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Would you rather Find true love. or Find answers to life's biggest/most important questions. 3 years ago 79 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Who the fucck goes cloud gazing? 3 years ago +4
I do say "freedom" instead of ilovefreedom, But most of the time It's acronyms, Like sc for SocialistComrade, TD for TwerkinDolphin, etc. 3 years ago +1
It's not today's religion I don't think, Some of the more major religion aren't at least, They began thousands of years ago, Not a few days ago. 3 years ago  
It's almost sunset and I can't see one.Prolly gonna show up after sunset. 3 years ago  
Drake the typa n!gga that tie his shoes without bending his knees. 3 years ago +2
A feels a lot worse, I know from experience. 3 years ago  
TwerkinDolphin here, Welcome back. 3 years ago  
So did Obama 3 years ago  
tl;dr, Try again. 3 years ago  
Oh sh!t, I shoulda' picked B cuz the guy's dead. 3 years ago  
I ain't trynna talk sh!t or nothing, But anon still believes this, I'm just stating a fact. His justification is that he done plenty of research, But still ignores the sources I gave him that show that humans use 100% of their brain -_- 3 years ago +1
You would be surprised if you come to chat more often, There's one user who has deep belief in this and doesn't wanna let it go. 3 years ago  
Woah there sunny, Don't put on the white knight rescue pants on. Have some mercy. 3 years ago  
No chance of them getting attacked or kidnapped vs 30% chance of them getting attacked or kidnapped...Hmmm. 3 years ago  
You sound unbearably naive. 3 years ago  
Source? 3 years ago +2
Well light is pretty fast, But I wouldn't day that nothing can go faster than light. 3 years ago  
We aren't the best country, In fact we sure are one of the worst* 3 years ago  
300 million abortions, Enough said. 3 years ago  
My idea of cool shoes is not overpriced sh!t made in indonesia. 3 years ago  
"Floyd Mayweather has done way more amazing things than Muhammad Ali" Lol no he hasn't.Muhammad Ali freed hostages, Fought for civil rights and motivated a sh!t ton of people, More than Floyd. 3 years ago  
bwhahahah xDDDD!!! 3 years ago +1
"I hate:Muslims, N!ggers, Spics, Gays, Scientists, etc." - benjaminw 3 years ago  
The "hello" he does at the start of his vids tho. 3 years ago  
and then jump in a pool of "that" 3 years ago +2
Whoever hates Muslims, N!ggers, Spics, Gays, Scientists, etc. the most, Would be the best candidate right? 3 years ago +1
There is a new Assassins Creed every year, But there isn't a new GTA every year, Either way, B was just a better game. 3 years ago  
"N!gga, I'm half black. Where do you think I got 'choco' part of my name?" I died xD 3 years ago  
The fact that you had faith in humanity to begin with, Just shows how retarded you are. 3 years ago +11
A is easier to learn about.Really. 3 years ago  
Gotcha 3 years ago +1
So do I get like a robot body or is my current body is just paralyzed? 3 years ago +3
Tuna 3 years ago  
looks cooler 3 years ago  
The good white rappers, I can count on 1 hand. 3 years ago +4
The Weekend,Drake and J.Cole. 3 years ago +1
If B didn't have a limit, Then I would pick it, But A is a lot more useful. 3 years ago  
I'll go back to normal after a few weeks, I kinda wanna try a full vegan diet though, See what that's like. 3 years ago 3 years ago  
ee-raan, But when I'm with white people I say Eye-Ran 3 years ago  
ee-Raak but when I'm with white people I say Eye-Rack 3 years ago  
heh 3 years ago  
heh 3 years ago  
Dick 3 years ago +3
B: 3 years ago  
"She got that ass n!gga, She got ass" 3 years ago  
I like usmanc,jrob196 and HammySanvich is aight too. 3 years ago +2
Prison inmate, In Norway.I heard their prisons are the least worse. 3 years ago +2
This isn't a question, Please delete 3 years ago +6
Does that Englishman support things against the constitution living on American soil? if so then yes,it is treason against the state. 3 years ago  
Don't care nor does it affect anything but...I meant to pick B 3 years ago  
The Purge,basically. 3 years ago  
For treason,mass murder and other big crimes. 3 years ago +1
From what I'm told,Confederates fought against the states,So flying their flags would be treason. 3 years ago  
Without any edges,Like all curved,kinda. 3 years ago  
