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Who's better? The Girl Who Waited or The Boy Who Lived 3 years ago 1,064 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch Powerpuff Girls or Watch Powerpuff Girls Z 3 years ago 109 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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Spheal Patrick Harris 3 years ago  
Haven't seen Terminator. *Prepares self for hate* 3 years ago  
Yeah, but even Genie says no wishing someone back to life 3 years ago  
*Mangaminx 3 years ago  
Yeah, there's changes to it, but I love it :3 3 years ago  
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! 3 years ago +1
Nevermore. 3 years ago +1
You don't have to be near the sharks... 3 years ago  
I like both of them, I've just seen every episode of Family Guy too many times lol 3 years ago +1
I actually like JarJar... 3 years ago  
Have you never seen Alladin? 3 years ago  
Necromancy should never be attempted. 3 years ago +1
Nowadays internet famous is famous, just a bit more real. 3 years ago  
FNAF is so boring 3 years ago  
Thank you :3 3 years ago  
Made me think of the train from Spirited Away lol 3 years ago  
So is your comment, but you don't see me complaining :3 3 years ago +7
Danny Sexbang 3 years ago  
FNAF is so boring 3 years ago  
I haven't gotten around to watching RWBY, R.I.P Monty, though. 3 years ago  
Kill, kill, kill 3 years ago  
Both, but Burt Macklin tho 3 years ago +1
Get Shrek'd 3 years ago  
Soda might taste better, but I'd rather not have diabetus 3 years ago  
Both... But my profile pic is of a fairy.... 3 years ago  
Mmm, Donuts. 3 years ago +1
At least he's honest, even if it's brutal honesty. 3 years ago +1
The only reason I like Origin even a little, is because I got Sims 2 free from them XD 3 years ago  
Aren't they in the same Universe? I think Animaniac's might be in an episode of Tiny Toons... 3 years ago +1
Both are okay, but I'm a brony, there's nothing wrong with it. Boohoo, we like a show, sorry that offends you. 3 years ago  
Because they have a highschool education. 3 years ago  
"She doesn't look Druish" 3 years ago +1
The sad truth is that for some people, the media is their "education" 3 years ago  
They're both great, but Johnny Depp did a great job 3 years ago  
Both, but Anais is too adorable lol 3 years ago  
Steal from Donald Trump until he's poor and donate his money to causes he hates 3 years ago +3
Both 3 years ago +1
Top of the morning' to ya laddies 3 years ago +1
Dig, dig, dig... Dig, dig a tunnel! 3 years ago  
(If I can at least choose to end it myself) 3 years ago  
Babymetal or Ninja Sex Party 3 years ago  
He's awesome. 3 years ago  
Maka is from Soul Eater 3 years ago  
How you doin'? 3 years ago +1
There already might be a sequel soon 3 years ago  
Annabelle Lee tho 3 years ago  
Why not just say Wizards of Waverly place, to keep it Disney? 3 years ago  
Backstreet Boys maybe... 3 years ago  
Elle Fanning 3 years ago  
I like Jake Gyllenhal in Donnie Darko, but I have to go with Sean Astin 3 years ago  
Sam from Lord of the Rings and he's in The Goonies... 3 years ago  
Japan 3 years ago  
I'd be Blossom from PPGZ or be Squid Girl XD 3 years ago +1
I barely ever wear socks anyway, I'd always be barefoot if I could 3 years ago  
It doesn't have a time limit 3 years ago +1
I had a crush on her when I was a kid 3 years ago  
(Turn it sideways) 3 years ago +1
As long as they're from attractive girls... 3 years ago  
Already have, kinda... (I gave a guy I used to be friends with a bj) 3 years ago  
I already have (kinda... We're no longer friends) 3 years ago  
Jokes on you, I am a girl with a penis 3 years ago +1
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