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I am a pansexual bisexual cisgender agender independent liberal secular humanist agnostic atheist you know what's the point of this hey I'm James how are you

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Do you like rrather tournaments yes or no 4 years ago 132 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What is better to use for depressed people empathy or Tough Love 4 years ago 120 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a apple or drink from a cup 4 years ago 118 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather this be original or another question you have answered a thousand times 4 years ago 91 votes 0 comments 0 likes

AppleCupPhone has posted the following comments:

Don't want to downgrade myself 4 years ago +3
Don't have a son 4 years ago  
I think I'm already both 4 years ago  
an upgrade to what I already have 4 years ago +1
me 4 years ago  
It just said Africa when I posted that 4 years ago  
B is more attractive then a 6.5 4 years ago +1
my adopted family has a lot of people with OCD 4 years ago  
I have a feeling my cousin will probably kill a few people 4 years ago  
Some where between 4 and 5 4 years ago  
I am already an uncle plus I don't want to be around kids that long 4 years ago  
back to the home of my ancestors 4 years ago  
Wait am I wrong In A? 4 years ago  
Depends on the African country 4 years ago +4
ok then 4 years ago  
Chainsaws are scary 4 years ago  
might be resitated by them 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
send a message to all my love ones and freeze myself 4 years ago  
Which one has better mileage 4 years ago  
I am 4 years ago +3
You have got a little something on your nose 4 years ago  
I don't care 4 years ago  
I never got how being called a sibling could turn someone on 4 years ago  
Who is Matty B? 4 years ago  
I don't know who any of these people are so who ever has the best personality 4 years ago  
that's the one with tits right? 4 years ago  
I'm Bi but I guess A because I'm dating one currently plus I like being a minority 4 years ago  
Both are really gay but I can drink A instead of always looking at B 4 years ago  
Bit soon 4 years ago +1
neither really but B cause of the results 4 years ago  
sounds fun 4 years ago +1
How is this close what the f*** rrather 4 years ago +3
How would B destroy humanity if anything it would bring peace 4 years ago +5
Forrest gump 4 years ago  
japan 4 years ago  
That way I can play the bass or something and like I'm doing something but I'm not really 4 years ago  
DP is awesome though 4 years ago  
the force could kill batman easily and I don't know if superman can survive a crushed heart 4 years ago  
Time travel is dangerous 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
I would not be alive without B 4 years ago  
Slaves can break free 4 years ago  
there are worst states 4 years ago +2
I just based this off of the pics because I am shallow enough to base of looks but not shallow enough to base of race or place of origin 4 years ago +2
How is this close 4 years ago +3
my frozen remains and with a note that says revive me! 4 years ago +3
If I am going to kill someone I want to see the life slowly drain from his eyes 4 years ago +2
Cause he masters all the tasks 4 years ago +4
Me 4 years ago +1
I hate blocking 4 years ago  
This also comes with Jaws 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 17, and 18 4 years ago  
I personally prefer The Hobbit 4 years ago +1
Race does not matter to me 4 years ago +1
I don't judge people by their race 4 years ago +4
either 4 years ago  
James 4 years ago  
Rock 4 years ago +3
both look horrible 4 years ago +1
Chainsaw, Snakes, Scorpions, Death, And Stalking 4 years ago  
Some people just want to watch the world burn 4 years ago +2
they should probably not be that close to the turbine though 4 years ago +2
I am surprisingly accurate 4 years ago  
I prefer not to kill someone 4 years ago +3
this is suprising 4 years ago  
what if he spends it by then 4 years ago  
Woo Hoo 4 years ago +2
