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    i took give head as in suck a d*ck, if it were meant to be go down on a girl id have chosen that.  
    everythinga betteer, down where its wetter, +1
    puck is more solid. both will cause serious dmg.  
    mmmm salad +2
    quidditch anyone? +2
    those who say u can hide ur body under clothes or cute clothes, whatever, u dont wear ur clothes 24/7  
    ive got both but if i had to choose just one id rather keep my body. takes a lot of hard work to sculpt ur theres always plastic surgery to fix a face.  
    screw having sides, lets just work together! +557
    my bucket list would become a lot more daring +5
    mario kart  
    not an option. +16
    id rather never have seen beauty than to see it and have it taken away. +495
    mermaids live in weeki wachee florida. id like to see unicorns tho.  
    id tell him to go get some strange  
    he loves me, i love him. +2
    potentially more fun to go on blind dates  
    debt free is the way to be. +5
    i know ive put a foot in my mouth one too many times. +3
    ashton is the man!  
    mint ice cream, no chocolate chips.  
    teenage pregnancy ruins lives.  
    love that britt.  
    taxes will make me $$ when its all said and done  
    like that healthy choice.  
    paranhas qould be the leqst of ur worries in the waters they live in. they go for wounded and dying not strong qnd healthy +3
    agreed. ocassionally mother nature allows a good lookin ginger to thrive. +2
    live in london, atleast id share a common language. +1
    as long qs i live near a beach +1
    red wine is delicious and fun to share  
    oops, wrong topic :)  
    oops, wrong topic :)  
    id be on the list but theyd soon find out they were mistaken.  
    with $$ ud enjoy ur free time more  
    cpt condom to the rescue!  
    fruit and healthy, flesh and suffer..gee i wonder  
    ud be crushed from the weight of water before u hit the bottom. id rather aplat  
    splatter at the bottom aftwr fallin off a building.  
    atleast ud have $$ to buy new clothes +1
    atleast ud have $$ to buy new clothes  
    skip...for im a guy reason.  
    everyone should have ro hunt for their food atleast once in their life +6
    i wouldnt want to supply the enemy of the US with weapons. +2
    skip...for im a guy reason. +1
    i wouldnt want to supply the enemy of the US with weapons.  
    what cant u do on a computer?  
    i like that girls new hair +2
    what cant u do on a computer?  
    id recomment prison break to anyone anyday +2
    debt debt debt +6
    he's hilarious  
    Coke in a glass bottle +2
    as a guy, i have to admit we've got it made. +5
    never heard of a snow shark. ill take my chances with frostbite and a yeti.  
    if obama wins, USA fails. +2
    28% of voters have breath that smells like sh*t. +1
    jessica alba is so sexy!  
    successfully self employed would be the way to go. +1
    id buy apple to wipe my ass with it then throw it away +1
    id share with my family and a a few causes i felt would use the money to help not line some peoples pockets like Susan g komen does +1
    are the best  
    dogs q  
    gingers are genetically defective and creepy bit thats still better than being a fat nerd  
    lol guest from united states...oh nos! dont hold that gun to my HAND mister  
    nice house with a large wall, guards and guard dogs, booby traps, land mines a moat filled with giant salt water crocodiles and man eating fish in a bad country.  
    walmart will rule the world one day..  
    i cant help it that im sexy  
    aliens are so smart they wouldnt hurt a human....u cant tell but im rolling my eyes..  
    wolverine is just badass, period. +3
    people mght not like what u have to say but youll be respected for having your own thoughts and opinions ans voicing them.  
    will i be supplied with a fiahinf pole big enough to catch a whale?  
    had lasik and never want to Have to wear glasses again!  
    50/50 odds isnt bad. guarenteed to live, give max doseage pain meds plz. +1
    more meat on a dog. +1
    both have short lives but being gigantic would be awesome!  
    african warlord would be way more brutal. id run from a taliban suicide bomber! +2
    i wish my dad would have been around to punish me. +1
    hopefully id be in cesar millans pack! +3
    no privacy when ur famous. +4
    have had both happen. liked neither one. +6
    id be answering the ?s too so id rather everyone be embarrasses.  
    id be more proud to say i climbed a giant mountain. +1
    hes got the hands of a 4 yr old girl +271
    id love to try kim just once.  
    i cant stand people who get away with a crime. theyll do it again.  
    will be so much sweeter when i get the girl at the end of the day. +1
    5-6 nites a wk.  
