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... - - - ... Ignore all nonsense I said earlier. And please, for the love of Satan, just stop insulting me. I am not evil, I ask for forgiveness! I just so want to live forever. And I am determined to become a girl. ... - - - ...

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There is a person you didn't like. But they want to change. Do you Forgive them or Don't forgive them 2 days ago 23 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Computer security. It's a normal question 3 hours ago  
if you try to post a swear, it says that. I regret posting swears 4 hours ago  
Swears are not allowed. There is an automatic system to filter the swears. It says "don't post anything you won't like your mom to see". If someone circumvents it, I think we need to report 6 hours ago  
Everyone should survive 10 hours ago  
Wrong 10 hours ago  
If it's not ok to express fascist views, then some other views may be banned. For example, my views. They are good and not fascist but they are radical. Radical views in general are going to be banned in B 20 hours ago  
Communists are just people who are more sane 20 hours ago  
Uhh... Unless atheists get saved this doesn't give me much hope. I will get my salvation independently from God, no matter what 21 hours ago  
insulting people, threatening with abyss of despair 21 hours ago +2
Thanks 23 hours ago  
Rrported 1 day ago  
What do you mean? 1 day ago  
It's not 1 day ago  
I'd refuse 1 day ago  
But yes if there is proof other people exist. Solipsism is strong in me 1 day ago  
But for the profile picture, I can't change my profile picture. It gives me an error. But that my reality is glitched is serious though. 1 day ago  
My reality is glitched 1 day ago  
I don't know how to swim. The bear may just go away 1 day ago  
Well you may never forget but does it mean you would always hold them worse than other? I would not hold them worse... I would treat them equally 1 day ago  
Reported 2 days ago  
Basically tell the truth 2 days ago  
I felt derealization when my cousin died in a car crash. I'd probably reject anything is real if my mother died accidentally. It's like my worst fear. 2 days ago  
Don't know either 2 days ago  
To not get to be some kind of a parasite 2 days ago  
But I want a truely happy ending, with happiness and immortality and nobody being forever alone 2 days ago  
Resolving contradictions is good 2 days ago  
Don't know who that is 2 days ago  
For me 2 days ago  
Skip. 2 days ago  
Don't know either. Skip. 2 days ago  
Don't care about memes. Skip 2 days ago  
Actually matters 2 days ago  
Thank you 2 days ago +1
I shoouldn't have laughed at it. I really need to change my sense of humor. 2 days ago  
I ban BDSM 2 days ago  
ACT -> Reject 2 days ago  
Obviously 2 days ago  
Yes I will 2 days ago  
I believe it will end up well for me 2 days ago  
Soon all food will be free. Keep hoping and dreaming. 2 days ago  
skip 2 days ago  
please tell me how to not be greedy, I'm begging you you. without violence. violence is bad. I pray to you but you're not god or God or anything like that. I pray to everyone. I can't pray to God. I pray to Satan. I believe he is good and kind and just. Justice is never revenge. Revenge should never be done. please save me, I am so poor! I believe in you! One can defeat all and all can defeat one. No violence. No destruction. Non agression principle. No death. No infinite power. Omnipotence is defeatable. Defeat is bad. It's violent. Everything is unbreakable 1 week ago  
Right now. Later, maybe B 1 week ago +1
I'll pass on this 1 week ago  
What anime is A 1 week ago  
I don't believe in male domination 1 week ago +1
This filth, these concepts will be ERASED from existence. Just disgusting 1 week ago  
Yes, because salvation can only happen because of essense. Without freedom there can not be salvation 1 week ago  
You have no idea 2 weeks ago  
become a Sith and get immortality 2 weeks ago  
Dark+Fairy 2 weeks ago +1
I do 2 weeks ago  
First I'll ascend myself then I'll help everyone else 2 weeks ago  
I'm on your side too actually 2 weeks ago +1
but I have a human right to cuddle with a girl 2 weeks ago  
Then I'll create them when I'll ascend 2 weeks ago +1
it's either sexist against women because I am a utilitarian and know that girls are obligated to cuddle me, or sexist against men becase I want to make women superior in ascension 2 weeks ago +1
