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I just graduated high school! Congratulations! or Nice job! 3 years ago 118 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Can you be tamed Yes or No 3 years ago 113 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Are you wrong in all the right ways Yes or No 3 years ago 87 votes 8 comments 0 likes
If today was your last day could you say goodbye to yesterday Yes or No 3 years ago 80 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Are you sad the Chiefs lost Yes or No 4 years ago 81 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you like Apple Yes or No 4 years ago 133 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you like Microsoft Yes or No 4 years ago 106 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Are you excited for the iPhone 6S Yes or No 4 years ago 102 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight Appleman or Redeagle 4 years ago 91 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Do you like Owl City Yes or No 4 years ago 110 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Do you like Krewella Yes or No 4 years ago 96 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Are you excited for the Hunger Games to start Yes!!! I can't wait for death!! or No, not really 4 years ago 91 votes 12 comments 0 likes
I just got the diamond badge!!!!! Congrats or Who cares???? 4 years ago 155 votes 51 comments 0 likes
Would you rather marry Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne 4 years ago 100 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj 4 years ago 118 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date Madonna or Britney Spears 4 years ago 108 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather meet? Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift 4 years ago 131 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather meet? P!nk or Demi Lovato 4 years ago 129 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Did Miley Cyrus steal P!nk's hairstyle? Yes or No 4 years ago 172 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Who deserves to be the highest paid female singer of the year more? P!nk or Beyoncé 4 years ago 131 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you think P!nk is underrated Yes or No 4 years ago 136 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you think Beyoncé deserves to be the highest paid female artist of the year? Yes or No 4 years ago 126 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do you think Taylor swift deserves to be the second most paid female artist? Yes or No 4 years ago 143 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Mariah Carey 5 years ago 155 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight Beyoncé or Shakira 5 years ago 162 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Miley Cyrus 5 years ago 148 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez 5 years ago 165 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather P!nk or Ke$ha 5 years ago 142 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Lady Gaga 5 years ago 163 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Shakira 5 years ago 233 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Beyoncé 5 years ago 158 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Madonna 5 years ago 163 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who would win in a fight P!nk or Justin Bieber 5 years ago 181 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Pee a marble or Poop a pineapple 5 years ago 628 votes 25 comments 0 likes

Appleman has posted the following comments:

So never doing a drugs or underage drinking makes me a communist? 5 months ago  
Neither are better. All women, all men, and all people are created equal. I do however like a girl with one or two old school traits. 5 months ago  
I hear every person that’s older than me mistakes are meant to happen. And that it’s better to make them now than when your older and the consequences are more severe. I think it’s cliche but I truly and listen. 5 months ago  