how free am I in the monarchy 4 years ago +4
Floyd Mayweather Jr., Taylor Swift, and Liam Payne (Can I eat him to see what human taste like) 4 years ago  
mix things up 4 years ago +2
he can avoid hulk but he can't really deal enough damage to win the fight and hulk just need's to hit him once 4 years ago +1
more comfy 4 years ago  
in college you can have both 4 years ago +1
ten out da ten 4 years ago  
I hate Justin Bieber but I would not kill him plus I would bring someone back to life 4 years ago  
do any of you know how to fly a helicopter? 4 years ago  
Swedish military 4 years ago  
what he said 4 years ago  
hard choice 4 years ago  
you phrased this awkwardly 4 years ago +2
I already have A so B 4 years ago +1
humanity may get destroyed by A though 4 years ago  
neither preferably 4 years ago +1
well it would help plus I don't like DJs 4 years ago  
Can't think of a witty one really? 4 years ago +5
solution to world hunger 4 years ago +6
media bias I guess 4 years ago +2
Abe is racist who knew 4 years ago  
dressed in a skin tight black suit with the words no photo available plastered on it then huh 4 years ago +3 4 years ago +3
for people from ohio 4 years ago  
I don't like Jeff Dunham 4 years ago +1
hope I don't have one if I do something private like in front of a jury 4 years ago  
depends on what job I have 4 years ago  
die now yet be immortal (also wrong one) 4 years ago  
I always do except when I don't 4 years ago  
flying may take forever 4 years ago  
why not 4 years ago  
Crack is whack 4 years ago  
I read it as customized ............... 4 years ago +1
B is my worst nightmares just throw in some scorpions and lil wayne music playing and there you go 4 years ago  
a melody of both 4 years ago  
let's stop idolizing people with 19 kids and counting or some sh*t 4 years ago  
already me 4 years ago  
I don't get why it's called football but it's a thousand times better than soccer 4 years ago +2
ok 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago +1
you can't live just being a head 4 years ago  
if she can win the fight then why is she always captured 4 years ago +3
you are not a complete asshole just 75% 4 years ago +3
Heads 4 years ago  
same option so no response 4 years ago +4
I don't want to kill someone for wearing mixed fabrics 4 years ago +4
you need explanations of what they are I'm tired of googling 4 years ago +7
I am a male soooooooo.... 4 years ago +1
time to haunt some people 4 years ago +3
why does it have to be opposite 4 years ago  
I answered yes to pretty much all of them just picked B cause of pic 4 years ago  
why is it in this then 4 years ago  
I see what you did here 4 years ago  
I would only do A to know what a Morgan Freeman orgasm sounds like 0-o 4 years ago +4
I wonder if half of these people have actually seen these movies are just basing it off of which they think is better 4 years ago +4
Chainsaws scare me but so do beliebers tough one 4 years ago  
I thought A was 2013 4 years ago +1
African warlords 4 years ago  
all this series is proving to me is that people have piss pour taste in movies 4 years ago +2
either 4 years ago  
FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
SUPER FABULOUS 4 years ago  
both 4 years ago +1
both suck in my oppinion 4 years ago  
FABULOUS 4 years ago  
avengers EMH 4 years ago  
guess what it's FABULOUS 4 years ago  
chainsaws. scorpions, and snakes 4 years ago  
if I lose anymore I will die 4 years ago  
Don't want to piss off hulk 4 years ago  
I hate storm 4 years ago  
meh not fabulous 4 years ago  
you know what this picture is 4 years ago +1
both 4 years ago  
wow this is suprising 4 years ago +2
both are horrible 4 years ago  
cause it's FABULOUS 4 years ago  
breathing is something 4 years ago  
I would get use to it 4 years ago  
winter solstice 4 years ago  
already do 4 years ago  
call me the grand elder 4 years ago  
10 seconds isn't long enough for it to mean that much are long enough for to do anything 4 years ago  
FABULOUS 4 years ago +1
more of them 4 years ago  
ok 4 years ago  
do I have my memories and thoughts in b 4 years ago  
