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Would you step on this pupper for 18 billion dollars? Hell no or Hell Yeah 3 years ago 164 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have infinite gold or Never grow old 3 years ago 121 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the moves like Jagger or Jaeger 4 years ago 107 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather romance in The Witcher 3? Yennefer of Vengerberg or Triss Merigold 4 years ago 190 votes 1 comment 0 likes

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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fucc Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Niqqa Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Niqqa Close Your Eyes Haha 3 years ago  
The girls in babymetal didn't even know what metal was before being selected for the group. 3 years ago  
What? I've drank watermelon juice since I was a kid 3 years ago  
Sorry I don't speak baguette 3 years ago +1
What kind of retard would be against 3 years ago +1
Argon is a noble gas, what's chlorine gonna do it? 3 years ago +1
What part of "no superpowers" you didn't understand? 3 years ago  
Someone should at the very least have the right to his own life. 3 years ago +1
Vivienne was a nazi b*tch 3 years ago  
Misclick. I could probably heal myself with B 3 years ago +1
Code geass is in my opinion the single greatest animation show out there 3 years ago +1
But so are people who put the same option for both questions, what if I disagree? >inb4 "AIDS and cancer are not the same hurr durr" you know what I mean 3 years ago  
Does dog poop give you cancer? 3 years ago  
One of the best games imo 3 years ago  
A doesn't give you cancer 3 years ago +1
CAN'T WAKE UP.png 3 years ago +1
Mindless atoms try to reach more stable conditions and therefore bond to form a range of compounds, under certain conditions some of these compounds (nucleotides, the things that make up DNA, which are also found in space, so they are a common molecule) are able to replicate themselves given certain conditions like the ones on earth billions of year ago. Then it's all down to evolution, whichever one is more fit to the environment will replicate faster therefore there I'll be more of it. The differences arise in the first place because of mutations that occur in the nucleotide sequence. This gives a starting point to a whole range of different organisms. 3 years ago +1
Rna it self is not a life form tho. Just like viruses are not considered alive even tho they do have their own DNA 3 years ago  
Youre welcome 3 years ago  
Best anime imo 3 years ago  
Why should they be allowed all these luxuries paid for by taxpayers when lots of Horst people can't even afford them? So all of have to do is commit a crime and live up to 21 years in a 5 star hotel, no matter how violent and gruesome the crime was? That's ridiculous. If I murderer goes to prison I wanna know he's having a hard time and paying for his crime, not having music lessons, going back to his suit, taking a drink from his minifridge and watching tv on his flatscreen. Which I remind, it all paid for by taxpayers. The money of the relatives of a murdered victims would be going to that system. 3 years ago  
He probably was still Abraham Lincoln 3 years ago  
Probably steal it but not give to the poor. Just keep it and become part of the one percent. I'd do the same tbh 3 years ago  
I wouldn't mind mind if elsa had a girlfriend because I feel it wouldn't be out of character for her, but not because of representation or anything. I think it's wrong to go out of your way in a story just to be inclusive. 3 years ago  
Not a commie 3 years ago  
Birb 3 years ago  
It was amazing dude 3 years ago +1
Such a shame the author died before finishing the series 3 years ago  
A on my first play through and then B on the others 3 years ago +1
Loved both but I still prefer B 3 years ago +1
Why do you even know that 3 years ago  
Amazing movie, loved it 3 years ago +1
Then I'm the biggest faggot to ever walk the earth 3 years ago  
Ayyyy 3 years ago  
I really had that comic feeling from him, he really fits the role well 3 years ago  
Me too, it was a fantastic movie 3 years ago  
Amazing. The best one in my opinion. 3 years ago  
But only if you're faggot 3 years ago  
What are you, a wordphobe? 3 years ago  
There are probably bilions of other oceans elsewhere in space. But honestly this is like asking if you'd rather explore the world or walk around your neighbourhood. 3 years ago  
I mean, it is called Elise 3 years ago  
Interstellar 3 years ago  
I think he means that he is comparing o things opposit to each other (eg: up and down, alive and dead) not that it's the opposite of what you pick 3 years ago  
They're the same thing for me when talking about partners 3 years ago  
Pretty sure there is no fire on the sun. 3 years ago  
Ted cruz is the zodiac killer 3 years ago  
They are. 3 years ago  
How many flavours do almonds have? I only know about the almond flavoured almonds. 3 years ago  
It's literally written in the article in the link dude "They made a makeshift conference room inside a tennis court" 3 years ago +1
