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    white wine wont stain your fav dress  
    already cant  
    antartica is a desert dumbies  
    you dont need legs for sex  
    hell no  
    i had mine when i was 4  
    i would play animal jam  
    i could squish everybody!! : )  
    it said tacos  
    im sorry wat im i going to do to these chicks  
    same f*cking person  
    i have  
    i was 6 when Michael died R.I.P :(  
    no work  
    no it looks lick we r eating cocks  
    chocolate can melt dumbass  
    neither im 10  
    do you play zelda i love it  
    i am  
    ke$has hot  
    im using an apple computer while using my apple ipod and my apple phone  
    omg so do i my mom divorcied my dad and married a woman and my dad..... idk wat happened to him  
    i never say either of those so im good  
    me 2  
    i have no idea  
    the bath water can get cold :(  
    oops clicked the wrong one cause sex is soooooo much easier on a beach and your already half naked  
    if i choose answer b i would be blind  
    Im a sinner so F*CKING SITH MOTHERF*CKERS!!!!  
    well now i have to pick which fall out boy dude to have dinner with  
    in 6 years being pregnant or curable cancer? hmm f*ck it  
    wait im 10  
    my car has butt warmers AND butt coolers  
    same f*cking thing  
    my friend jacob is super dirty but he is my best friend  
    my ex was a sloppy kisser  
    im the middle child +1
    F*ck it. im gonna live in the trunk of a tree that goes underground and has 10 levels. mind-blown  
    soooooooooo not fair  
    How DARE you!  
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