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Which one was better Skyfall or Quantum of Solace 60,927 votes 301 comments 0 likes
Would you rather discover the entire earth or go into space 643,415 votes 3,704 comments 46 likes

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You're welcome. I was the one who told the Owner about it.  
Would you like me to recommend it? +2
have fun in space by yourself. Thanks for not getting too worked up. Have a nice day.  
Lets observer the planets.... Wow most of them don't have living conditions for any animal life. Looks like it would be a lot of fun to go to the sun.. Oh wait you would die  
Have you ever been to the very bottom of the ocean? I think not. The pressure is too strong for our submarines to handle. We also haven't been very deep into the earth and there could be different minerals. The Earth has not been fully discovered. +1
Protons, neutrons, and electrons created it. The universe expanded quickly from the sudden temperature drop. This is what made the Big Bang. When protons and neutrons started combing, then they made helium. They then started creating more elements when electrons came into play. When the universe went from a dense and hot place to cooling off, is what made these subatomic particles.  
That has nothing to do with this question... +2
Easier to die in a boat... +1
I was talking about the study. +2
Romney won in style but his facts were off. -NBC non biased fact check. +3
It is because Wars are the reason for technology advancing because all of the countries are competing with each other. Therefore Technology was greatly advanced during WW2. Imagine no one would of made jets or nuclear bombs!  
You are to young to know what's real and what's not.  
hahahaha so true  
Then please leave America  
Then you are stupid  
whoever asked this question is a sick bastard!!  
You are an idiot for picking Gaddafi  
I think we should discover the whole earth, like in the deepest parts of the ocean! just an idea.  
Both would suck, glad i am the middle  
Stop lying, All you humans know you would pick option B  
I couldn't sit all day  
I think we need a stable government! Anyone else agree?  
hahahahaha Sooo True  
Please leave America!  
You are also from this rainy state!  
And a baseball wouldn't?  
Thank You!  
This is the 10th time that i have seen this question on this website. +32
FDR got the United States out of the Great Depression. He also got our economy back on track not in debt. We became the world super power because of him but over the years we lost being the super power. +1
Obama has majority!  
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