ROMA INVICTA 3 years ago  
My main 3 years ago  
Roma invicta 3 years ago  
Cl 3 years ago  
>good reason. There is no good reason for that 3 years ago  
I'd be poor either way 3 years ago  
Immortality 3 years ago +1
Do you also shave your pussy? 3 years ago +5
I actually thought this was one of his questions at first 3 years ago  
Depends on the girl tho. 3 years ago  
To me too, that's why I only have made like 4 questions in more than a year actually xD 3 years ago +1
Both are terrible candidates imo, I only pick B because trump said some dumb things about global warming. 3 years ago +2
When you're making a question but you can't think of a question 3 years ago +1
Misclick, I'd never do such a thing 3 years ago  
Cheers m9, I was waiting for an opportunity to use that ;^) 3 years ago  
how can autism be used as an insult? Only an ignorant cünt would use autism as an insult. (And there's nothing I hate more than ignorance) Autism is a gift in my case, I have an IQ of over 150 which makes me technically a genius thanks to my autism. I've been going through school all my life being bored out of my fücking brains getting at least 95% on all my tests (and all the incorrect answers were silly mistakes) because I'm just too fücking smart for school I can't wait for everyone else to learn something I already knew within the first day or too of being taught it. Every year I scored the best of my year on these stupid multiple choice tests we do and the headmaster came to my class to tell me that, which obviously resulted in being called a 'nerd' which is true but I shouldn't be ridiculed for it. I recently became home educated so I could learn at my own pace and I'm getting my GCSEs done in 1/4 of the time everyone else has to do it in, I'm also doing more than double the average amount of GCSEs that usually would be done. I used to get paid $30 an hour working online, which is more than the teaching assistants at my old school earned, it was so fun pointing that out to them. So, in conclusion, calling someone autistic is not an insult, in my case, it makes me highly gifted. One more thing, I don't know if this has anything to do with my autism but I am a sociopath so I'm not hindered by irrational emotions like guilt, compassion, empathy etc. haha, the most satisfying this is to know that you will all see this as a waste of a natural gift that I am undeserving hahaha, that brings me great satisfaction. I'm practically perfect, let the jealousy flow through you. 3 years ago  
Interesting, I didn't know that 3 years ago  
Nah 3 years ago  
Sucrose is a sugar tho, I don't think it can be considered a drug 3 years ago  
Aspirine 3 years ago  
Tekken 3 years ago  
How is B useless? 3 years ago +1
B is great 3 years ago  
M8 can you fücking not please? 3 years ago  
Misclick 3 years ago  
B is actually pretty useful 3 years ago  
Your profile pic makes that quite an ironic statement 3 years ago +1
;^) 3 years ago  
A is close to AC2, which in my opinion was the best in the series 3 years ago  
Kkk 3 years ago 3 years ago  
I never really had any problems with them so I don't have a strong opinion is this regard 3 years ago  
The only insects is exterminate are mosquitos. Seriously, fück those guys 3 years ago  
Saitams wins easily 3 years ago  
Fuk u 3 years ago +4
I can't vote undertale 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
A is not the end of the world but B is just retarded 3 years ago  
One of my favourite movies 3 years ago  
Thanks for letting us know 3 years ago  
Retards 3 years ago +1
I read the first one as "you're a grand old fag" 3 years ago +5
I'm not a complete dickhead 3 years ago  
Sounds like a Tolkien elfic name 3 years ago +3
Jessica Jones 3 years ago +3
Hey retards, he put links in the description for a reason...go to them before asking what the game is... 3 years ago +1
That's what happened to me 3 years ago  
If it's my fault for having to start longer I'll just have to deal with the consequences 3 years ago  
Neither I think they are rated just right 3 years ago  
So awesome 3 years ago  
How do you know? There are at least 10octillion planets in the universe. 3 years ago +1
Depends on why I have to stay in school. A teacher has no right to make me stay longer just because they decided to. But if say, the assignment was due in that day and I hadn't finished it and they are giving me an opportunity to finish it then yeah I would stay. 3 years ago +1
More like frodo "I can't do anything without Sam" baggins 3 years ago +3
Never heard anyone say keggling. In fact my phone doesn't even recognise it as a word. 3 years ago +1
Don't really like jlaw 3 years ago  
Even their logo is a bad Coke logo copy 3 years ago  
Ha, what a joke. Pepsi is just a bad copy of Coke 3 years ago  
Why? It's the best and you know it 3 years ago  
Yes. Please stop you massive c0ck sucking fagg0t 3 years ago  
Is obvious 3 years ago  
They probably are doing something, but I don't see the point in poisoning people 3 years ago +2
If they charge more for exceeding the eight limit with your luggage I don't see how it's different. 3 years ago  