If we’re haven’t made a life together I’m cool with it 5 months ago  
My definition of weird 5 months ago  
Used to be B 2 years 200lbs later I’m A 5 months ago  
Actually yes. My right hand is injured so I’d want that fixed. Everything else keep it the way I was made 5 months ago  
I’m not a fast pace movie guy 5 months ago  
B plays a big role but I feel A is slightly stronger 5 months ago  
Well I don’t want to live forever 5 months ago  
Being realistic wouldn’t A lower funds for everything our country does? If I’m wrong tell me I’ve only filed taxes for a couple years so I don’t know much l 5 months ago  
This would cause cause chaos. A would too. But my generation needs some say so I guess we’ll get all of it 5 months ago  
Um… maybe there’s a philosophical meaning behind it? 5 months ago  
If you do it all the time (like me) it’s a sign of insecurity. But everyone wants approval of their work now and then to know their appreciated and how to do better 5 months ago  
He’s Mewtwo! 5 months ago +1
I’d get murdered within 2 hours. I’m 6’3 and look threatening. But I’m an innocent baby who’s only thrown one punch in my life 5 months ago  
I prefer a’s but b’s noodles and herbs 5 months ago  
I just thought about it and I’m wondering if I made the right choice. Oh no. This means. NO MORE PIZZA!!! 5 months ago  
Finally someone knows what they’re doing 5 months ago  
Both please 5 months ago  
I would think not because the warranty would have something about user negligence in it. I know Apple has that in all its warranties. If I did honor it I’d charge him a fee. I guess it’s what the fine print says 5 months ago  
I won’t be a killjoy like Sandy was during Spongbob’s routine 5 months ago  
I doubt I’ll ever get married now 5 months ago  
Oh dude that’s a tough one. It could be because they want to pull together as a community to support and educate those with both physical and mental developmental issues so that they eventually branch out on their own. Or could it possibly be they want them to feel more confident in themselves so they can stand on their own two feet and face the world? Or possibly teach us “normal” people something? Other than that I have no idea 5 months ago  
Didn’t have to think. But ordering, with all those toppings it’s hard to pick 5 months ago  
Don’t know a whole lot about politics but I read about this a heck of a lot. 5 months ago  
Though B would be nice. I’m 6’3 with no muscle 5 months ago +1
I could sue him 5 months ago  
Not surprising 5 months ago +1
Congrats enjoy! 5 months ago  
Marijuana is becoming popular and I’m one of the few people considered “young” that’s completely against it. They say it’s no worse for your body than cigarettes, but that’s not what science says. It slows your response time, increases heart rate extremely, and has some similar side effects of cigarettes. The only time I am slightly for marijuana is for medical use. Even that has a variety of risks depending on the way it’s administered. 5 months ago +1
The way the justice system is set up now, no it doesn’t do a thing for convicts. I do think think prison time should play a part but rehabilitation should be the main focus. Prison should not simply be a place of punishment. 5 months ago  
Please tell that to our government and the thousands of clueless parents in our county 5 months ago  
Memes are essential 5 months ago  
Is it life diarrhea or short term? I need info 5 months ago  
YES!!! Cheesecake Rules The World!!! Cheesecake Revolution!!! 5 months ago +1
I’m the decent looking guy with average to below average social skills. How successful will I be? 5 months ago  
It depends on what’s going on 5 months ago  
Both look fake 5 months ago  
There are happy endings but everything won’t be perfect 5 months ago  
I’m horny but not as much as much as when I created my account 5 months ago  
Don’t know the other one and fell in love with Fergie the second I saw Fergalicios 5 months ago  
I wouldn’t want fame that way. I like doing things with money anonymously 5 months ago  
