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I don't feel like typing a whole essay, so I'll just type words that pretty much describe me: Curious, adventurous, animal loving, humorous, honest, creative and loyal. Thank you. That is all :)

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    i f*ckin hate my granny.  
    i would have a bowl of rist and chew one for one for like two minutes  
    I already lost my luggage a few monthes ago in Turkey. it's the least thing i wanted to happen  
    they didn't say what type of skinny. it could be healthy skinny  
    i would say it has a meaning  
    me: who the f*ck created god then  
    christians be like: god is real! who do you think created the world?  
    who the f*ck says 'some pizza'  
    i would be like an octopus  
    you can have sex without being in a relationship  
    it depends  
    i f*ckin hate the cinema  
    i don't fully understand the question but when i read the word 'force' i was like 'NOPE. not clicking that sh*t'  
    who the f*ck created god +2
    who the f*ck created god +4
    i can go to a family member/ friend's house and get liters of water  
    always when i arrive a little late in class i never give a sh*t  
    you're taking a tree's life just to have it for decoration for 2 days  
    i have a nice body, but idk about my face tho. if i was a guy i would choose face because i would focus on her face  
    *holds stereo above head and plays young dro - F.D.B*  
    I would laugh my ass off just by lookin at people reactions  
    i think nerds are more in to books and geeks in to computers  
    i rather sleep on my stomach but it's better for my boobs  
    so they are asking me to date a 4 year old or a 24 year old  
    i don't even watch tv anymore  
    no music, no beautiful voices, no life  
    bow down b*tches  
    simple. if the stranger is your match stay with him, if he's not then kill him  
    i already lost my keys and the back door is always open... but i clicked the wrong one  
    i never know what to do with my hair. this choice was easy  
    chicks before dicks  
    i don't need my left arm anyways ;)  
    while i would have a cold i can go on my computer  
    i have a phobia for losing people i love  
    as long as he's happy  
    i'm single, have loving friends and i'm happy  
    i love gay people +1
    i hate the taste of cola  
    but for how long tho  
    i'm already friend-zoned by my crush so idgas  
    that's a dumb ass question  
    i'm black. in the 80's black girls had the most awesome hair  
    if i would know everything there is to know i would probably kill myself  
    i rather have physical pain then emotional  
    idgas i would look for adventure  
    if i could be a guy i would probably just fap the whole day  
    pause button. I can cheat during tests, walk in a store without paying, see how my crush looks when he's naked...  
    i'm scared of clowns sooo..  
    i don't want to live while i know my children are dead :(  
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