teen titans and avatar are considered children's television 4 years ago +3
I like apples 4 years ago +1
I think it's a masterbating question but I'm very perferted so take it with a grain of salt 4 years ago  
night 6 4 years ago  
already are 4 years ago  
neither 4 years ago  
offense and defense is better than just offense 4 years ago  
nick fury 4 years ago  
they will probably have better and worse years in the future unless the world ends soon or just pro football 4 years ago  
I picked b in the hope it would turn into dragons 4 years ago  
FABULOUS 4 years ago  
FABULOUS 4 years ago  
A was horrible plus Nicholas cage 4 years ago  
what if they kill or posses you before then 4 years ago  
most people have probably seen me naked so why not get paid for it 4 years ago  
a troll will come along and not let this happen 4 years ago  
there's a reboot 4 years ago  
if it's good but if its average or bad then no 4 years ago  
because pedophilia didn't exist 200 years ago? 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
it seems shallow to choose who you want to marry just based off of just looks 4 years ago +6
where is it 4 years ago +2
do you see what it's doing to that naked child 4 years ago  
b is not a pedophile 4 years ago +1
ps4 4 years ago  
both are equally scary but b might be more fun 4 years ago +1
the other ones though 4 years ago  
I feel like a lot of pedophiles would watch this show 4 years ago +2
I have a ps4 so it would be cool to own the other 4 years ago  
I'm not very fast myself 4 years ago  
draw from your hat 4 years ago  
face in b is scary 4 years ago +1
I prefer handegg personally 4 years ago +1
I think there lucky personaly 4 years ago +3
with Jeff I have a chance 4 years ago  
blonde in b isn't attractive to me 4 years ago  
b is better overall but it drains me 4 years ago  
both are annoying 4 years ago  
Crayonbox 4 years ago  
they look the same 4 years ago  
the fact I die 4 years ago  
I like the Wii U Games a lot 4 years ago  
It's a lion with wings doesn't get much better 4 years ago  
I hate pineapples 4 years ago  
I knew abortion was legal 4 years ago  
fingers crossed for the hope of a three way 4 years ago +1
I live in the night 4 years ago  
I am sick of Alucard 4 years ago  
I know you mean the phones but I still picked B in hope for a robot 4 years ago +1
I only picked Ice Cube because I like Jump Street 4 years ago  
but then it would be super easy to get out of boredom 4 years ago  
I think B is the Hottest woman in the entertainment business 4 years ago  
you can make alot of different sandwiches 4 years ago  
I don't really care to see either 4 years ago  
Raph is my least favorite 4 years ago +1
no to long sorry 4 years ago  
A seems pretty real 4 years ago  
I have already ran into women with axes so I should be fine 4 years ago  
I pretty much already do 4 years ago  
I can at least masterbate to hot people 4 years ago  
I want B for the irony but if I am lucking I get December 31st 4 years ago  
A doesn't make sense to me 4 years ago  
meh 4 years ago  
they don't hurt kids 4 years ago +1
children annoy me 4 years ago +1
Would I rather what? 4 years ago +3
I like their fries 4 years ago  
though no sub marines 4 years ago  
sounds fun! 4 years ago +2
0 seconds 4 years ago  
less time 4 years ago  
have ps4 4 years ago  
less time 4 years ago  
how would marrying someone stop them from killing me if anything wouldn't it make it more possible? 4 years ago +1
does kids can live with their mom for all I care 4 years ago  
superman would be winning at first but hulk has no limit to his strength so I think he would win plus doomsday killed superman and he is very similar to hulk 4 years ago  
I have used toilet paper with the same consistency 4 years ago  
Kashmir 4 years ago  
I already don't have any 4 years ago  
I like the warm better but most cold countries are better than hot countries 4 years ago +2
can I spend the money on things beside concerts 4 years ago  
Ghosts aren't real 4 years ago  
I like Venom 4 years ago  
I think I would die if A happened to me 4 years ago +1