Lucifer is no god in Christian mythology. His name does mean "bringer of light" but that doesn't make him a god. 3 years ago  
"Murder" 3 years ago +1
I think the word you're looking for in B is carnivore 3 years ago  
I quite like the assassins creed symbol. 3 years ago  
*captain obvious to the rescue* She's implying you logged out to like your own comment and then logged back in 3 years ago +2
They are still both part of the way a person aesthetically present themselves, and it shouldn't be forbidden just because some people don't like it or fell uncomfortable. I really don't understand what the big deal with nudity is. 3 years ago +3
I don't wanna see neckbeards wearing fedoras, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to wear them. 3 years ago  
I'm looking to go to Oxford anyway :p 3 years ago  
I only drink coffee if I'm very tired 3 years ago  
A didn't get beaten after being trained by Luke and snoke by some girl who closed her eyes for 5 seconds and whispered "the force" 3 years ago +3 Luke wouldn't be able to do this even in his wildest dreams. 3 years ago +1
>Your question will be accepted in 24 hours >4 days later... 3 years ago +2
Dead pool took care of wolverine by putting him in a machine that burns him as soon as it detects a heartbeat. Batman is way smarter and he surely could come up with some just as effective if not more. 3 years ago  
Yeah, relatively to its size compared to other muscles 3 years ago  
No they aren't. Some snakes are born with two heads, true, but it's not the praxis and it can happen to humans as well. 3 years ago +2
Not that I know of anyway 3 years ago  
It's green 3 years ago  
I kinda like her voice and her songs but I think her lyrics are a bit too edgy for my tastes 3 years ago  
Creamy meme dude 3 years ago  
Grills can play videogames too you know 3 years ago  
One of the best grills imo 3 years ago  
Teleportation = killing myself and making a new one elsewhere. No thanks 3 years ago  
You mean when they bomb your harbours? 3 years ago  
Wtf that's retarded 3 years ago  
Maybe for the rest of Europe it wouldn't be a bad idea, but I don't think the uk would benefit from it 3 years ago  
I actually think that geographically it's a great place with lots of amazing scenery. But I don't really like it as a country tbh 3 years ago  
If only Hannibal had gotten the support he asked for he probably would have won but unfortunately things were not good for the Barcas at the time 3 years ago  
Tumblr is a joke, I'd hardly consider it a serious rivalry 3 years ago  
Either mandarin or Latin, but since I've done a bit of Latin already I'd probably go with mandarin. 3 years ago  
Dude so long as I'm getting the dolla I don't give a sh*t 3 years ago +1
He is anti illegal immigrants, at least that's what I got from it 3 years ago  
Love bacon, love ice cream, but that's sounds like a bad combo 3 years ago +1
The truth is scary and they prefer to dismiss it to take refuge in their delusions so they can feel safe 3 years ago +2
It is already a country, there's no reason for it to leave the uk 3 years ago  
If it gave you the option to change your answer at least once there wouldn't be a Misclick problem 3 years ago +1
Not accidentally tho, it was on purpose 3 years ago  
If the sun was blue earth would be be just a dry lifeless rock 3 years ago  
Don't like women with no hair. I mean, it's not even short, It's completely shaved 3 years ago  
He is a semi God 3 years ago  
Is he from skylanders? 3 years ago  
Did it. I had already seen most of the last ones on 4chan actually 3 years ago +1
>It's the current year 3 years ago  
If you take the space out of f.uck you can see the pic 3 years ago +1 uck-i-amp-039-m-totally-glad-i-posted-this_c_3447487.jpg 3 years ago +1
Control yeah, but not to just private people from getting them entirely 3 years ago  
I only found out about them yesterday (>inb4 "have you been living under a rock?") and I quite admire the guy for keep going by himself 3 years ago  
This is what hitler was trying to prevent. I wish the worst for furries, they deserve all the sh*t they get and more 3 years ago +4
I don't like it, but I wouldn't say it sucks 3 years ago +1
I wouldn't steal many cars anyway 3 years ago  
It doesn't hover 3 years ago +1
My shelter for the apocalypse or any emergency situation I might need a shelter for 3 years ago  
I now wanna change my answer 3 years ago +1
True but she's still miles away from jlaw 3 years ago  
The best 3 years ago  
Way more people suffer from B 3 years ago  
It's not just because they're old it's just mainly because most of them are the kind of memes you'd find on 9gag, so not really the best you know 3 years ago  
Would you rather not* be able to 3 years ago  
You can't just monopolise the whole thing dude 3 years ago +1
Well the ones you're using are pretty old, maybe something more recent like the dog wearing pants, tr-8r, VERY fast dog running at incredibly high speed, doggo memes, sleep tight pupper, todd Howard telling lies, Bryan silva going to jail ( the first meme of 2016 actually) and stuff like that. These aren't the newest but they are quite recent. But then again that's just my personal taste. 3 years ago  
