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    Hitler was the best thing that happened to Germany, but the worst thing to happen to jews 6 years ago  
    Thats what she said 6 years ago  
    I could make someone trip and fall 6 years ago  
    TOY STORY FTW 6 years ago +1
    NEMO FTW 6 years ago  
    MULAN FTW 6 years ago +1
    I can't make people dance 6 years ago  
    How would i download music... 6 years ago  
    I picked it because of nutella 6 years ago  
    I would wish for infinite wishes 6 years ago +6
    Neither if you ask me 6 years ago  
    Cant play COD with one hand 6 years ago  
    You can buy a new computer...duh 6 years ago  
    What if the mean teacher failed me... 6 years ago  
    you cant recover from the worst possible psychological pain as easily as physical 6 years ago +1
    I hate elevators 6 years ago  
    Bear Grylls All Day 6 years ago  
    Coke makes me wanna DIE 6 years ago  
    Do they hang their women?? 6 years ago  
    Ducks go Hard 6 years ago +1

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