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"Before I met you, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d truly been happy. You lifted up my soul and inner peace in ways that made me feel as though I’d never been alone. For some time you were the only summer my life of endless winter knew. Your presence so heavily distracted me of my inner demons that I never realized you were falling apart. You were ailing and I was too blind to see it.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t kind of break my heart that I never got to tell you how much you changed me. Not that it would’ve mattered to ya, but it’s just that other than my music and drugs you were the only person I ever felt really spoke my language. And I loved you for that… and I miss you forever."

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You're deflecting from the topic at hand... You condoned bestiality in your original comment. Your views don't befit most Islamic countries let alone a Western country. I simply don't understand why you choose to stay here and perpetuate negative stereotypes about Muslims. Just leave... 1 year ago  
An Afghan commenting on an oil-rich powerful country like Iran lol? You realize you're from the poorest country in the world? Your Afghan brothers are our slaves in Iran and your Pakistani brothers are slaves in Saudi Arabia. It's clear you've copped an attitude after moving to the US -- visit the Middle East and they'll remind you where you stand as an Afghan. 1 year ago  
Neither you nor your ideas are welcome here... If you hate gays and want to screw animals, then go back to Afghanistan... Times like this I'm glad us Iranians persecute you lowlife afghans/pakis when you illegally immigrate into the Middle East. 1 year ago +1
A quote without a citation? :/ 1 year ago +1
Scroll down and then ask me again why I feel that way about usmanc 1 year ago  
Assuming you're not trolling, what exactly are you doing in the United States? I genuinely don't understand. 1 year ago +1
Lol do you only come on rrrather to insult people you are such a loser lmao 1 year ago +1
Addressing just your first few sentences, since anybody with a brain wouldn't read that lengthy textual vomit, that example you gave says what's going on in your head. Racism is often subconscious and manifests itself accidentally in cases such as the aforementioned (Is this going too far into psychology to make sense to you?) And you did indeed harass a Middle Eastern person with a racial epithet--you did so to me. So no, that wasn't a generalization. Anything else, Timmy? 2 years ago  
"You could be the blondest, most blu-eyed [sic], person on this site and that doesn't change the fact that you..." Your example totally doesn't allude to your own ideas of racial superiority! And I think your whole community tends to be the aggressor, and history reflects this. Don't start wars in the Middle East and consequently give rise to terror groups like ISIS and then harass innocent Middle Eastern people over what said groups are doing. All to ultimately try to justify your own racial epithets as simply retaliation. YOU are the problem. 2 years ago  
It's too bad you forgot to mention that when you claimed my "bomb-toting cousins" were going to wipe everyone out in this country when, statistically speaking, they're actually contributing more than almost every other ethnic group in this country. Any other lie you'd like refuted? 2 years ago  
A never results in equality within all social and legal spheres 2 years ago +1

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