I fed the homeless 4 years ago  
I don't get why it's called football either but I don't get why so many people get there panties in a wad about it 4 years ago +1
they are both horrible but I get to wear funny hats in B 4 years ago  
she looks hot 4 years ago +2
people would think I'm levitating 4 years ago  
I dislike Hillary I hate Santorum 4 years ago +2
my favorite color are my least favorite color huh 4 years ago  
sounds fun 4 years ago  
he wouldn't molest me so I am fine 4 years ago  
not really 4 years ago  
if that person isn't harming me or someone else I don't care 4 years ago +2
though not when all the other person has is some skittles 4 years ago  
emotions are temporary 4 years ago  
I almost picked A just for the pic 4 years ago  
anaconda but I liked the music video 4 years ago  
gaurdians but we are not done yet 4 years ago  
unfortunately 4 years ago  
I am not a child so no need to worry 4 years ago  
sounds fun 4 years ago  
I don't get how marge is hot even when people draw her like this 4 years ago  
I hate this song 4 years ago  
there may not be bee's and anyway with my luck there would be bee's on the rock road 4 years ago  
I think I could survive in donkey kong country 4 years ago  
I don't like coffee 4 years ago +3
it was horrible 4 years ago  
this probably means we are more advance 4 years ago  
I don't like either but Rush is a crazy man 4 years ago  
sounds like a good time 4 years ago  
Bi 4 years ago  
both 4 years ago  
at least I kind of believe in b 4 years ago  
I hate snakes 4 years ago  
well I have a different religion(lack there of) then them already so yeah 4 years ago  
hey AC/DC don't worry I have the cowbell 4 years ago  
green lantern and I vs green goblin 4 years ago  
how attractive are they 4 years ago  
I am surprised by how lopsided this is 4 years ago  
from an american 4 years ago  
more accurate more deadly 4 years ago  
a lot of dc is very powerful marvel has a lot more non super powered are just minimum powered people in comparison 4 years ago  
it would be fun for a little bit at least 4 years ago  
not as much as some people but yeah 4 years ago  
neither you would die 4 years ago +1
well I can't trust what I don't believe in 4 years ago  
both are pretty horrible in my opinion 4 years ago  
how is the new one winning that piece of crap 4 years ago  
I would be in Canada 4 years ago  
I hate the Wendy's commercials she seems annoying 4 years ago  
both are fake 4 years ago  
I don't have to necessarily have sex with the dog if I marry it 4 years ago +1
I thought it asked what was better 4 years ago  
both 4 years ago  
if BVB is considered scream then yeah 4 years ago  
B sounds awesome 4 years ago  
healing factor 4 years ago  
neither some are probably good people some are probably douches 4 years ago +3
obviously 4 years ago +1
would you age regularly in A or do you stay at your current age 4 years ago +1
mary jane 4 years ago  
depends on how strict you are with religion 4 years ago  
I don't have a younger brother so.... yeah 4 years ago  
B seems to be closer up I don't know why 4 years ago  
I'm an atheist but I don't want to ban religion plus mc donalds is horrible just save the shamrock milkshakes 4 years ago +1
0-o 4 years ago  
idk anyone who would want to bang me, Crazy (not for sex I just feel like there would not be a dull moment), and Crayon box 4 years ago  
death scares me 4 years ago  
I like crazy 4 years ago +1
both kind of make sense but not really 4 years ago  
I would give up my life not to watch twilight 4 years ago  
I'm not good at prices 4 years ago  
I'm not good at rapping but I can't be as white as vanilla ice 4 years ago  
I try to avoid Crayon box as much as possible and witty seems like he can't think 4 years ago +1
I would probably accidently cut myself with A once so B 4 years ago +1
if I don't have my memories I'm not me 4 years ago +1
my Grand Ma is alive though 4 years ago  
what does A say 4 years ago  
someone may just eat what's in the taco instead 4 years ago  
neither did i 4 years ago  