I actually saw B in the cinema, there were like only 3 other people in the room 3 years ago +1
Hello darkness my old friend ;^) 3 years ago  
It's pretty much the only good meme in this tournament 3 years ago +2
A -> the prospective of the sweet embrace of death. B -> being alive 3 years ago +1
But they shouldn't 3 years ago  
With no superpowers batman martial arts training is way superior 3 years ago  
Well one of them was trained by batman, and the other one wasn't. 3 years ago  
Krysten Ritter 3 years ago  
Just like a pineapple is still an apple. Oh wait no that aren't 3 years ago  
If that was the case it would be 2069 again by the tames he gets an answer from this site 3 years ago  
"do it" are you 12? 3 years ago +2
I'd say zero considering that calories are measured in how much a food raises the temperature of water when burned. I mean, it would be a bit hard to heat water by burning water as a fuel. I think. But that's just an educated guess 3 years ago +1
I do wish 3 years ago  
If my parents had used a condom I wouldn't be here either, that doesn't mean I'm against condoms 3 years ago +2 3 years ago 3 years ago  
It's because you're letting your dreams be dreams dude 3 years ago +2
If there's one thing I hate, are hypocrites 3 years ago +2
Fûck that, I have the pass to succass 3 years ago  
If they were try wouldn't be called miracles, it would be kind of a paradox 3 years ago  
Paarthurnax is a top lad 3 years ago  
Wtf B looks like a goblin 3 years ago +1
I went way worse than when he started (just another kid singing on YouTube for passion to gigantic fàggot and later on self righteous asshole) but it seems like he's improving now 3 years ago +2
Spaghetti is a type of pasta. The pasta in B is called fusilli 3 years ago +1
Didn't even bothered finishing B after SPOILER Kamina died 3 years ago  
She does have some unusual facial features, true, but she's far from ugly 3 years ago  
B is nothing special 3 years ago +1
No more a fact than ragnarok 3 years ago  
B is one of my favourite lookin girls 3 years ago  
Why not both 3 years ago +1
If I did B it wouldn't be much of a secret would it? 3 years ago  
Is it always the door of the house in currently living in? What if I move? 3 years ago  
Gotta get me some good lasaga 3 years ago  
If they know it wasn't your fault they are clearly dicks and you shouldn't bother 3 years ago +5
A is a disease that could get you killed and B is bullsh*t 3 years ago  
They should make a spin off movie with her and TR-8R 3 years ago +1
I'm gonna try not to die yet another year and postpone the sweet embrace of death 3 years ago  
Yeah, that XD 3 years ago  
So many summer days spent on this 3 years ago  
Got its for Christians, and have played every halo I can say I love it 3 years ago  
All the Greek gods are always arses pretty much 3 years ago  
Swaghetti and memeballs 3 years ago  
I'm 170 3 years ago 3 years ago +1
"Having fun with (name of the girl)" "(name of the girl) liked this" 3 years ago  
I think it's stupid too 3 years ago  
I've seen this yesterday, and actually already knew the end before that, but there's no need to do this 3 years ago  
Random interesting(?) curiosity: Patrocolos was kind of a tutor to Achilles. Many people think he was the younger one due to misconceptions cause by the movie, but he was actually a kind of a paternal figure, who was also his lover (it was a thing in Ancient Greece, for older men to take younger boys under their protection and to be lovers as well). there's a word used to describe Patroclus that means older tutor or something like that. I can't remember the exact word, but u remember this from when I used to study Ancient Greek and had o translate some extracts from the Iliad 3 years ago +1
I don't care much for A. Actually I'd rather I'd didn't tell my location at all 3 years ago  
It could be a Greek mythology Mortals tournament or something 3 years ago  
B is not really a hero tho, is he? 3 years ago  
People say karma is a bįtch. I personally don't believe in karma, but I know I am 3 years ago +1
Less is more :^) 3 years ago +3
Is your name Tristan? I mean, maybe it's cool in French, but if I met an english guy with that name, as I said, I'd think his parents tried too hard. 3 years ago  
Tristan sounds a bit faggy. Like the parents were trying too hard to find a cool name 3 years ago  
>if your opinions do not conform to the acceptable social standards, do not express them. 3 years ago +1
There is literally no good reason to. If they are actually intelligent at some point the will question our superiority. And soon enough, if there isn't a rebellion of some kind, we'd end up with people making campaigns for robots right because they are intel isn't like us, and we should give them the right to vote and stuff. It's simply a tetarded idea, there's no point in creating more problems for ourselves. Right now we are pretty much the top species in the planet, why would we create competition that is most likely way more intelligent and resourceful than us? When people like Stephen hawking says you shouldn't be doing something like this, it would probably good idea to listen. 3 years ago  