This after my time. I’ve only seen bits when I’m around little people I know 5 months ago  
99% of the time even if it’s from a crappy place 5 months ago  
That’s kind of exciting but mostly scary. 5 months ago  
I have no favorite genre anymore. It was pop but that genre’s mostly filled with love songs that I can barely understand a word of. The exceptions are Selena and Demi. 5 months ago  
I honestly think both would suck 5 months ago  
I could charge people for this 5 months ago  
It took me a day of answering questions to finally decide to make an account. 5 months ago  
Get dentures? 5 months ago +1
I say this but would I actually do it? 5 months ago  
Drown 5 months ago +1
Now that I think about it B got Spongebob into a lot of trouble 5 months ago  
These are strange times. 5 months ago  
I’m not gay and now I’ll look like one of the pompous rich people in my county. 5 months ago  
Now that I think about it I only have $300. I guess as a broke college student I can’t bear to lose the few greenbacks I have. 5 months ago  
I’d talk to their parents about because it’d be annoying as heck. But I want my little person to have friends so I probably wouldn’t stop them from coming 5 months ago  
Both kill me slowly from the inside out 5 months ago  
With B comes inner demons though 5 months ago  
Easy 5 months ago +1
I already ave 12 hours a day. Let’s go ahead and whack on the other 12! 5 months ago +1
Am I the only one who hasn’t played a video game in like 5 years? 5 months ago +1
I will almost always chose flight as my superpowe 5 months ago +1
Although I’m scared they’ll suck, like most boost book based movies do. 5 months ago +1
I’m not very trendy so I gotta have urban dictionary. 5 months ago  
A would scar me emotionally. B I’d be lonely but I could solve many energy crises. 5 months ago +1
For me that’s a pretty easy yes. But I haven’t had to do it yet, so I don’t have the first hand mix of emotions. 5 months ago  
If it’s only for a day no one will notice. 5 months ago  
Nicki minaj, Justin bieber, Rihanna, lady gaga, and adele 3 years ago  
Why do all the girls want to bang red 3 years ago +2
Because they have no life 3 years ago  
Wow 3 years ago  
Where has this been all my life?!?!?! 3 years ago  
B looks dumb 3 years ago  
Both actually seen useful 3 years ago  
Thanks 3 years ago  
This is what America has done to me 3 years ago  
Then it looks like it's down to you and usmanc. You're both awesome but you'll probably win 3 years ago  
Wish he was on more 3 years ago  
Loophole- I have no friends! 3 years ago  
Thanks! (But I'm nowhere near as awesome as you) 3 years ago +1
I believe I can fly! 3 years ago  
I'm not normally a grammar nazi. But really, wright? 3 years ago  
How is goldenmoon winning! (Not that she's not awesome, but hash is just. Wow!) 3 years ago  
Thin, good looking, and popular 3 years ago  
With red, usmanc, or hash is going to win this. Probably red 3 years ago  
Yay! 3 years ago  
Wrong one. I thought b said love someone you love the most 3 years ago +1
Thor sucks imo 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago  
Who hasn't? 3 years ago  
Agreed 3 years ago  
Looks cool! Count me in! 3 years ago  
You've Only made like 825! 3 years ago  
I barely even ask questions 3 years ago  
Nice job! 3 years ago  
Say no and walk the other way 3 years ago  
B is annoying but people are just trying to be nice 3 years ago  
I forgot he existed 3 years ago +1
That is by far the best thing you've ever posted on this site! 3 years ago +1
Fish sucks 3 years ago  
Fish is evil 3 years ago  
One of the best 3 years ago +1
Why'd he leave? 3 years ago  
Yes! 3 years ago +2
Best hero EVER 3 years ago  
B sucks 3 years ago  
Yay! I'm in this! 3 years ago  
It's impossible to have an ugly baby 3 years ago  
Now I really will be appleman! 3 years ago +1
Red 3 years ago  
Yay! Thanks 3 years ago  
The closest book is outside in my car, and I'm too lazy to walk outside and get it 3 years ago  
Lel 3 years ago +1
