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    not one that functions as well as the real deal, while on the other hand a prosthetic leg can be easily made cause it only requires to moving joints 2 years ago  
    everyone just lit one up? 2 years ago  
    Fck off you christian cuck you can't even spell "Christianity" 2 years ago  
    good luck with that revolution you just started 2 years ago  
    god ain't real 2 years ago  
    read what blue falcon said... 2 years ago  
    baseball also needs legs 2 years ago  
    the aliens could be really good looking aliens who want to see if earth is worth settling on and are abducting you to see if they are compatible races if you know what i man ;) 2 years ago +1
    not unless your pursuing a degree 2 years ago  
    You are an idiot who should stop breathing 2 years ago  
    Kids cost money 2 years ago  
    and 60 million people disagree :) 2 years ago  
    sharks normally avoid humans 2 years ago  
    and fire hurts and scars more idiot 2 years ago  
    your vagina would be kicked though 2 years ago  
    your vagina would be kicked then 2 years ago  
    then you would be in debt a 100$ dollars 2 years ago  
    my style hasent changed that much anyway 2 years ago  
    please stop breathing 2 years ago  
    I could have the loudest most elaborate sex ever 2 years ago  
    Google is corrupt but not as corrupt as Facebook 2 years ago  
    PEDO 2 years ago  
    one changes the world while the other does very little 2 years ago  
    you cant fap if your in a coma dumbass 2 years ago  
    you dont run your sons life m8 2 years ago  
    ill just turn the volume down 2 years ago  
    None Christians can and do celebrate Christmas 2 years ago  
    you know what you want best :/ 2 years ago  
    this is the dumbest question ever 2 years ago  
    f the friends they arent gonna stick with me threw thick and thin for my ENTIRE life 2 years ago  
    whos saying im gonna get caught 2 years ago  
    nude scenes are mostly faked 2 years ago  
    i would make there lives hell before we all die or get help 2 years ago  
    if your ten get off the internet and go outside 2 years ago  
    i will legalize all drugs and make all the drug cartels go bank corrupt over night 2 years ago  
    Driving drunk makes you feel like your going 30 when your actually going 100 but weed makes you feel like your going 100 when your only going 30 and who said that you had to do it for the rest of your life or for hours, you could start the car drive in an area where you know there is no people and then stop after a few seconds :/ 2 years ago  
    at least rain isnt a pain to get off your car, the road and everything else needed to get to work and back 2 years ago  
    A huge part of the 65% that said they would rather go outside are just kidding themselves 2 years ago  
    i use Vivaldi and duckduckgo so it doesnt really affect me 2 years ago  
    Dumbledore has a really f**ked up past, at least if im gandalf i can live without hating myself 2 years ago  
    fail comps are way more funny 2 years ago  
    I could live anywhere without having a language barrier and i could get a job as a translater and would make a tonne of money showing my talent on TV and stuff 2 years ago +1
    Lets just say im gonna have a lot of fun with myself 2 years ago  
    Divorce means the end of bad relationsips 2 years ago  
    We get it your dumb 2 years ago  
    oh we have a feminist 2 years ago  
    an alien invasion you say? NUKE THEM ALL 2 years ago  
    all languages is way more useful 2 years ago  
    legalize the drug, destroy the cartels 2 years ago  

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