I can't decide o I paused that quest like and started doing other stuff instead. But I think I might free him, because he gives you some serum at the end, and he sounds like a cool guy. 3 years ago  
It doesn't really spoil anything to be honest. That's also a side quest you might not even get 3 years ago +2
Hypothesis* 3 years ago 3 years ago  
>it is the current year 3 years ago  
It's still sh*tposting even if you're being ironic, you know? 3 years ago  
I can't really tell if your being ironic or not, but here you go: 3 years ago  
You can change foreign money into £ in any post office. Are you retarded or something? 3 years ago  
If you make a song and X people buy it, it's only fair that you get money from each purchase. Or should they not get money for something they made and are selling? How would that be fair. The pretty much earn their money proportionally to how many people buy their stuff, so in a way it's not even their fault, it's the fault of the people who support them 3 years ago +1
A is actually a queen tho 3 years ago  
Yes actually, if you read the example in the descripition he talks about how a use for this would be to take away from people the ability of agreeing with something you don't like 3 years ago +1
They are the two sh*ttiest categories of videos 3 years ago +3
LOTR over Star Wars any day 3 years ago +1
Yeah I thought they were dicks at first as well 3 years ago  
More precise 3 years ago  
Like any functional and sensibile human being 3 years ago +3 3 years ago +1
>implying John cena memes are still funny 3 years ago  
Because my aunt used to go out with a French dude called René 3 years ago  
Wolverine 3 years ago  
Molise doesn't exist 3 years ago +3
TFW I understand this reference 3 years ago  
Rip me 3 years ago  
I am fairly confident the alcohol is the same in both options, as ethanol is the type of alcohol present in alcoholic drinks. I thing a better question would be "which alcoholic drink/beverage is better?" 3 years ago  
I never listens to B but I find A's music extremely annoying 3 years ago  
Hunting for sport is bad. It's fine if you hunt to feed yourself. 3 years ago  
Because dogs are awesome 3 years ago  
Nice question 3 years ago +3
Depends, maybe the dog has terminal cancer and he is euthanising him. 3 years ago  
How is it not so? Say a guy walks into a school and kill dozens of kids, does he not deserve the death penalty? That sort of scum is just a burden on society. If they went to jail they'd just have food and shelter for free paid for by honest citizens for life. Because of course someone who does something like that deserves no less than a life sentence. It's not like I support death penalty for everything, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. 3 years ago  
If you shot up a school for instance, that's the only sensible thing to do. 3 years ago +1
To be fair British food is not that good 3 years ago  
in your example "I want to go to the store too" otherwise "I also want to go to the store" 3 years ago  
True, what I mean is that there is no deity of any kind in Buddhism. Buddha was not a god, nor the son of a god, or even the prophet of a god. 3 years ago  
Buddhahu Akbar. Wait, hold on, no one does that kind of sh*t in Buddhism and to be honest Buddhism is not really a religion, it is more of a philosophy 3 years ago  
A is B for kids 3 years ago  
This question made me remind that you have to either kill your son or nuke Boston is how fallout 4 ends 3 years ago +2
My dad bought one for the world cup 3 years ago  
A is pretty bad after L dies, it should have ended then 3 years ago +1
Not a big fan of chocolate, unless it's brownies 3 years ago  
That'd be fücking dumb 3 years ago  
Because it's not fücking possible to. Seriously, it's so fücking annoying how they won't fücking let you fücking swear freely and I have to use this retarded subterfuges 3 years ago  
The other container in question would be Asian, and before that, ironically enough, Asia. Actually everyone has African ancestors. We're are all African-something else 3 years ago  
I'm my school we have proper locks, not lock pads 3 years ago  
Don't have one. Middle names are stupid, the only person to ever use it is your mom when she's angry at you 3 years ago +1
I guess I wouldn't really mind A :^) 3 years ago  
Steven universe is full autismo, just like its fan base 3 years ago  
1- Black hair or dyed with some weird colour like blue or pink, don't really care about the eyes. Green or gray maybe? 2- Rational, outgoing and who takes initiative, as I'm rather laid back in that area. Kind but not too much. A bit of an attitude wouldn't be bad. 3- I'd prefer fit, but I don't really care so long as she's not overweight or anorexic. 4- incredibly enough I have no preference. I love boobs of any size :^). Just not too big, something that matches the proportions of her body. 5- I like Asian girls, so maybe Korean/Japanese/Chinese 6- black preferably, or dark colours anyway. I don't care much for what's exactly tho. 7 - scientist preferably. Or some job that gets lots of money. That's never a bad thing 8 -no preference. 9- as I said, within the ideal weight for her, so not overweight or anorexic. 10- no preference. 3 years ago +1
