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Would you rather there's a red fog all day every day or trees are alive and hate people but love very foul language. Red fog or Trees are alive 7 years ago 26,020 votes 367 comments 11 likes

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*than 7 years ago  
Then again it only shows her face. 7 years ago  
She's hotter than the one on the right. 7 years ago +2
Spiderman is a weenie, wolverine is a man's man. He doesn't age and he can never die so he's truely immortal. 7 years ago +2
I would rather be naked all the time than never be naked...hell me and my wife are nudists but only at home alone lol 7 years ago +1
China is a communist country. The goverment has control over everything. 7 years ago +9
Crack is whack. Nobody ever died from smoking weed. 7 years ago +5
I'd rather work, I need money. 7 years ago +2
Texas is *ss backwards. 7 years ago  
I already have the perfect relationship. 7 years ago +1
I'm married. 7 years ago +2
To United States: Bugatti Veyron has 1005 horsepower, 95 away from being DOUBLE that of the 2011 Camaro. Bugatti Veyron makes the Chevy Camaro look like a Prius! 7 years ago +1
*buy 7 years ago  
F*CK people that choose a Camaro over a Bugatti Veyron! Bugatti Veyron is a 2.5 million dollar car! If you really wanted a Camaro you could sell the Bugatti Veyron and but 125 Camaros!!! You are retarded if you choose Camaro! 7 years ago  
Stupid hippie 7 years ago +3
I'm a guy so yeah. 7 years ago  
Not like a cracker but you know what I mean. 7 years ago  
Um no it actually depends on where you get it from. Find somewhere that's got red apples from Michigan, they're crunchy. 7 years ago  
Chuck Norris is not part of this. Besides, Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon. 7 years ago +4
Best friend because I can he won't see it coming i'd kick his *ss and take his girl. But i'm married so this question is not for me. 7 years ago +1
I choose life. 7 years ago  
You can not outswim a shark, you can not outrun a lion. 7 years ago  
A lion will definitely eat you, but it will kill you first. A shark will not attack you if you are under water and it can see what you are. They have proven that a shark respondes 100 times more to the smell of natural prey than to human blood. 7 years ago +1
*meat 7 years ago  
Hot dogs have rat mean in them. No joke there are rats in the factories that make hot dogs and sometimes they fall in and get grinded up with the meat. 7 years ago +2
My wife is my best friend. 7 years ago +1
*death 7 years ago  
Freezing to death hurts like hell and would take hours. Burning to deat would be over in minutes. 7 years ago +1
Angelina Jolie is old now, Megan Fox is young. 7 years ago +3
Why the hell does it let you say Moby D*ck and not me? 7 years ago +2
Moby D*ck was a sperm whale, dumb*ss. 7 years ago  
*one <.< 7 years ago  
Virginia: You can't comment without picking with so you can't say that because you had to choose one to comment. Dumb*ss 7 years ago +1
No genitals that mean no p*ssy either. 7 years ago +1
WWII is what got us out of the great depression, war makes money. 7 years ago +1
E.U. is the European Union, not Great Britain. The Euro, the currency used by the E.U. except for England, is on the verge of collapse. The European Union will fall and lead to war. Money for America! 7 years ago  
This is 1950, the great depression ended after World War II and we were filthy rich again. Get it right dumb*ss. 7 years ago +1
Crocodiles WILL kill and eat you if they see you, there's no avoiding that. Piranhas would never attack a human unless they were very weak or bleeding profusely. That's a proven fact people swim in rivers infested with pirahnas all the time. 7 years ago +6
In person I mean 7 years ago  
I was in a relationship with my wife for six years before I could even see her, I try to spend as much time with her as possible. 7 years ago  
My favorite celebritiy is Charlie Sheen, he's a god! He's the best role model for a man i've ever known :D 7 years ago +3
Vermont: You are so right and I agree with you 100%, guys that choose A cut your balls off. 7 years ago  
F*ck being a vegetarian guys need f*cking protein! 7 years ago  
4 people I hate, eat them one by one >:D Alone your screwed you starve to death. That way you'd have time to find another source of food. 7 years ago +1
F*ck being a kid I love sex too much xD 7 years ago +2
Actually, the Queen doesn't have much power now, she's mostly just a figurehead. 7 years ago  
Yes, Paris is a dumbsh*t 7 years ago +4
Screw friends, I mean my friends are great but my girl is all I need ;) 7 years ago +4
Dogs because cats are inferior creatures. 7 years ago  
100 puppies. They are effing DOGS!! Why the hell would anyone rather kill a HUMAN baby than 100 effing ANIMALS?! A human life is worth more than a million effing DOGS! What the hell is wrong with you people? 7 years ago +1

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