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    why is everyone black? LOL!  
    HOW MEAN CAN PEOPLE GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? JUST SKIP THE QUESTION LIKE I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    That's so random!!!!!!!!!! :D ><  
    ha ha ha ha aha ha ha  
    ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!  
    ha ha!  
    YAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKip button's AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  
    ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!  
    My friends would comfort me and then we would fight back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ❤️ My Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Hahahaha!!!!!!! ❤️  
    Don't call people idiots!!!!!!!!!  
    Some celebrities can be self-centered and only want to date other celebrities but don't get me wrong, some aren't like that though!  
    Then pick A  
    guest from Maine, United States reply report The lack of people voting on Harry Potter is heartbraking OMG!!! YAS TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!  
    Selfish!!!!!!! If you ruled you couldn't stop every problem!!!!!!!!  
    If no one came to my funeral then no one would remember me or know that I'm dead!  
    It would ruin the surprise to go to the future and it would be cool meeting your ancestors. You could learn about your history!  
    I still have Skype and everything and I can just find an online messaging website!!! :D  
    I hate chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! Easy choice!  
    Look at how blue that water is!!!!!!!!  
    Ugh such a stupid question dumbo! If you could speak every language, you could understand every language and if you could be able to write in every language, you could be able to read in every language?  
    You can become the richest person in the world if u choose immortal  
    Ya totally!  
    Lol EW! I just looked up what it meant! LOL!  
    Ya definately!  
    Lol! Anyone who chose lightsaber, I have one thing to say to u guys. HOW COULD U NOT CHOOSE THE FIRST OPTION BY LOOKING AT THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean like literally WHAT can u do with a lightsaber!?  
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