Aggressive isn't really the opposite of loving, no reason why those two traits should not coexist in one person. 3 years ago  
Better safe than sorry I guess. Still, it's sad that you get to the point were you actually need this so much it goes mainstream. 3 years ago  
B is a parody of all these other shounens, and stand in to the author his power is pretty much infinite, so he always defeats his enemies with one punch (except boros, but he held back on purpose). Actually he shouldn't be in this tournament because the other don't really stand any chances. Maybe you could use Genos, instead. He's more comparable to your average shounen protagonist in terms of power and stuff. 3 years ago +3
They are just really segregating themselves. It's no use fighting for equality when you do all you can to be different 3 years ago +3
Just did some research, the Jews actually still have that Holliday, it's called Passover, and that's what Jesus was celebrating in the last supper. It is not strictly the same as Easter but it kinda transitioned to that when the festivity became Christian, although some Christians still celebrate Passover separately as Jesus instructed the apostles (that is, drinking wine as his blood and eating unleavened bread as his body) 3 years ago  
I remember it being commemorated the first time in the book Exodus, to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from the Egyptians where they had to eat bread without yeast and stuff like that, and later on it became the commemoration of Jesus' resurrection 3 years ago  
If I could chose the vison maybe I'd pick B. But with no other garantees, how can I be sure the United vision is not something like commit mass suicide, or something like that 3 years ago  
All hail satsuki-sama (btw I know that's actually a reference to Orwell, don't crucifix me) 3 years ago  
Based on those pics 3 years ago +1
I used to have a blue and a red one, they were pretty cool. 3 years ago  
A was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid 3 years ago  
Easter is actually Jewish, I'm pretty sure 3 years ago  
Everything is poison at the right dosage 3 years ago  
There's no point in B 3 years ago  
Flash is one of the most powerful heroes, he'd win against most people 3 years ago 3 years ago  
He probably changed it cuz of filthy Frank's video 3 years ago  
She's kinda my ideal girl aesthetically speaking, so I don't mind so long as she's there XD 3 years ago 3 years ago +1
Because I like Kristen Ritter 3 years ago  
That chimera is weird as fück, they don't have a goat head an a lion face in the chest, they have a lion head with a goat head in the back. 3 years ago  
When I was younger it was still a thing were I lived 3 years ago  
It's still sh*tposting, even if you're being ironic 3 years ago 3 years ago  
Never forget 3 years ago  
Funny how you listed knowledge in culture, and yet science in Latin literally means knowledge 3 years ago  
I just wanna point out that while mufasa's name means King, their parents named Scar takka, which means trash. I mean, it's totally understandable why he became like that. 3 years ago  
That's kind of an oxymoron, you can't rape the willing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 3 years ago  
Topless, definitely 3 years ago +1
B is just autistic 3 years ago  
No idea 3 years ago  
and then you realise that the mainland is just a bigger island 3 years ago +1
Like one a month or so 3 years ago  
I mean, he could tell me. "I've been invited to a party so I won't be able to chill with you tonight" if he lies to me it goes to show a lack of respect and consideration towards me, which coming from someone j consider a friend is not nice. 3 years ago +3
I think words are words and it's stupid to make a big deal out of it 3 years ago  
Considering how fast the earth travels around the sun, and how fast the sun goes around the Galaxy, and how fast the Galaxy goes in the universe, it wouldn't take much for me to die in the empty of space with A. 3 years ago +3
I think A is pretty retarded as well tho, but I voted B because at least the queen is real 3 years ago  
It does no harm but it's tetarded as hell 3 years ago  
Mammals are always cutter than other classes 3 years ago  
I am painfully shy when it comes to stuff like this, although I have no problem with other kind of interactions or relationships 3 years ago  
Although to be fair I am usually what one could consider quite lucky 3 years ago  
Not to be edgy, but unless you're religious you should have realised that by now 3 years ago  
But that would mean that after that that a life has a meaning only so long as it exists and person dies their life will have been meaningless, which brings us back to it being meaningless to begin with. 3 years ago  
I guess this is one of those cases were less is more, but it really depends on the occasion. 3 years ago +1
By looks id say A, but I don't find her all that attractive tbh, I think she's got a weird face, and I don't like her music at all. It's catchy, true, but it takes more than that for a song to be good. I only voted B because I really hate country. 3 years ago +2