Another way you can word B is "limit others freedom of religion in the name of fedoras" 3 years ago  
2 wrongs don't make 1 right,i don't think you have any authority to generalize a large group of people. 3 years ago +1
Did ilovefreedom just b!tch about objectification of women? dafuq is this 3 years ago +2
i know it isn't illegal i was just quoting anon cuz u know,he smert 3 years ago  
This question is offensive and like anon said "isn't this illegal" 3 years ago  
Johnny rebel fuccks his pickup and drives his cousin 3 years ago  
If i see anyone beating up anyone i'll do something 3 years ago +1
I don't know anyone in the Neatherlands,plus i can make more money in Saudi with some degree from some Canadian school 3 years ago  
More money 3 years ago  
Because those verses totally weren't given to the Muslims when they were expelled from Mecca and were presecuted,read the context of the verses rather than cherry picking everytime it says "kill" if you know anything about how the Qur'an was delieverd it came as revelation to a man who we know as Muhammad(pbuh) and those verses were given to him after him and the Muslims were expelled from Mecca from the Quresh and yes i don't follow those verses but recognize that the Muslims were given the right to kill them(Quresh) where they find them to get their homes back in Mecca.Also this is the guy i was talking about: 3 years ago  
deez nuts.HA! 3 years ago +1
Did you fight him? 3 years ago  
Because most casulaties in this centuary has been caused by Atheists and non religious values i don't see that representing any Atheist 3 years ago  
Quit making diversions(yes i posted a new comment because down there it's a mess thanks to this comment system) Ok so you're saying that religion causes people to argue and religious people are the ones who argue about what is right,SO MUCH HYPOCRICY coming from an Atheist. 3 years ago  
Because Atheism doesn't cause people to argue religion aswell,so much double standards mate. 3 years ago  
Anyone who picked B should probably read the Qur'an.(lol your comment has no basis) 3 years ago +3
Really naive,i would ask your age but it would be a wrong time,ok so it's not about which religion is the right one,if you read the comments then you would know,its about some guys accusing a religion of being violent by a tiny minority. 3 years ago  
Have fun 3 years ago  
you don't even have any friends bud wtf you talking 'bout 3 years ago +3
...wanna elaborate what you just said? 3 years ago  
never cursed at you and you christians really know how to get out of situations where you're not winning,just like every other Christian i've talked to. 3 years ago  
Of course it doesn't make it ok,Islam doesn't accept aggressors,you would know if you weren't brainwashed by whatever the fucck,i assume FOX news or your church. 3 years ago  
I'm talking about an Qur'an verse that talks about the Muslims and gives them the authority to kill the Pagan tribes who they were at war with,read it in context. 3 years ago  
Islamic law tells to kill non believers because you said so,lol where does it say to kill non Muslims in aggression? where does it say go out and kill non Muslims? the only time something close to that has been said is when the Pagan tribes in Arabia were attacking the Muslims and they were expelled from Mecca and only then were the Muslims commanded to fight back,does the church brainwash you about Islam? 3 years ago  
Because those Islamic countries follow Islamic laws just like those Christian terrorist groups follow Christianity. 3 years ago  
Because all Muslims are the same right? why are we even talking about Muslims? this question is about Islam is it not? that's like me calling you a terrorist and not letting me pray to whoever i want because of Christian terrorist groups(like the "Lords army" or something like that in CAR) 3 years ago +1
Submission to God,peace by submitting to God,yes that is kinda one of the meanings of the word Islam. 3 years ago  
make a new account or ask alexw 3 years ago  
to make you call the cops:black>white 3 years ago  
i was joking,chill 3 years ago  
and of course the picture in B shows a Muslim as an example and not any verse from the Qur'an and you also have the most Muslim sounding name i've ever heard in my life mate. 3 years ago  
