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    The person will be 41. Eeewwwwww!!!  
    Hair soup?  
    What does that mean?  
    Mermaid can be evil with horns and some are said to have magic!  
    Gifts! Yay!  
    And endanger the lives of people? No way!  
    We would not have to pay for anything, we would not have to have education, there will be no jobs. Freeeeeedooooom!!!  
    Who made you think of such? Wow!  
    No penis yaaaaaaay!!!  
    Crikets are a source of protein.  
    How bad could it be?  
    I am a girl and I can never smell like fart. Use deodorant or take surgery to put perfume in my pores or something.  
    I am a girl  
    There are other sources of protein.  
    That person could be the love of your life!  
    Africa is not a bad place. In Nigeria, we do not have any hurricanes like Irma or Katherina. No tsunamis, no tornadoes and no earthquakes. Boooooooom!!!!!!  
    When you get a good college degree and a good job you can be rich.  
    I could invent flying cars!  
    I hate being abused just because I am Nigerian.  
    Obesity is not an option.  
    You will be living my 600lbs life!!!  
    Poor as in $2,000,000 or $20?!  
    A spouse is your partner for life.  
    In the middle of the ocean? Noooooooo waaaay!!!!  
    Paris here I come.  
    I am just 11 guys. 11!!  
    I am confident with who I am and I do not want to change anything!!! There!!!!  
    We should consider our parents and save the big millions for retirement. Naaaaaaaa  
    Never tasted both soooo ya  
    Small colds can result into bad health conditions like asthma. So watch what you say people.  
    Neither. My life is as valuable as 20 pieces of gold and 15 pieces 24-carat diamonds. I’d rather be at home and be a couch potato.  
    If we had all forms of drugs legalized, then people might get drunk and die and there will be no one to marry.  
    Wow we live in the same continent, person from South Africa. I am from Nigeria  
    I love my son but I would blame him when he is broke again and not give him any money.  
    Smoothies are healthier.  
    Please don’t say that. I am from Nigeria  
    I don’t want to listen to that crap from Justin but it is just one hour soooooo ya!  
    Money is not the only thing in the world that means someone cares for you!  
    Yes spending time with your family is great too!  
    I would eventually get out  
    For that, God bless you!!!  
    This is like choosing between teleportation or time travel. Hmmmmmmmmm?  
    I would say that everyone should be respected irrespective of their race or gender because I am PURE AFRICAN and people can be free to portray thief culture. Yay!!!  
    When I save my family can’t I still save myself. Duh!  
    Who would want to live on this earth where there is nothing but hatred. Only my family and my crush care about me. Nonsense!!!  
    I do not do anything stupid when I am home alone so there is no reason for them to laugh at me. Duh!  
    For that, God bless you.  
    Always remember: The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.  
    Wow. This comment is harsh.  
    I am African!  
    Who would want to look like a stupid cow? Oh heck no!  
    Why did the McDonald’s guy say “I was loving it”.  
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