I do agree and I was gonna like, but now I won't cuz you asked for it. Don't whore for likes 3 years ago +1
Never really heard anyone say forwards, although I do say the other three myself 3 years ago  
A for sports, B for more urban settings 3 years ago  
How is school bad you ungrateful walking abortion 3 years ago  
>brave. That's disgusting. Kinda like saying I should use cum as a sweetener cuz it's got sugar in it 3 years ago  
I usually only use a hood 3 years ago  
Had never heard of it before. Fuk u 3 years ago  
Nice :^) 3 years ago 3 years ago +1
Are you feeling it now mr krabs? 3 years ago +2
Tigers are the best felines 3 years ago  
I know nothing about A but I hate B 3 years ago  
I ain't going to jail to save 48 kids from being molested. 3 years ago +1
Mr house 3 years ago +1
One or two. Most I've done was three 3 years ago 3 years ago +1
Considering there are only two genders, pan sexual is in effect a synonym of bisexual 3 years ago +3
Are you literally retarded or have you just not seen the video? 3 years ago  
this is a cucumber from centuries ago but they have been modified to how we know them today with selective breeding, and the same thing is true for anything you eat, unless you eat rocks. All your food is GMO, and if you are against them you are a hypocritical piece of sh*t. Plus there's never been any bad side effects due to consumption of modified organisms. 3 years ago  
How? I got an iPhone too but I have no idea how to do that 3 years ago  
Jim Carey as the riddler 3 years ago +1
You can't just expect people to work 365 days at year. 3 years ago  
Fücking commies 3 years ago 3 years ago +2
I'd never do drugs aside maybe from weed, but still, I think a person should have the right to ingest whichever substances the want and to whatever they want with their bodies so long as it is not harmful to others. 3 years ago +1
The USA are not perfect but they aren't that bad 3 years ago +1
Basically Velma is the one who does everything in the show. It should be called Velma actually, not scooby doo 3 years ago +1
Kill yourself. Done ;^) 3 years ago  
It's like me saying I don't know how Nixon was because he was American. I think people should have some common knowledge about certain things. 3 years ago +1
There's a movie about her called the Iron Lady 3 years ago  
How many years would the war and the killing have gone on otherwise, with probably way more casualties. 3 years ago +6
I hate both with a passion 3 years ago  
Bow ties are like the fedoras of suits 3 years ago +2
>"undertale lol". Are you that faggöt who posted a question about pewdiepie and some other autistic YouTuber saying they were awesome? 3 years ago  
Love Tommy heavenly 3 years ago  
Shit, I like both sid no yui, but I prefer again, ileven if just by a little 3 years ago  
So long as they are poop sized 3 years ago  
What can I say, I'm a fudge packer ;^) 3 years ago  
12 in just the figure, 16 if you also count the share surrounding it 3 years ago +2
Misclick 3 years ago  
So long as I get to keep my memories 3 years ago 3 years ago 3 years ago 3 years ago +2
I can't choose one. For plot and graphics the witcher is way superior, but fallout just has those bethesda rpg elements that make the game so great. 3 years ago +1
I'm not usually a call of duty fan but I love this one. It's great fun (I've played all of them cause my brother likes cod so he always buy them) 3 years ago  
Of course not, but you can bomb those who practice it. Kinda like old religions, the Aztec religion for instance: the idea still exists, we know about it, but the Aztecs have been massacred and no one practices it anymore. 3 years ago  
Found this, guys start sharing right now 3 years ago +2
Well, to be fair there are no terrorist attacks if there are no terrorists ;^) 3 years ago  
Pretty sure google glasses already do B 3 years ago  
We should all join Isis. Isis won't attack itself and we'll have world peace. 3 years ago +4
It's up to you how to use it, you don't have to put in the market all at once, or even tell anybody. You'll just have some whenever you want. 3 years ago +1
Manco c'hai un profilo e sei qua a rompere il cazzo. In italiano poi, come se tutti qui lo capissero. 3 years ago  
I think that although it is a right, sometimes one lives in an environment such that the sole act of being alive is an offence, just think of blacks in the USA 50 years ago, and then even you being alive despite everything can be considered courageous. 3 years ago +4
I think that's exactly the point. He's kinda being sarcastic by saying that you don't really know what the other person is going through and everything seems easier to you, so you may think that the person who is "ill" is overreacting or something 3 years ago +4
I kinda used to have a crush on her lol 3 years ago +4 3 years ago  
Absolute madwoman 3 years ago  
I'd try it but I can't be bothered to go through all the trouble of getting it. 3 years ago +2
Thanks.m but the problem is I'm like that irl as well, and then being funny isn't enough XD 3 years ago  