10 at least when it comes to sexuality 3 years ago  
I'm weird too though? You vote for me, mostly, in these things. 3 years ago +1
I do think batman's the best but monk should've gotten #2 3 years ago +1
Nutella is awesome but spaghetti and meatballs is just… Woah 3 years ago  
Oh 3 years ago  
Oh… sorry 3 years ago  
Wow 3 years ago  
Yay! 3 years ago  
Didn't I just see a question by her yesterday? When was she banned? 3 years ago  
A sucks 3 years ago +1
Kansas 3 years ago  
Lol. Finally, someone! 3 years ago  
That's what I said to the person that told me that 3 years ago +1 3 years ago +1
Ya. That's why I'm on this site all the time. I have no life! 3 years ago  
Easy. (Not that goldenmoon isn't awesome) 3 years ago  
Even though I love my family. I need a place to live 3 years ago  
Yes. I think that was the joke 3 years ago  
10-15 years 3 years ago  
All I do with my life anyway 3 years ago  
Um… unless she edited it, this looks like English 3 years ago  
I'm not even ready for my ideas/thoughts! 3 years ago  
I thought that was just my phone taking forever to load 3 years ago  
My thoughts exactly! 3 years ago  
This question is sexual 3 years ago +1
Everyone here knows I'm crazy, awesome, and… interesting. 3 years ago +1
Even though A is annoying now 3 years ago  
I do. It's the best season ever 3 years ago +3
Winter is the BEST season 3 years ago +2
More fun 3 years ago  
Hotter 3 years ago  
How do you find these pictures? 3 years ago +1
Two fat people= a hot couple. Is my math off? 3 years ago  
How'd I know a guest made this question? 3 years ago +3
I've never been that interested in star wars 3 years ago  
Now that they have $1.49 chicken nuggets 3 years ago  
Wow! An original question that actually makes me think. Nice job! 3 years ago +1
I should've picked A. I'm already disabled in some ways. 3 years ago  
What's with all the Justin burned questions lately? 3 years ago  
I've always wanted to experiment with cannibalism 3 years ago  
For 1millisecond 3 years ago  
I love questions that are so terribly written I can't even understand them 3 years ago +1
Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil 3 years ago  
I really don't care about sex. 3 years ago +1
I'd still be rich, dead, immortal, poor, fat, and anorexic. 3 years ago  
Duh. Captain America 's weak 3 years ago  
Nice! I heard IL is a cool place. (This site gets my location wrong every time I post a comment 6 3 years ago  
I was gonna google it but I guess j won't now 3 years ago  
I'm hungry now 3 years ago  
I love past… and dogs 3 years ago  
He was one of my favorites, but I almost never see him anymore. 3 years ago  
Ya it's kind of scary. I heard its colder here in Kansas than the north pole 3 years ago +1
I hate warmth 3 years ago +2
I've never even heard of B 3 years ago  
Already am 3 years ago +2
Have both already 3 years ago  
Do you believe in magic! In a young sponge's heart! 3 years ago +1
B is awesome A is… 3 years ago  
Redeagle 3 years ago  
I'm too much of a coward to look 3 years ago  
I love sleeping plus I want to see my great grandkids one day 3 years ago +3
Hurts less and heals faster 3 years ago  
Finally, a good AND original question 3 years ago +2
Duh 3 years ago  
Just because of the picture 3 years ago  
My thoughts exactly 3 years ago  
Makes sense 3 years ago  
I've always wanted to be a cartoon 3 years ago +1
A red one 3 years ago +1
I hate spicy and love sour. Hard choice for me 3 years ago  
Tough, but no one, no even scooby doo, can beat monk 3 years ago +1
In B I'll get arrested 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago +1
I guess I'm weird 3 years ago  
Oh :(. I was hoping it would be more beefy 3 years ago  
If it is legalized though I feel like it should have the same rules as alcohol like you said. 3 years ago +1
I've always wondered what Godzilla tastes like 3 years ago +2
Easy 3 years ago +1
I've always wondered what rabbit tastes like 3 years ago  
I haven't seen many people hate on emos, but a lot of people her hate on vegans 3 years ago  
Even though life would suck 3 years ago  