they may make us cattle for revenge 4 years ago  
I hate cream cheese 4 years ago  
people should be able to do it if they want to 4 years ago  
B looks scary 4 years ago  
People change their minds sometimes in a second 4 years ago  
only if my memory is kept 4 years ago +3
I would only watch Fox for it's hilarity sometimes 4 years ago  
Breaking Bad 4 years ago  
I would punt it and eat it I hate babies 4 years ago  
but I would wear spiderman's costume 4 years ago  
I hate the big bang theory 4 years ago  
only when they can die but if it's like bioshock infinite it's awesome 4 years ago +1
I may to get do stuff with snow white this way 4 years ago  
Doesn't matter Hulk would smash 4 years ago  
B is sexier so I would rather be that 4 years ago  
Doing it FABULOUSLY! 4 years ago +1
A is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and B is Inception 4 years ago  
I have already done this more than once 4 years ago  
Yes from mixing frabrics to murder 4 years ago +2
they cost more to make then there worth 4 years ago  
both suck 4 years ago +1
if everyone's ready for the zombie apocalypse is it really an apocalypse 4 years ago  
FABULOUS!!!!! 4 years ago +1
it would probably have a hard time biting if it's getting juggled 4 years ago +1
Blasians for the win 4 years ago  
how does that win a fight? 4 years ago  
could bring back the human race 4 years ago  
I would die if I saw A 4 years ago  
He did give us knowledge supposedly 4 years ago  
I don't think that qualifies as a song 4 years ago  
B has relish 4 years ago  
eating a penis sounds mean and they would probably be very chewy 4 years ago +2
Half life 3 confirmed you guys 4 years ago  
Better bluffer 4 years ago +1
though if doom did loose he would probably not accept it 4 years ago +2
Both of these people would cheat though 4 years ago  
And they always seem to follow me every time I'm outside I hate them 4 years ago  
I Disagree with most of that except the Rap part I agree a 100% 4 years ago +3
me and Funmaster just had a convo 4 years ago  
I hate those little brats 4 years ago +1
people who usually persecute other's religious beliefs also persecute gays such as the middle east were gays, Jews, Christians, and Atheists are all persecuted 4 years ago  
you can probably be in it but I don't know if you can look at it 4 years ago +2
Don't look at my porn without my permission NSA 4 years ago +3
I see B went to Burger King 4 years ago +1
remember when he did black face that was awesome 4 years ago  
anybody want a peanut (.p.s. just realized I picked the wrong wrestler) 4 years ago  
I can see him 4 years ago  
I hate Hogan he sucked so bad at wrestling 4 years ago  
I love anyone who kicks soldiers 4 years ago  
destroy them from the inside out 4 years ago  
neither really 4 years ago  
Snowden is a hero in my book 4 years ago +5
Seen B and I liked it but I rather watch a movie I've never seen before 4 years ago  
under rated 4 years ago +2
I hate sidekicks though 4 years ago  
family's disown their children where I live for being gay, now I think Muslims are persecuted here as well but I think it's worst to be persecuted for sexual preference then religious ideals 4 years ago  
I can animate large boobs 4 years ago +3
not the same boat but still the white light 4 years ago  
AoT is my favorite but my favorite character is that witch from soul eater so yeah 4 years ago  
should have been zed 4 years ago  
I wouldn't like it though 4 years ago  
I try to avoid scientologists 4 years ago  
iron man 3 armours no but the others yes 4 years ago  
now I disjoined 4 years ago +1
I'm bi so I can vote right 4 years ago  
but this productive 4 years ago  
I am sexy god already though 4 years ago  
hulk is my favorite comic book but it would suck to be him 4 years ago  
get dental implants 4 years ago +1
no* 4 years ago  
I hate kids anyway win win and by love you mean an open marriage with tones of sex and money right? 4 years ago +1
you mute which you hate 4 years ago  
pessimistic optimist 4 years ago +2
I kind of do both 4 years ago  
fgt fgt fgt fgt fgt fgt that's why 4 years ago +3