I prefer how they'd look like if they were bad articles from sh*tty websites 3 years ago  
Female cuz this is one sexy looking car 3 years ago  
Childhood is time when you like Jerry and admire his smartness. Maturity is time when you understand, that Jerry is a complete asshole and you feel sorry for Tom 3 years ago +3
I say offensive things and do not apologise :/ 3 years ago  
In picture A if you look closely the cliff is actually shaped like a woman 3 years ago  
You're right, at least in my case 3 years ago  
As I said, it's an important and essential part of the couple dynamic. 3 years ago +1
;^) 3 years ago +1
Extremely related 3 years ago +1
INTP-A 3 years ago  
Sex is an important part of the couple life and it's essential to know that you and your SO can satisfy each other in this as well. 3 years ago  
Nig-ger 3 years ago +5
I really don't understand how anyone could see A as anything more than average 3 years ago  
I'd probably have chosen B was it not for the boobies 3 years ago +1
She's scavenging for precious metals 3 years ago  
I don't wanna offend anyone, but 3 years ago +4
I love fallout 4, got it at day one with the vault dweller guide and it's an awesome game and all, but I fell like the new dialogue system limits your options too much. 3 years ago +1
Hard one but B looks like she has more make up on, while A looks more natural. 3 years ago  
Nothing special about B 3 years ago  
And polymer coins as well I guess, since you aside you use use neither 3 years ago  
I'm sure the weight you'd have at the end of the fall would be enough to break your nose in the carpet as well 3 years ago  
The picture in A is an accurate representation of how hacking works in fallout 3 years ago +3
I noticed it wasn't going in the right direction, so I ended it before things degenerates. Now we're still friends. 3 years ago  
Love it 3 years ago  
I'm broke nįgga, I'm broke 3 years ago +2
I have quite a big cup so it's easier or me to use enough tea for the amount of water I put. 3 years ago  
Only one tho 3 years ago  
Earl grey best tea, hands down. Also, black tea > green tea 3 years ago  
Yeah sure. Big news everyone, the Aussies don't use money for commercial exchange. Damn I always thought you had Australian dollars or some sh*t 3 years ago  
Haven't heard anything about al-Qaeda in ages 3 years ago +3
> bulling > in the internet. What a joke 3 years ago +4
Did you seriously just answered yourself? 3 years ago  
Stuff like "you have to behave in a certain way because you're a male" or "treat all the girls better just because they are females, do stuff for them etc" 3 years ago +1
Well code geass is my favourite anime and I see it's your profile pic. I just thbk Charlotte is mediocre predictable and boring, just doing agin the same things we'd already see in angel beats and Clannad pretty much, just in a different contest. And tbh I didn't like those much either. 3 years ago  
Is thus from fücking Charlotte? God I hate that anime 3 years ago  
I fail to see how that's good. Plus you could scream any gibberish and you'd obtain the same effect 3 years ago  
No reason to. Catalonians need to calm the fück down 3 years ago  
Fücker got carley killed 3 years ago +2
In pretty sure Switzerland is in the European Union, it just doesn't use euros like the uk. My source is that when I traveled to switerzerland I only needed my id form another EU country, if it wasn't in it then I would have needed my passport (and I didn't) 3 years ago  
Yeah XD 3 years ago  
That's just so retarded. The worst part is that un the list of items considered "essential" and are not taxed there's bullsh*t like crocodile meat. 3 years ago +1
Had hair is not even pink in B. I mean, she's not called w!the 3 years ago  
Your probably right, I'd actually forgotten about him XD. Well, fair enough then. 3 years ago  
The strongest enemy is the ebony warrior, 3 years ago  
That was supposed to be a question (if you noticed I said "are you"), but I forgot the "?" But if that's the case why are being a dickhead then? Seriously we don't wen know each other. I mean I can't remember we ever having any sort of conversation on here 3 years ago  
Are you also a brony. Oh god, what's the world common to? 3 years ago  
The witcher 3 or fallout 4 deserve to win 3 years ago  
It is the colour used for breast cancer ribbons, but does not mean that pink is cancer support. I'm not showing cancer support just because I'm wearing something pink. 3 years ago  
After the Jews did 9/11 the last thing I'd want is people in my state celebrating a Jewish festivity 3 years ago  
I like A more as a blonde 3 years ago +1
Well, thats one more reason for it not to make sense. If the brain develops in a body were te sex is already defined (genitals, hormones etc) then no one is really "transgender". Plus you either have XX or XY chromosomes, and that's that pretty much. Your feelings won't change that. Sticking feather up your ass does not make you a chicken. 3 years ago  
Death is pretty fücking overrated 3 years ago  
Minions are cancer 3 years ago +1
Neither 3 years ago  
Water 3 years ago  
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