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    The 8 powers?!?!?!!??!?!? 3 years ago  
    Sal Murr Q Joe 3 years ago  
    Other one 3 years ago  
    Final Destination 3 years ago +2
    Ronald is an A**hole 3 years ago +3
    #Brofist 3 years ago +2
    You get more in B 3 years ago  
    I'm already smart 3 years ago +3
    Penguins are cuteeee 3 years ago  
    Wtf 3 years ago  
    METRO FOR LIFE 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    I could eat my Fingers 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    Wrong cause when you have money you can buy btches 3 years ago +1
    The person who made this fcking question 3 years ago  
    The person who made this fcking question 3 years ago  
    Its faster and you feel no pain 3 years ago  
    Its faster and you feel no pain 3 years ago  
    Wrong one cause Watermelon is a vegetable 3 years ago  
    Mac= Shit 3 years ago  
    I would kill the guy...or girl who made this question 3 years ago  
    Than I would give it to African families 3 years ago +1
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    Tatooooooooo 3 years ago +1
    I live in the Mountains 3 years ago  
    Stephen Hawking is cool 3 years ago  
    I would win the olympics 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago +1
    I love cold 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    My mother 3 years ago  
    Wronh one 3 years ago  
    Dodge Charger 3 years ago  
    A HUGE PENIS 3 years ago +5
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    It's funny 3 years ago  
    I'm Italian 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    Italian Pizza is the best 3 years ago  
    Wrong one 3 years ago  
    I love music 3 years ago +1
    I already wear glass as and they dont look bad 3 years ago  
    SILENCE I KILL YOU 3 years ago  
    I play Xbox 3 years ago  
    Other one 3 years ago  
    I cut it off 3 years ago  
    At least B looks like someone who fapped 1000 hours 3 years ago  
    Trolling Trollfaces 3 years ago +1
    Mark IV 3 years ago  
    Every fcking Pizza. I love Pizza I'm Italian 3 years ago +4
    Dodge Charger 3 years ago  
    This is Volkswagen 3 years ago +1
    Freddy is cool 3 years ago +1
    Watermelon for life 3 years ago  
    Black is the best color 3 years ago +2
    Im a boy...and not Gay 3 years ago +2
    Tony Hawk 3 years ago +1
    Kill them both...brutally 3 years ago  
    I kill teletubbies 3 years ago  
    ROFLCOPTER 3 years ago +1
    I kiss a death jellyfish 3 years ago  
    Kill the person who made this questio 3 years ago  
    Heaven doesn't exist 3 years ago  
    I can feed a lion 3 years ago +2
    XBOX for life 3 years ago  
    I put off the clothes 3 years ago  
    I kill the fans...and jb 3 years ago  
    SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY.....Snoop Dogg 3 years ago  
    But Hannibal Lectern is so cute 3 years ago  
    The pic 3 years ago  
    I sell the iPad and buy something much bettet 3 years ago  
    IM A NINJA!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
    I AM ALREADY ITALIAN 3 years ago  
    I HATE HOT PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  

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