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    go kindly F*CK yourself with a cactus... thank you  
    you should buy bf3... its worth the money trust me.  
    yeah ok spawning in a f*cking vehicle big whoop. Unless you want to run across the freakin map... your f*cking retarded.. you only have one parachute.. KNOW YOUR FACTS! play bf3 and then talk @sshole!  
    lol... as much  
    Mike Tyson would bite your ear like a chew toy! +1
    Mike Tyson would mutilate your ear like a chew toy!  
    then that leads to no summer.... you spend summer in summer school then your F*cked!  
    SPLAT! +2
    You already do! Study Study Study!  
    that's if the ski lift got stuck in the beginning  
    @random1234..... we meet again.  
    Play it and you will change your mind.  
    @lazaroa..... Back off you ass-hat!  
    I never said i was a democrat faggot!  
    but they don't  
    but she is loosing according to the votes! +2
    The water could be cold too.... +1
    Hot Tub Time Machine! +2
    I used to be an arrow, then I took an adventure's knee to the face.  
    Golf is a recreation.... not a sport  
    BF3 is sooo realistic.... there is no way in hell that you would do a quickscope 360° spin head shot in real life!  
    soooooo true!  
    that's what i'm talking about!  
    giggity wit da shwiggity!  
    what about a pillow launcher? does that work?  
    both delicious +1
    LOL! the annoying grandma has a TROLL face!!!!! trolololol  
    holy sh*t! it would suck if you were at church! A lot of sitting and standing +1
    LMAO! BIC!  
    use nasonex and ricola  
    russell.... you lie, you bic!  
    haven't you seen Devil?  
    i now change my answer now that i look them up.... id rather choose Neha Dalvi +6
    What if your shirt is not white? Then what hmmmm????  
    i love sleep  
    you don't need your sense of hearing to have sex! DEAF FTW!  
    have you ever seen Piranha 3D?  
    either way.... your gonna die!  
    didn't say anything about not bringing a shotgun in the jungle. +5
    deactivate your phone and buy a new one  
    Ask Mr. HUNT!  
    what kind of a gay question is that  
    OH SHIT! +1
    im already a master of both! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    same damn person!  
    The awkward moment when your all of them combined.... +2
    immortal FTFW!  
    if they turn on you... you can shoot them  
    Bush is a Dumbass! +2
    im already poor but happy +1
    Dogs man's best friend.... DERPP! +2
    A PIRATENINJA!!!!! +1
    Thats true.... if you play SKYRIM  
    i can kill the snake, then eat it +1
    This should be on SAW! +1
    I would put kool-aid sweetener in the sweat.  
    HOLY SHIT!  
    i cant choose +1
    ewww.... hahaha  
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