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AYO! I'm just an over opinionated. And yes I do love anime if you couldn't tell from my pic :P

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    it says in the wild tho  
    Question: do they have magic tho?  
    Basically gays want the same marriage oppurtunities like being allowed to live with your partner no matter their dwellings(if that makes ense?) aswell as the union. No matter how you look at it (even as your religious opinion) it is still legally discrimination. Other than that I feel like who even cares.  
    I don't like coffee and I download illegally so....  
    Pretty sure that's not how economy works  
    that's not dictatorships work but a man can dream  
    Oh honey, your gonna have to sit down for this one...  
    no wonder no one's coming to you funeral  
    is this... is this about spankin' it?  
    cuts of imaginary penis because am girl  
    infection that turns your skin blue and dimply like a waffle  
    With my luck i won't find either  
    well going back in time would be very interesting if you were black, LGBT+, poor or a lowerclass woman. glad i live now  
    funniest joke here  
    having someone call you feels like: I have a deep need to here your voice *breathes heavily into mic* so how are you?  
    Do what, play a banjo?  
    already did it  
    they are soooo the breast  
    they are commercially vegetable  
    feel the music  
    NO DICK!!  
    GIRL STUFF ;)  
    So we were created by accident by two little stupid elements that clashed together and just happened to create the entirety of such an intricate universe. And if they missed each other....  
    Suffer in what way  
    Is this a war with your friend or omething  
    Not true I'm watching her now  
    #Jesus Freak  
    I hate nut so yeah....  
    Don't wanna get randomly ugly  
    I'm straight so a boy then.  
    So a 1 year old! JK my hand slipped  
    Like playing tig, get your mind out of that gutter!  
    She's just a figure head to look pretty and keep Brits happy  
    Give her a CHEESE BURGER +1
    I forgot which is which  
    Keeping the baby makes you a stronger person and killing one of God's beautiful creations is wrong. +1
    Girl powers  
    And then make new ones.  
    It doesn't say you'll be famous and Stephen Hawking anyway you can still make your mark on the world as an athlete!  
    Yes they did  
    Wish that rule didn't exist and my wishes aren't limited.  
    You'll need those brains too! *appeal  
    You didn't read the description did you  
    If I knew the date I would live it up til then but if I knew the cause I would become paranoid  
    Play it of as if I wanted it like that.  
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