    I am famous as a chair. +1
    Pretty chair wailking down the street, pretty chair the kind I like to meet, pretty chair.  
    Save up and I will get chair ice cream flavor.  
    I want a chat comment fight.  
    Does my chair get taked?  
    Nether I would live my life with chairs.  
    The chairs are free.  
    I would like to see my chair ancestor.  
    At least the chairs are there.  
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