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Would you rather Be immortal or Die right now 3 months ago 88 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you donate your body for science Yes (comment why) or No (comment why not ) 5 months ago 99 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Not A 1 week ago +3
RGB keyboard 1 week ago +5
Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones 1 week ago  
why would you not just google instead of asking 2 weeks ago +1
what do you mean? 3 weeks ago 2 months ago  
its 4 am and I'm bored 2 months ago  
one of my favorites 2 months ago +1
hit me with your best shot 2 months ago  
do it 2 months ago +1 2 months ago +1
500 kronor is about 50-55 dollars and that just doesn't seem worth it tbh 2 months ago  
In this scenario, it would 2 months ago +1
H1Z1 is sh*t now 2 months ago  
Baby Hitler question? 3 months ago +1
(☭ ͜ʖ ☭) 3 months ago +1
13 151 951 dkk it would be around this amount of money 3 months ago  
I'm gonna fvck a dog because it won't bite me 3 months ago  
?? How would an animal give an "agreement of mating" to a human 3 months ago +1
How can an animal give consent? 3 months ago +1
No, animals can't consent 3 months ago  
around 36 hours 3 months ago +2
FBI open up 3 months ago  
nice pic 3 months ago  
wym, I can access it 3 months ago 3 months ago  
r/iamverysmart 3 months ago +4
you'd stop aging at 25 (if you're older than that you'll remain just as old as you were when you became immortal) 3 months ago +1
You most likely wouldn't be able to do such an operation on yourself meaning that you have to tell someone that you're immortal thus risking either them just harvesting your organs forever until they die or them telling someone else about your immortality. 3 months ago  
You have to "die" to regenerate your body parts (when you "die" you just wake up 10-15 minutes later) 3 months ago  
Looked them up after answering the question. Jade is 13 and Eva is 16 WTF is wrong with you orlena-xx!! 3 months ago +2
so you're pretending to be depressed? 4 months ago  
If you think that feminism is for equality and that men are systemically more "privileged" then just watch this video: 4 months ago +1
WTF!?! 5 months ago  
There are a lot of "Non-white countries" that are successful for example Japan. 5 months ago +1
Does it matter? 5 months ago  
I agreed with what you wrote except for the last part like WTF I thought that you were an at least relatively smart human being that knew that the pigment of your skin doesn't matter and that having lighter skin doesn't make you better than someone with darker skin. 5 months ago  
They haven't made people dumber they have just made it easier to notice dumb people. 5 months ago  
Easy 5 months ago  
I would have picked A if it was 18-20 6 months ago +1
hi 6 months ago  
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