    quick trip to the abortion clinic. problem solved. +2
    and be a sh*ttu kisser at 30? no thanks  
    if only it were true... +3
    id like to introduce ur chihuahua to my rotty  
    yay for adventerous +1
    be back in 30 minutes. im driving to the buy a new phone. +2
    i hope i got a nice set of titties to go with this vajayjay +2
    be an idiot or unlucky. unlucky for me plz. +3
    itd be a shame to forget the past.  
    itd be a shame to forget the past.  
    im already enrolled at hogwarts. id prove it, but ur all muggles. +3
    im a guy, but if i was a woman i hope id choose a caring bf over a douche +176
    closed my eyes to choose. im neutral. +1
    the sign in the picture says gays are possessed by demona.  
    we'll all be forgotten anywqy  
    New wife, new life.  
    jolie is so gross. +3
    i didnt see a choice for The Wiggles :( +3
    nice hot cup of coffee. mmmmmm  
    cant beat a good laugh +3
    should have chose 10 yrs older. would hate to go thru 'what do i do?' phase.  
    ill just throw these in the trash.... +373
    i know what the ugly people chose rofl +2
    ignorance is bliss, ugly is forever. +4
    Raider Nation!!! +2
    the truth will set u free +3
    always wanted to go to greece.  
    ill buy a magician with ma monies from gambling  
    quality over quantity +1
    Selena gomez wants to have my babies. she just doesnt know it yet.  
    hit and run. stupid would u rather  
    whered i put that realistic holloween mask....  
    once u die.i take ur monies!  
    hopeful by share with someone else it means its their ipad and i wouldnt have to take that crap home. +16
    USA. USA. USA. +1
    lion would be quicker. theyd get ahold of ur throat and cut blood flow to ur brain off. ud become unconscious b4 u knew it. +2
    two words. white. out.  
    govt shouod have no cntrl of where i send my kids +1
    low self esteem. we'll fix that straight away. +1
    im already crazy...  
    fast car, even faster women.  
    watch a six hour movie but i could get lost for 6 hrs in a good book +1
    i could never wq  
    even though the boogeyman checks hia closet for chuck norris, id still rather fight him than tyson. i dont want to lose an ear!  
    Alright! time to repopulate. +358
    i want a shower like that night time one! +44
    hmmmmmmhpf. plop. i just took a dump on an apple product and it felt great! +460
    id buy an apple product just to throw it in the trash +783
    walking dead is awesome. loved the scene with dale getting his stomach rippes open.  
    itsa me, madio!  
    magic johnson beat AIDS. nuff said. +3
    obama is good at wasting monies +1
    i keel all the zombiez!!  
    drowning is peaceful? ur suffocating, that is not a peaceful experience.  
    we'll get to know eachother in the morning....i promise. +4
    that hamburger makes me wanna go to 5 guys burgers and fries +4
    blackman in the 1800s. atleast id have a job.... +1
    just shave ur head. problem solved +55
    id be a dumb  
    Nobody puts Baby in a corner. +453
    mr fantastic. my arms and legs arent the only thing that stretches, sugar.  
    love a clear night sky with no clouds, stars shining bright, full moon.  
    train that primate to throw poo..awesome.  
    never do a deal with the devil +1
    big mac. yum!  
    switch it up. listenin to rap atm tho.  
    how cool would it be to pick up any instrument and start playing it well? +1
    think back to a mistake u made and tell me if given the chance to 'do it over' u wouldnt.  
    why bring an unloves/unwanted child into the world? who wants a rape baby? +3
    im tryin to picture myself in a size 13 stiletto +6
    soccer sux +3
    Im a guy...i wouldnt look good in a dress on either show.. +10
    can u hear me now? HOW ABOUT NOW?! +235
    and deal with all that bush? +1
    u dont have to be smart to be successful.  
    bieber should hire conrad murray to be his doctor. +3
    etremely fat people smell is yuck. +1
    and never play with boobies again...yea right. +2
    neil patrick harris is the man! +4
    wish for things worth a lot of money. easy.  
    chose volleyball but thw grunting women do in tennis gives me a half chub ;)  
    meet a date at a party +1
    ill meet new people  
    10k in ma pocket +2
    iphone can suck my.. +3
    she looks like this girl julia i met at club aja  
    visa is not accepted in too many places.  
    ill buy a plane. +3
    ill tell ya what i need women for. procreation. +1
    hulk angry! +2
    uncomparable +7
    everyone should just speak english ;) +4
    im huessing places isnt the only thing u do alone...  
    i Was loving it!  
    easiest choice ive made in weeks +11
    supplementation for the win. +1
    id be miserable not being able to see my beautiful children grow up and couldnt imagine not seeing grandchildren. +1
    Obama hates making good choices... +7
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