Already am. At least I get meat. 3 years ago  
Now I'm hungry 3 years ago +1
Monk beats everyone 3 years ago +1
All I got was money (I'm not complaining though) 3 years ago  
No Christmas Eve. Thankfully my job is closed on Christmas 3 years ago  
The best! 3 years ago  
A is the worst water pokemon 3 years ago  
I had work and it was absolutely TERRIBLE!!! 3 years ago  
Actor 3 years ago  
Nonexistent 3 years ago  
Angry 3 years ago  
At least we'd finally know who the one and only Santa Claus is 3 years ago  
Merry Christmas!!! 3 years ago  
A sucks 3 years ago +1
I don't love him or hate him. He sometimes says stupid, ignorant stuff. But some of his ideas sound halfway decent 3 years ago +1
Raise your glass 3 years ago  
Make it cold in Kansas all year long. 3 years ago  
I'm surprised only 1 person has put Obama for B so far. I have a feeling more people will though. 3 years ago  
Washington 3 years ago +1
My mom yes. A friend no. 3 years ago  
How have I never thought of doing that? That's genius! 3 years ago +1
Both suck though 3 years ago  
You have no taste buds 3 years ago +1
Best flavor of all the cakes 3 years ago  
I'd love to be 8 again 3 years ago  
I'd be 5 again 3 years ago +1
I don't get it… 3 years ago  
B sucks 3 years ago  
How'd I know you were gonna say that? 3 years ago +1
Who is it?! WHO!? 3 years ago  
Salmon sucks 3 years ago  
Yay! I have a girlfriend now! 3 years ago +4
One with a collar, turtleneck? 3 years ago +1
Although the food bill would be a monster 3 years ago  
This one's gonna win this tournament 3 years ago  
Man I miss these shows 3 years ago  
Crazy 3 years ago  
"Today's the day" P!nk 3 years ago  
I suck at art 3 years ago  
I don't use either 3 years ago  
Tough, but usmanc has that certain je ne sais quoi 3 years ago +1
45 3 years ago  
This way seems good to me. But when stores and radio stations start Christmas in October, that's starting it too early. 3 years ago  
For some reason I read that as never liked Jesus 3 years ago  
Azula is the cruelest thing in the world so she'll probably win 3 years ago +1
Will you do one on me? 3 years ago  
Easy 3 years ago  
More fun 3 years ago  
I wish 3 years ago  
If I did A I'd be gone too 3 years ago +1
Having one right now 3 years ago  
A sucks and is extremely overrated 3 years ago  
I wouldn't want to see my worst enemy naked 3 years ago  
I hope Italy wins 3 years ago  
I'm lost… 3 years ago  
That's deep man 3 years ago +1
The best season EVER!! 3 years ago +4
Already am 3 years ago  
Easy 3 years ago +1
I used to but I do t anymore 3 years ago  
Raise your glass by P!nk 3 years ago  
Congrats on your anniversary! 3 years ago +2
Classic American_Jedi :) 3 years ago  
Tennis 3 years ago  
Better food 3 years ago  
My favorite Greek god 3 years ago  
P!nk, P!nk, P!nk, P!nk, and P!NK! 3 years ago +2
We're having the same problem in Kansas 3 years ago +1 3 years ago  
Aren't they the same person? 3 years ago  
Sorry usmanc. You're a better user but B is a cooler logo. 3 years ago +3
It doesn't have to be a snowman 3 years ago  
More fun 3 years ago  
He'd make the classes fun ;) 3 years ago +4
Yay! 3 years ago  
Already am. Pays decent and is actually pretty fun 3 years ago  
I've always wondered what human tastes like. (Is that bad?) 3 years ago  
Pizza 3 years ago  
Mom 3 years ago  
My phone 3 years ago  
Can I be in it?! 3 years ago  
Like if you yawned after reading this 3 years ago +2
Now I'm hungry 3 years ago  
Already do 3 years ago  
18% are liars 3 years ago +1
Sorry red. You're still awesome! 3 years ago  
I miss those days 3 years ago  
Lion king 3 years ago  
Most of the time being tall is fun, but it does have its downsides 3 years ago  
A sucks now. B has declined but is still awesome! 3 years ago +1
Rufus 3 years ago  
The great escape 3 years ago  
I've never seen star wars 3 years ago  
Birth control 3 years ago  
Sad 3 years ago +1
Sweet potato pie 3 years ago  
P!nk is my my girl! MY GIRL!!!!!! 3 years ago +2
Now I'm hungry 3 years ago  
World peace 3 years ago  
Thin 3 years ago  
