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    only because im not lesbian  
    I picked to wrong one  
    I best friend is my boyfriend so yeah :D  
    only if I was a guy  
    if I was a guy  
    im 12  
    bank here I come  
    im 12 soo yeah  
    I have a laptop does that count  
    what about a very tall midget  
    my boyfriend thank you very much  
    im a girl  
    im from Australia so yeah.... AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI  
    my best friend is my boyfriend so yeah  
    im 12 neither  
    im 12 i don't don't drink  
    um im a girl sooo yeah  
    there is this thing called a parachute so yeah  
    im a girl sooo yeah  
    some of my fav games r only on the Xbox 360  
    im a tomboy sooo  
    im a girl sooo and i have a boyfriend  
    im 12!!  
    i don't have a job till like next year im like 12  
    i pressed the wrong one  
    i have a boyfriend im 12 and we have not kissed yet so i have not had my first kiss yet  
    i clicked the wrong one + im like 12  
    im a girl so a boy who is 6 foot 4  
    i am the oldest it is fun  
    omg they would either be 2 or 22 O.o  
    i picked the wrong one  
    I don't take naked pics soo  
    what if it is a nightclub restaurant  
    well im a girl sooo  
    but what if you fall in love with that stranger O.o  
    you can just get a fake leg :)  
    what if you are the most popular person I school because you are the smartest person in school  
    google I picked facebook but I was meant to say google  
    but what if my significant other is my friend :)  
    it don't say anything about a laptop  
    I've never seen snow  
    minecraft when out side ;)  
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