AFK, Crayon Box, and Anon67 4 years ago +4
I would never sacrifice myself for crayon box 4 years ago +2
very similar though 4 years ago  
they need to be suckled 4 years ago  
TITTIES! 4 years ago +1
:) 4 years ago +1
b would go against me being frozen and we can't have that 4 years ago +3
oh no someone disagree with my ideas I am so persecuted. 4 years ago +1
I'm winning and you took out the drugs part 4 years ago  
yes but i think there should be stuff like universal health care 4 years ago +1
ride roller coasters and do drugs at the same time 4 years ago  
could not handle that constant grin of Dave and James looks better 4 years ago  
she can fly air sex 4 years ago +1
my will freeze me for the hope that science can get so advance they can save me and put all of my stuff in a certain storage so I might be able to get in the future that is all oh and when my dog dies do the same 4 years ago  
never got what the third arm is for though 4 years ago  
is it rape if you always consent 4 years ago  
hands 4 years ago  
Nelson is a name people would pick on but the best name is either wraith or raven 4 years ago +1
tastes like chicken 4 years ago  
do I have to fight him I would just like to talk and maybe a little bit more 4 years ago +2
I'm arrogant so I would probably regret that decision 4 years ago  
so either be every teenage girl or be every teenage boy 4 years ago  
money are possibly messing with the future not really close 4 years ago  
MAGIC AND BOOBS! Count me in! 4 years ago  
Chuck Norris is an idiot 4 years ago  
I would like to explore those fine women there 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
I have both pine and sawdust for allergies and snakes, scorpions, and chainsaws for phobias 4 years ago  
there has to be some government for laws and stability 4 years ago  
I like cods control schemes better and it kind of has this guilty pleasure feel going for it 4 years ago  
anything but a snake I hope they all die I don't care if there will be rodent problems I rather find a mouse then one of those abominations! 4 years ago  
Doom needs preb time to win does he have that 4 years ago  
Superman is weak to magic so Thor's hammer boom 4 years ago +1
Nintendo is the best 4 years ago  
Ryan Reynolds ruined Green Lantern and he annoys me even though I feel like gosling has probably murdered someone 4 years ago +1
I can beat him as long as he doesn't use any potions 4 years ago  
got to be honest I only watch naked models 4 years ago +2
America would not be that skinny 4 years ago  
you seem fined by are brief encounter 4 years ago  
Bluewbs 4 years ago +2
A might not be a child so that 4 years ago  
Don't vote 4 years ago  
A sounds like a good time 4 years ago  
I'm bi so this already happens 4 years ago  
bible clubs suck so A by default 4 years ago  
Lemon heads freak me out 4 years ago  
Canada money looks like monopoly money 4 years ago +3
I hope I don't have a wedding so 4 years ago  
I would have an open relationship probably 4 years ago  
I hate Snakes 4 years ago  
Have you seen Fox News 4 years ago  
I think its dumb 4 years ago  
I could crush them with my knowledge 4 years ago +2
Ass 4 years ago  
I hate both but I would also like to do things with them 4 years ago +2
I can punch them softly 4 years ago +2
Mackelmore is straight and I'm not so.... and there is probably some good stuff there 4 years ago  
not really A is just a horrible picture 4 years ago  
at least I actually feel this way 4 years ago +1
harry potter is over rated and this means I probably have awesome mutant powers 4 years ago +1
this would cause more they don't die they just move 4 years ago  
bad taste are possible disease in undercooked meals 4 years ago +1
how do you get trapped in a subway just follow the tunnel till you escape 4 years ago  
would you really want to find B and I think we make our own and also GOLD 4 years ago  
America is anything but calm and collective 4 years ago  
I would do something that rhymes with duck to a duck 4 years ago  
I hate rain 4 years ago  
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