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    Ok, to all of the people being like 'if we evolved from monkeys why aren't we still evolving from them' PLEASE LEARN SOME SCIENCE. We didn't evolve from monkeys, true they are the most closely related species to us but this is because there is a species that is a common ancestor to both of us that is relatively recent. This means that both species evolved from another, third completely different species that is now extinct. WE DID NOT EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS. 6 years ago +1
    All of the people voting no; if your best friend came out to you, would you think that from that moment they have fewer rights than two minutes before and that they are now not your equal . Are they suddenly a sub-standard being just because of one aspect of their life that realistically makes no difference to their worth as a human. 6 years ago  
    Because genetic engineering would help to find cures for genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and downs syndrome 6 years ago  
    The long term effects were just too bad, it left the ground contaminated for years 6 years ago +2
    Hello barn conversion ;) 6 years ago  
    This was such a hard decision that it came down to whether I like Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch more... Benedict won 6 years ago +1
    In my opinion Christopher Eccelston was very underrated. 6 years ago +1
    Scariest things EVER. 6 years ago +1
    Fairytale of New York 6 years ago  
    FREAKING LOVE EUROVISION !!! 6 years ago  
    Both are twats :/ 6 years ago +3
    This is actually so hard to answer... I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! 6 years ago  
    Why would anyone do that to their face!? 6 years ago +5
    I don't really want power... 6 years ago +1
    Neither, they're both shockingly bad... 6 years ago  
    They can fly 6 years ago  
    I'm never prepared... 6 years ago  
    1.Horse 2.Dolphin 3.Cat 4.Eagle 5.Ring-tailed lemur :) 6 years ago  
    People are twats so anything could happen... 6 years ago +1

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