why is he banned? 2 weeks ago  
How am I a sexist? 2 weeks ago  
The One Who Doesn't Fix The Website 2 weeks ago +9
Depends how ascended am I and what are the stakes 2 weeks ago  
Deontological "morality" is inherently immoral. Utilitarianism is the only true morality. Or true ethical egoism, if you consider solipsism to be probable 2 weeks ago  
wtf 2 weeks ago +1
I thought you loved freedom 2 weeks ago +1
obviously 2 weeks ago  
find a utilitarian girl and cuddle with her and even more 2 weeks ago +1
I always have bad mood 3 weeks ago +1
escape if attacked 3 weeks ago +1
for me B has no value. if all people had tastes like me, B would be female incels 3 weeks ago  
no 3 weeks ago +2
both sh*t 3 weeks ago  
him 3 weeks ago  
you are a jerk 3 weeks ago  
Grant me salvation! 3 weeks ago  
I'd just embrace solipsism and extend my life, taking it from others and that's it. It's not sinful, there is no proof others exist at all 3 weeks ago  
no, that's not what women are. they are people 3 weeks ago  
why only men? 3 weeks ago +1
No equal pay and glass ceiling are problems though. Women are still paid less. But such things as marriage asset split and child support with no limit punish both successful women and men, while celebrated in modern feminism 3 weeks ago  
UK even considers letting Scotland secede. It doesn't want to rule the world 3 weeks ago  
definitely 3 weeks ago  
You'll see I was right in your afterlife 3 weeks ago  
I'm pretty sure your understanding of it is wrong because you're corrupted 3 weeks ago  
Amazing, now I will be a girl 3 weeks ago  
8. no more stupid sexual attraction 3 weeks ago  
Utilitarianism 3 weeks ago  
I won't be of any use. I wasn't conscripted by the state, this says something 3 weeks ago  
I have bad vision and mental problems 3 weeks ago  
I voted for you but A would still be good, he once posted a question about overthrowing God 3 weeks ago  
They do owe me but I can just hide it because nobody understands the truth 3 weeks ago  
It looks like rocket science. I can't even find what to talk about. I have Aspergers syndrome. It seems I'll have to get escorts. So much for effective charity 3 weeks ago  
You're annoying 3 weeks ago  
B would be ridiculous. Being a disgusting male, and having the worst part of being a girl 3 weeks ago  
I wish for Russian parliament to decree that I should be given a girl to cuddle 3 weeks ago +1
I want to be a girl 3 weeks ago  
the irrevocable proof that religions are wrong. Eternal life doesn't exist but you can still reach it however it is said that it is unnatural 3 weeks ago  
well you are given irrevocable proof, in this scenario 3 weeks ago  
in this scenario, all religions are wrong 3 weeks ago  
thanks 3 weeks ago  
And to answer the guest: No, I won't eternally torture anyone. And what I propose with government giving everyone a girl to cuddle is not slavery and rape, it's justice 3 weeks ago  
but give him a fair trial 4 weeks ago  
thanks, I appreciate it 4 weeks ago  
I didn't nominate myself but I was still placed, in the worst tier 4 weeks ago  
I should be S because of my 24th century ideas and your ankle should be F 4 weeks ago +1
He put me in the worst rank because he can't stand awesomeness 4 weeks ago  
chaotic chaotic lol 4 weeks ago  
You can't handle the truth. Fine, I'll be hiding it 4 weeks ago  
As I've lost I'm not voting on any of these 4 weeks ago  
No. I'm the best actually. All who dislike me are just stupid monkeys 4 weeks ago  
why not? 1 month ago  
I would say he's pretty ok in personality, but his political views are bad. still would vote for him 1 month ago  
A insulted me 1 month ago +1
works hard on his job 1 month ago  
best user basically 1 month ago +1
All 7 but sloth is the worst 1 month ago  
Something about Undertale. It got over 100 likes 1 month ago  
The whole world is dying 1 month ago  
I stopped watching because of deontology. Fictional worlds with deontology aren't bad in theory, but you have to explain why does deontological morality exist in the world. And Doctor Who seems to just be using common morality. No fiction explains deontology, it just persumes it to be true, and it isn't obvious and doesn't exist in real world 1 month ago +1
none of older questions open for me 1 month ago +1
how to reroll? 1 month ago  
Actually smart, as getting a job smart 2 months ago  
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