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    Wash all the mud off...  
    Solution = run away  
    lol i don''t even ddrink  
    i can tell the kid what tod o, park in a corner and do nothing  
    Watch tv on computer = win  
    wow 1073 likes  
    why would you want to stop at 17, you will never get a job  
    that's what google maps is for  
    how can you go ona fly???  
    wait a minute... they're both gandolf  
    guest from long name starting with Gull, you obviously didn't read the last part ...or the hottest person you know.  
    i already do the second one...  
    Why would people want mermaids to be real you can't have sex with a fish, you probably wouldn't see many unless you're a sailer, but if unicorns were real, everyones problems would be solved  
    if no one shows up to your wedding then wouldn't the person you're marrying not be there?  
    28% of people do realize that the holocaust killed 12 million while 911 killed several thousand and probably save thousands of people (because of increased security). 28% of people are idiots and probably American because they don't know anything about other countries. on a television show some Australians interviewed some Americans and one of them thought a triangle had 4 sides. an adult man doesn't know how many sides a triangle has. be afriad people.  
    Russian roulette is a game where you put a bullet in a revolver spin the barrel then put the gun to your head, and pull the trigger.  
    already smartest  
    no one cares. and that looks exactly like my younger sister...  
    those children don't look very starving...  
    if i got i job then i can eat  
    Would you rather buy a ferrari or a bicycle?  
    if you chose female and you're male or vice versa you must be gay.  
    the one on the left is me right now  
    alone on an island = no wifi no firends = no nothing  
    $100 is hardley anything i spend that much in 1 trip to to the store  
    movies i can download for free easyily, games are harder to get  
    i would be sick but i would have a cold  
    but the both suck equally  
    i would kill them on purpose....  
    and then i wuold lose wait...  
    if we lived in a world with no marriage then we would have no divorce...  
    Heaven don't exist and earth sucks so.... neither.  
    i'd wish i could wish for money...  
    Hitler is responsible for the death of 12 million people. either save 12 million, or 5. tough choice huh?  
    Hitler is responsible for the death of 12 million, so ever save 12 million people, or 5. tough choice huh?  
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