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    What if they're from both? 6 years ago +3
    Gender doesn't matter. What matters is the quality of their writing. 6 years ago +5
    Agreed. I'm scarred for life. 6 years ago  
    what is it 6 years ago +3
    True. 6 years ago  
    thumbs up dont matter 6 years ago +3 chose Harry Potter. Maybe you're one of the intelligent ones? 6 years ago  
    What are these? 6 years ago  
    Actually he said his songs aren't sh*t. 6 years ago  
    If depends on the country. 6 years ago +4
    Wrong choice. I love being alone. 6 years ago  
    Oh god no.. 6 years ago  
    His undeserved money which you wouldn't even be able to keep? Your picture is obviously you. 6 years ago +3
    Wrong choice. Who the hell would want to be a celebrity? The paparazzi chasing you around..would suck ass. 6 years ago  
    Obviously. 6 years ago +1
    A jetpack would be necessary with both. 6 years ago  
    Which ever is quicker. 6 years ago  
    Brock's dubs is the sh*t LOL 6 years ago  
    Obviously B. Option A is for 11 year old girls. 6 years ago  
    I haven't heard of these. 6 years ago  
    Exactly. 6 years ago  
    Can you make it anymore obvious that you're 11? 6 years ago +2
    Don't quote those sh*tty lyrics from that sh*tty song. 6 years ago +7
    Desktops > Mobile 6 years ago +3
    Well, Truth hurts. They just have to get used to it. 6 years ago +1
    I download things much more often. 6 years ago +4
    I don't know how realizing the truth makes my race look "bad", but whatever you say. 6 years ago +1
    The question title states "On the Atlantic Ocean" and it says "Rescue will never come" therefore the question's creator means you are in the middle of the ocean. 6 years ago  
    I wouldn't be able to sleep in option B. 6 years ago +2
    That's funny. 6 years ago +4
    It's not the 80s anymore. 6 years ago  
    If you're in the middle of the ocean, it's not going to. 6 years ago  
    If I was most wanted, I would probably get caught and get the death penalty. 6 years ago +2
    Both are internet fads that will die out in a couple of months (Gangnam Style is already dying). 6 years ago  
    Neither, I can't stand pissed customers. I'd work as the chef. 6 years ago +1
    My commute would be longer with Sam's Club because they're less common than Walmart. 6 years ago  
    I support Chick-fil-A. 6 years ago +1
    Poor quality question that lacks real-life situating. 6 years ago  
    I'd rather not be viewed as an annoying individual. If someone annoys me I will simply tell them to stop. 6 years ago +1
    Clicked the wrong choice. I'd choose to be invisible because I would be able to get away with shoplifting (as long as no one sees the item floating through the air). 6 years ago +2
    I can't tell if this is a guy or girl. Typical for blacks. 6 years ago +5
    Basically, D, D, D, D, A, A, or C, C, C, C, F, F. 6 years ago  
    Mine wasn't nearly that bad. I didn't throw up or anything like that. All I had was a runny nose and watering eyes, also a cough. 6 years ago  
    Wow, I never knew that. 6 years ago  
    Then I can eat it in 1 bite. 6 years ago +3
    But everyone's asleep. 6 years ago  
    There's nothing better to do at 3AM at night, and that sucks you have bad dreams. 6 years ago  
    Really? Why do you hate sleep? Most people love it. 6 years ago  
    I wish TV didn't have commercials. 6 years ago  
    There's something going around. I missed half the week of school last week because I had a cold. Best thing to do is sleep, eventually it will go away. 6 years ago  
    Either would be fine, considering the fact they were created by the creators of South Park, they'll probably be good. 6 years ago +1
    Our names are quite similar, cool huh? 6 years ago +1
    Living an okay life and being rich is not very common. 6 years ago +5
    Option B sucks, however, 90s hip hop is alright. 6 years ago  
    I would make them like me, and we could end up becoming good friends. 6 years ago +1
    I don't care, because I don't know anyone who will see me. 6 years ago +1
    Not all hobos don't have shoes. 6 years ago  
    It may or may not be a good console, we won't know until it's released. However, Xbox for the win. 6 years ago +1
    Wow, didn't know that weed had any relation to chocolate. Thanks for teaching me that. 6 years ago  
    I have a thing for BBWs. 6 years ago +1
    40% must be tween girls. 6 years ago +4
    It would be much easier to clean up. 6 years ago  
    Nothing's wrong with sexual attraction. 6 years ago  
    It's probably equal. I guess girls don't want anyone knowing about it, though. 6 years ago +5
    Would the other planet have life? 6 years ago  
    As dogs, we would be less intelligent than we currently are. 6 years ago +2
    The truth hurts. 6 years ago +3
    Best luck to you in the future. 6 years ago  
    I love Salami. 6 years ago +1
    I changed my mind, in my own world I would have a billion dollars. 6 years ago  
    Would they be Mcdonalds fries? 6 years ago +3
    It depends on what your talent is. 6 years ago +1
    Does weed count as a drug? 6 years ago  
    That would be so awesome. 6 years ago +1
    I'm not very hairy. 6 years ago  
    I wouldn't want to date a celebrity in the first place. 6 years ago +1
    Playing multiplayer is so fun. 6 years ago +4
    Twilight is extremely overrated. 6 years ago +3
    I've never played Katawa Shoujo before. 6 years ago +1
    What's the point? 6 years ago +3
    What is Lacrosse? (I'm American) 6 years ago  
    Don't kings/queens wear crowns, not princes? 6 years ago  
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