According to the vast majority of Muslims yes,but then again everyone has different interpretaions of Islam and just any religion in general,but since one of the meanings of the word Islam is peace and most Muslims are peaceful.The answer would be yes. 3 years ago +2
i did show my face on TC dafuq u talking bout 3 years ago  
Never said ban smoking in private,public fires should be illegal yes,but also they don't contain the harmful chemicals that cigs do. 3 years ago  
you can't call it bullying when you start beef with me,way to be play the victim role 3 years ago  
not that hard to kill someone that obese your little fat fingers might be tired from typing that much,give yourself a rest 3 years ago  
ah alt problems nowdays,that comment was suppose to be sent from my orignal account "TwerkinDolphin" 3 years ago  
Yea i think some fuccktards don't realize the context of my insults and the time when i choose to bombard people with them,don't start beef with me and you won't get it,he just doesn't seem to understand that. 3 years ago +1
OH MY GOD *inhales* ok so your argument is that smoking should be legal because "freedom" but that contradicts what you said in earlier comments about abortion,you don't support the freedom to kill,the same logic applies here about second hand smoke and the dangers of those chemicals being released and smoking in public,i never said ban smoking and cigs in general,i just said ban them in public.Hope that clears it up. 3 years ago  
staph 3 years ago +2
There are alot like B on this site jesus christ why you gotta single cecil into this 3 years ago  
Irrelevant,actually.Jesus christ anon,you really don't know how to stay on topic,it wouldn't help your case if you talk about d!cks when others are discussing hotdogs. 3 years ago  
i don't think i can do anything to anyone on rrrather unless they are as oversensitive as you and would freak the fucck out.I can imagine you pulling your hair right now xD 3 years ago  
now that you asked me to stop,that gives me more motivation to keep going and choose and comment whatever the fucck i want.Again,go suck a fat one if you don't like me commenting on your questions. 3 years ago  
Actually i will vote on skin color,i'm not gonna vote for those pale ass honkeys so you can suck a fat one 3 years ago  
ignore him lol,he's trying to say that since you're from the south you hate black people,oh my bad,he thinks that whoever is a Confederate flag supporter is racist. 3 years ago  
I would say mindlesspie but her pathetic soul is on the verge of sucide anyway so probably applejaxxx cuz she seemed kinda messed in the head lately and the greek guy who hasn't been on and wanted a diamond 3 years ago  
logic or actual scientific evidence that second hand smoking causes the same effects regular smoking does,also campfires don't contain chemicals that are harmful to other people's lungs,campfires in public places are however dangerous,if it's in your backyard or wherever the fucck you live then that's ok. 3 years ago  
black>white 3 years ago +3
If you live downstairs the people upstairs will piss you off 3 years ago  
Only reason to get it is for the story mode tbh 3 years ago  
Smoking in public should be banned,if people wanna do it by themselvs and away from children and public buildings then that's ok.Second hand smoke is just as bad. 3 years ago +1
The person smoking isn't just giving himself lung cancer but the second hand smoke that others breath is just as bad,if you wanna support that,then fucck you. 3 years ago +2
Didn't you say that freedom to kill others isn't really freedom,and you used that as an anti abortion argument,well why hold a double standard for smoking,second hand smokes kills people too. 3 years ago +1
real>fake 4 years ago +3
154 year old confedrate flag would have looked different and had less sh!t on it 4 years ago  
you stfu,fucckboi 4 years ago +1
ho ho ho,gonna be rich af 4 years ago +3
well yea 4 years ago  
what makes you think the guy in B doesn't have honor,principles or morals? 4 years ago +1
Al2O3Cr. It is mostly aluminum oxide and some chromium 4 years ago +1
you posted 300 questions? save some pussy for me too man 4 years ago  
Probably would take less time 4 years ago  
Don't wanna repeat history. 4 years ago  
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