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Would you rather be.... A BIC? or DIAZ? 7 years ago 254 votes 16 comments 1 like
Would you rather have... Skullcandy headphones? or Beats by Dr. Dre? 7 years ago 414 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be.... Batman? or The Joker? 7 years ago 535 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... this hair cut? or or this one? 7 years ago 370 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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shut your b*tch ass up. 7 years ago +4
reminds me of napoleon dynamite 7 years ago +2
your stupid if you think skrillex is any better... faggottron! 7 years ago +5
go kindly F*CK yourself with a cactus... thank you 7 years ago  
you should buy bf3... its worth the money trust me. 7 years ago  
yeah ok spawning in a f*cking vehicle big whoop. Unless you want to run across the freakin map... your f*cking retarded.. you only have one parachute.. KNOW YOUR FACTS! play bf3 and then talk @sshole! 7 years ago  
i always forget what day it is 7 years ago  
Damn straight! 7 years ago +1
now you say both? you lying sack of sh*t! 7 years ago +1
no im dirty dan! 7 years ago +2
F*CK YEAH BRAH! 7 years ago +2
great improvement! :) 7 years ago  
damn! 7 years ago  
I don't believe that this is an arm... 7 years ago +10
lol... as much 7 years ago  
your welcome. You now owe me a dollar or a soda.... now fack you! :3 7 years ago  
sooo messed 7 years ago  
Hellz no! i will stab my ears with a pen if i was stuck in an elevator for 24 with country music!!!! 7 years ago +5
fffeeeeeccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
of course you don't... -.- 7 years ago +1
Or untill you turn into jesse 7 years ago +1
Settle down there! haha 7 years ago +2
yesh.. but i ment either way, if you fight them, your f*cked 7 years ago  
Mike Tyson would bite your ear like a chew toy! 7 years ago +1
Mike Tyson would mutilate your ear like a chew toy! 7 years ago  
in the pool, NOW! 200 butterfly! 7 years ago  
Either way...... your f*cked 7 years ago +1
You can cut your sandwiches with your lightsabers. 7 years ago +2
*cough* *cough* Coach Garrett... 7 years ago  
LOL! put some floaties on him! 7 years ago  
Hella Hard! 7 years ago +1
but both movies are good 7 years ago +2
Nuns blowing sh*t up! makes it an awesome movie.. hahaha 7 years ago +1
both are kinda bad 7 years ago +2
Angelina Jolie is a BADASS! 7 years ago  
Ummmm.... an easy decision for a mexican. 7 years ago  
Let's find out..... One, Two, Three.... CRUNCHHH! 7 years ago +1
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop? 7 years ago +1
cause who wants to be diaz? you should get a picture of him next time... and go on fb and get a picture of yanez!!!! 7 years ago  
then that leads to no summer.... you spend summer in summer school then your F*cked! 7 years ago  
we are already friends... bic 7 years ago  
Well sir.... i guess you just lost your bet 7 years ago  
Dude... your a dumbass! you don'nt know sh*t! If you go for the F*cking OBJECTIVES THEN THERE WILL BE ACTION... Your just one of those COD Fanboys. And Dude.... Best game overall is better than a game that is just good for its shooting capability. Wtf man... Know your facts ass-hat. I'm gonna have to beat some sense into you. 7 years ago  
Andrew Green! 7 years ago  
Shwiggity! 7 years ago  
fags who chose the right. 7 years ago +9
that's why you don't say there names... you say "Hi person I like, how's it going?" 7 years ago +5
I will have powers to win $1,000,000 7 years ago +12
SPLAT! 7 years ago +2
You already do! Study Study Study! 7 years ago  
that's if the ski lift got stuck in the beginning 7 years ago  
