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    Yes 1 year ago  
    Dead dissapointed family 1 year ago  
    Yeah idc 1 year ago  
    How can i dump myself 1 year ago  
    OBAMA 1 year ago  
    i can run around and scream comments 1 year ago  
    i dont have a son and i NEVER will 1 year ago  
    Darth vader 1 year ago  
    Oh my god 1 year ago  
    753798357893538793478548937834738748734 dollars 1 year ago  
    i m e v i l 1 year ago  
    Load up some miniguns 1 year ago  
    Be in a luxury prison 1 year ago  
    Stay single is fine with me 1 year ago  
    Donald trump. Kim jung un. and my other 2 teachers at school 1 year ago  
    Hm.. 1 LAW... no screaming out religious things. 1 year ago +2
    Cameras. 1 year ago  
    Yeah yeah im selfish and crap 1 year ago  
    i have dementia. 1 year ago  
    Reason 1: 99% sure there is no technology Reason 2:Fair life 1 year ago  
    See scary things... Donald trumps everywhere 1 year ago  
    I CAN DRIVE IN RED LIGHTS 1 year ago  
    Wait 1 year ago  
    My family is ded 1 year ago  
    Yep 1 year ago  
    My best friend is gay? 1 year ago  
    Aliens with 0 arms and legs 1 year ago  
    i can break the laws of gravity and physics, OH WAIT I CAN MAKE MEGA COMPUTORS! 1 year ago  
    Easy 1 year ago  
    Yeah. Horses with killer horns 1 year ago  
    Easy 1 year ago  
    i would stop none. because it would change the future and i might not exist on the future 1 year ago  
    Hats 1 year ago  
    Kitten wizard. 1 year ago  
    Lol. 1 year ago  
    i don't do sex 1 year ago  
    Yeah. 1 year ago  
    Just wear a bullet proof helmet, they never said you can't wear helmets 1 year ago  
    i can speak to KITTENS 1 year ago  
    Yolo 1 year ago  
    W h a t 1 year ago  
    Zombie apocalypse 1 year ago  
    How can i catch myself cheat on myself? 1 year ago  
    More like 1 year ago  
    Pause life? Kill anyone you want 1 year ago  
    if i have 10,000 dollars and give it all to poor african FAMILIES i would be broke 1 year ago  
    is this a question or a riddle. 1 year ago +1
    Piercings are disgusting 1 year ago  
    Lose weight 1 year ago  
    if im immortal. i would be BILLIONS probably i wont be able to move any more and be ugly as hell 1 year ago  
    Being the smartest person... DEVICES WITHOUT BATTERY'S 1 year ago  
    Can i decide how much i win? how about 5 googol credit in my bank account 1 year ago  
    JACKSEPTICEYE 1 year ago  
    Reason 1: i won't be surprised Reason 2: if i know the date i would be scared the date i die 1 year ago  
    My dream vacation is... Pluto 1 year ago  
    Choice A for me..... Instant death 1 year ago  
    Read your teachers mind (if you are in a HS or college or University) and know ALL answers 1 year ago  
    Reading minds: 1 year ago  
    Yeah im a wealthy idiot. also, i dont wanna be married 1 year ago  
    Oh yes 1 year ago  
    TOO MANY PEOPLE 1 year ago  
    No problems: Only 1 problem 1 year ago  
    Yeah i would like to see the future and my... wait, how do you know im gonna be married or not? 1 year ago  
    i won't be married anyway, and i dont want to be married either 1 year ago  
    Who needs a cell phone when you have greater power in another device 1 year ago  
    im allergic to chocolate 1 year ago  
    Or have a lightsaber 1 year ago  
    Save 1 1 year ago  

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