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    Wrong one 8 months ago  
    God made us all 8 months ago  
    I love fairy tail 8 months ago  
    So hot yes 8 months ago  
    God does ok u should now he made us all only if u belave if u don't it ok what ever u belave in came frist or didt how now 8 months ago  
    Yea wya would GOD mack a universe and have no one to live on it 8 months ago  
    I have 8 now 4 borther and 4 sister 8 months ago  
    The avatar power ya 8 months ago  
    Death by fire is just like being in hell geting to be crover by fire every day should of stay ok and go up and not down 8 months ago  
    I am dum so win win 8 months ago  
    U can have both 8 months ago  
    Hotter 8 months ago  
    Wrong 1 8 months ago  
    Anime is life cartoon is dum now but anime it get batter 8 months ago  
    Wrong 1 8 months ago  
    Wrong 1 8 months ago  
    I can learn some cool spell 8 months ago  
    Or neither i believe in God jesus 8 months ago  
    Lot hoter 8 months ago  
    I have tryed 8 months ago  
    Duh 8 months ago  
    I will have more 8 months ago  
    A girl 8 months ago  
    It don't say kiss it just say this 8 months ago  
    Opps wrong 1 8 months ago  
    The fladh 8 months ago  
    It not real 8 months ago +1
    It would be nice to see on a girl 8 months ago  
    It just say toys it could be a Xbox 36d if u play with it is a toy so there u go 8 months ago  
    Liars have u poo in a pool 8 months ago  
    Just clean it or just lick a new tuve 8 months ago  
    Do it all day no brakes 8 months ago  
    Just do it 8 months ago  
    She can suck my penis but i will not do the same 8 months ago  
    It don't say how much 8 months ago  
    It dont need to be sex toys 8 months ago  
    Opps wrong one 8 months ago  
    U get to see all of the hot body 8 months ago  
    Do it every easy 8 months ago  
    It just say sleep 8 months ago  
    No in final destination u need to kill someone to stay a live but if they have a short life u will day soon and i seen saw i would go to his boddy and kill him and tack the key so i can live and watch out for his helpers 8 months ago  
    Lot of people would pick boob they are batter 8 months ago  
    Didn't say how much 1 drop 8 months ago  
    Didn't say how much 8 months ago  
    They did but not how much 1 drop 8 months ago  
    Rong 1 8 months ago  
    Heroes os batter 8 months ago +1
    Don't run out of ammo 8 months ago  
    So hot 8 months ago  
    It didn't say how lound trun it up to 1'/' show u cant hear it 8 months ago  
    Zombie 8 months ago  

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