good question Michele 7 years ago  
then we can out-smart mr. hunt 7 years ago  
@random1234..... we meet again. 7 years ago  
Play it and you will change your mind. 7 years ago  
it could be a man whore.... 7 years ago  
@lazaroa..... Back off you ass-hat! 7 years ago  
yes you are 7 years ago  
yes... a little too well. 7 years ago  
That's not entirely true mr. brainiac.... is that what the government brainwashes you children now a days? 7 years ago  
I'm just sayin, he made one dubstep song. All his other songs are not. 7 years ago  
blows 7 years ago  
no, just no 7 years ago +11
Hoes 7 years ago +3
LOL! 7 years ago  
What the F*ck is wrong with you!? 7 years ago +4
At least elmo would be nice about it. 7 years ago +3
NOM NOM NOM NOM! 7 years ago  
you would be the hide n seek CHAMPION!!! OHHH YEAH! 7 years ago +4
good for you 7 years ago +1
both are good but i think regular show is funnier 7 years ago +3
this one was a hard decission 7 years ago +3
Of course. 7 years ago  
good one russell.. 7 years ago  
Deadmau5 isn't dubstep asshole! 7 years ago  
NOM NOM NOM NOM! 7 years ago +1
Tom is hilarious! 7 years ago  
good one! 7 years ago  
Both 7 years ago +6
good for you 7 years ago +5
That's great.... good to F*CKING KNOW! 7 years ago  
But no one listens! SMH 7 years ago  
best shooter compared to best game...... no doesn't compete. You lost, so stop being a little faggot. Play BF3 then you could talk you pansy ass motheF*cker! 7 years ago +1
hardstyle better... no dubstep bic 7 years ago  
Ouch! 7 years ago +3
i think you should just go suck a cock! 7 years ago +1
Battlefield 3 won game of the year... Doesn't that say something? 7 years ago +1
I never said i was a democrat faggot! 7 years ago  
the one on the right looks hotter 7 years ago +5
zombies FTFW! but survival mode is the only reason i like and play mw3 7 years ago +2
no cause your the one telling the joke 7 years ago  
no it doesn't..... mw3 is for noobs.... if you have any skill, you would play battlefield 3 7 years ago +1
but they don't 7 years ago  
Both are soooo nice! 7 years ago  
well when i live there, it wont be abandoned anymore 7 years ago  
doesn't say where i can kiss him..... soo just a litle on the cheek or anywhere where its clean. 7 years ago +1
but she is loosing according to the votes! 7 years ago +2
bic 7 years ago  
I don't do either soooo..... - Johnathan Saucedo 7 years ago +1
Shaking that Black Azz! - Johnathan Saucedo 7 years ago +1
Joe Culp looks like Jabba the Hut! 7 years ago +2
The water could be cold too.... 7 years ago +1
Hot Tub Time Machine! 7 years ago +2
I used to be an arrow, then I took an adventure's knee to the face. 7 years ago  
Golf is a recreation.... not a sport 7 years ago  
your a f*cking joke! 7 years ago +1
yumm spaghetti! ☺ 7 years ago +2
i told you to vote! 7 years ago  
she just talks to a beat. 7 years ago  
BF3 is sooo realistic.... there is no way in hell that you would do a quickscope 360° spin head shot in real life! 7 years ago  
soooooo true! 7 years ago  
that's what i'm talking about! 7 years ago  
yeah 7 years ago  
very smart 7 years ago +2
I told you that at school! you bic trying to steel my smartness! 7 years ago  
giggity wit da shwiggity! 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago +1
which teacher? 7 years ago  
its duh Buk Lau.... like a somboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddayy! 7 years ago  
only if you like that sort of stuff 7 years ago  
Don't have a brother! HA! 7 years ago  
lucky b*tch 7 years ago  
Buck Foston Celtics 7 years ago  
ikr! 7 years ago  
trololol 7 years ago  
hahaha russell 7 years ago +1
