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Would you rather... Have no bones or Have no blood 70,235 votes 711 comments 0 likes

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I would LOVE to always know when someone is lying!!!! It would be great in all kinds of situations in life +1
I hate waiting for things... +4
Jenna Marbles is so real and funny. She's different from the rest. It's all personality  
You could create the right future for yourself by hearing other peoples thoughts.  
Friends is my favourite show of ALL time  
The first one is more exciting :) +2
Skittles! +1
There beautiful  
I would LOVE to have a gay son!!!  
that's smart..i change my answer  
What comes out of your mouth is your personality..i don't want to have Yoda's personality +1
I would just stare at Johann's funky wig. I wouldn't be able to take him seriously +1
A deal or no deal model, all i have to do is stand there.. +3
me would be weird dating a 6 years old. Also not legal  
Be on a relaxing island by myself..for..a week? I would want to come back to society. +1
lol i'm a girl, though. Not a gay guy shouting out his sexuality.  
I don't want to be Mrs Boss Woman. Oh wait, hey, i'm not funny...if i can get a job for being myself.. :)  
Mac Miller looks like a douche +2
I love gay guys +2
I wouldn't want girls to be attracted to me like that..i'm straight. +1
I vote Obama over Pubic Bush  
I love dead people :) +1
Hey Adolf Hitler :)  
Nice question :) +4
Exactly. Wtf is wrong with people?  
I don't want people constantly watching me...i would never feel comfortable. +2
i love friends  
Why would you answer this? What a sick person to ask this question..  
not by a shark that size. +11
poop out of your mouth, and eat out your butt, is only like once, right? +3
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