im on a horse..... 7 years ago +5
both :P HERP DE DERP 7 years ago +2
i want f.u.c.k.i.n.g pokemon as pets! 7 years ago  
Olivia is actually hot! 7 years ago +2
i would luv to beat the sh*t out of the bully 7 years ago +3
f.u.c.k.i.n.g hate the patriots! 7 years ago +2
don't read unless my life depends on it 7 years ago +3
i would live in George Washington's nose 7 years ago +7
eewww... that looks like mustard! 7 years ago +4
trololol 7 years ago  
what about a pillow launcher? does that work? 7 years ago  
fernando torres!!!! amazing 7 years ago +1
both delicious 7 years ago +1
LOL! the annoying grandma has a TROLL face!!!!! trolololol 7 years ago  
holy sh*t! it would suck if you were at church! A lot of sitting and standing 7 years ago +1
YUMMM!!! HOBO FOOT! 7 years ago  
LMAO! BIC! 7 years ago  
MW3 sucks big black balls! 7 years ago +2
bic 7 years ago  
wtf is a potato cake? 7 years ago +12
i can't afford to read books! 7 years ago +1
it distinctively says that you are in california...... b*tch! 7 years ago +5
Dubstep sounds like a transformer with explosive diarrhea 7 years ago +6
i chose xbox cause i gots a playstation! 7 years ago +6
use nasonex and ricola 7 years ago  
russell.... you lie, you bic! 7 years ago  
haven't you seen Devil? 7 years ago  
i laughed.... 7 years ago +2
treyarch just because of zombies.... ZOMBIES FTW! 7 years ago +2
Werewolf: you can only turn into a werewolf on a full moon..... thats like 3 or 4 times a month! 7 years ago +1
Vampire: you would only turn into a vampire at night. Garlic kills you and i love garlic! 7 years ago  
after i clean it 7 years ago +2
i now change my answer now that i look them up.... id rather choose Neha Dalvi 7 years ago +6
She has nice TITTIES! 7 years ago +1
INVADER ZIM FTFW! 7 years ago  
That's a big ass mermaid! 7 years ago +6
Hire some mexicans to make your garden beautiful! 7 years ago +10
I dont wanna die! 7 years ago +2
Twitter sucks! I don't want to know if your sh*tting on the toilet! 7 years ago  
MATER DEI RED!! I would rather be "DEAD" then "RED"! 7 years ago  
then go on netflix or to the store and get those movies!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
you should! 7 years ago  
man's best friend 7 years ago +5
What if your shirt is not white? Then what hmmmm???? 7 years ago  
i love sleep 7 years ago  
you don't need your sense of hearing to have sex! DEAF FTW! 7 years ago  
have you ever seen Piranha 3D? 7 years ago  
either way.... your gonna die! 7 years ago  
didn't say anything about not bringing a shotgun in the jungle. 7 years ago +5
deactivate your phone and buy a new one 7 years ago  
Ask Mr. HUNT! 7 years ago  
what kind of a gay question is that 7 years ago  
THAT MEANS NO SCHOOL! 7 years ago  
OH SHIT! 7 years ago +1
im already a master of both! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
same damn person! 7 years ago  
HE SHOULD BE SHAVED BALD! 7 years ago +2
THE FRACKING SAME! 7 years ago +1
The awkward moment when your all of them combined.... 7 years ago +2
immortal FTFW! 7 years ago  
if they turn on you... you can shoot them 7 years ago  
im already white as snow 7 years ago +2
Bush is a Dumbass! 7 years ago +2
im already poor but happy 7 years ago +1
Dogs man's best friend.... DERPP! 7 years ago +2
A PIRATENINJA!!!!! 7 years ago +1
Thats true.... if you play SKYRIM 7 years ago  
i can kill the snake, then eat it 7 years ago +1
YUMMMM! 7 years ago  
This should be on SAW! 7 years ago +1
I would put kool-aid sweetener in the sweat. 7 years ago  
HOLY SHIT! 7 years ago  
WTF! 7 years ago  
i cant choose 7 years ago +1
ewww.... hahaha 7 years ago  
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