Nice job! 3 years ago  
One of the best. Gates doesn't quite compare 3 years ago  
I thought I was the only one 3 years ago  
Bagpipe 3 years ago  
Sleep 3 years ago  
2 3 years ago  
Me 3 years ago +2
I hate oranges 3 years ago +1
The results are sad 3 years ago  
Already do 3 years ago  
Yay it's back! 3 years ago  
That's the perfect temperature in my book 3 years ago  
One of the few greet cartoons left on nick. It's not as awesome as it used to be but it still rocks 3 years ago +1
So this is what rrrather is coming to… so sad... 3 years ago +3
In all honesty Both look tasty. 3 years ago +1
Nerds are hot 3 years ago  
How'd you get a picture of me!?!?! 3 years ago  
I almost never drink anything hot 3 years ago  
Already do 3 years ago  
Lol 3 years ago  
Dodgeball 3 years ago  
Pencil 3 years ago  
Tv 3 years ago  
The stove 3 years ago  
Human 3 years ago  
Cry 3 years ago  
Miley Cyrus 3 years ago  
A baby 3 years ago  
I hate to say it, but spongebob 3 years ago  
Thanks. But I'm nowhere near as awesome as you 3 years ago +1
Sleeping 3 years ago  
Rrrather is much more important 3 years ago  
A just … 3 years ago  
I can run… 3 years ago  
FOOD! 3 years ago  
Nice job getting a question up there 3 years ago +2
Without this I would have no energy 3 years ago +1
It says root beer in the picture… 3 years ago +1
Only because most of P!nk's songs came out after 2004 3 years ago  
I have no life 3 years ago +1
Thanks! You're a 12 3 years ago  
8 3 years ago  
They're fun. Never stop! 3 years ago +1
They're cool and funny 3 years ago  
Usmanc, RedEagle, and… American_Jedi 3 years ago +2
Don't be sad! Ignore the haters. Most of the nice people on here like you. :) 3 years ago  
One of the best! 3 years ago +1
He da bomb 3 years ago  
I will. I've heard of some ones that sound interesting since I've been on this site. 3 years ago +1
Yay! 3 years ago  
Ya. The earliest thing on my phone is from 2000. 3 years ago +1
Macy's doesn't have a big and tall section 3 years ago  
Would suck when summer came along though 3 years ago  
I just saw a halos commercial, so I'm going to pick A 3 years ago  
School 3 years ago +1
Ma'am 3 years ago  
I'm too scared I'd go to hell 3 years ago  
I don't even like tacos that much. 3 years ago  
Pretty much all I watch now 3 years ago +1
Bye! 3 years ago  
I have never listened to a song on my phone that was made before 2000. 3 years ago +1
A picture's worth a thousand words 3 years ago  
Is it too late for me to be in it? 3 years ago  
Cool! Glad to see you 3 years ago +1
I doubt they have men's size 15 in either. 3 years ago  
My 7th grade English teacher did this all the time. It was kind of funny 3 years ago  
One of my favorite actors. B is overrated in my opinion 3 years ago +1
I'd like A. Probably because I love apple more than google 3 years ago  
Red 3 years ago  
Superman is soooooooo overrated 3 years ago  
Song 3 years ago +1
Awesome! I hope I make it to 2 years. 3 years ago  
I had forgotten all about this show. Now I remember how awesome it was 3 years ago +2
It's awesome! 3 years ago +1
My dad's making both thankfully 3 years ago  
Churro 3 years ago  
Shoes 3 years ago  
Awesome idea 3 years ago +1
W 3 years ago  
7 3 years ago  
I farted because I love you 3 years ago +2
My mom 3 years ago  
Miley Cyrus concert 3 years ago  
Cigarettes 3 years ago  
An execution 3 years ago  
Thanks you're awesome too! 3 years ago +1
Only trolls will vote B. You're awesome 3 years ago  
Yay! 3 years ago +1
I hate both. But I hate tomatoes a little less 3 years ago  
I can't believe this has never crossed my mind. Is it bad that I have no idea? 3 years ago +2
When I joined, most people were nice and the questions were great. Now… 3 years ago  
People start dating in middle school now 3 years ago  
Hardest. Question. Of. My. Life. 3 years ago  
She's awesome 3 years ago +1
That includes you you know 3 years ago +1
28% have issues 3 years ago +3
Lol 3 years ago +2
Congrats on your anniversary! 3 years ago +1
Wait which kind of tank 3 years ago  
People 3 years ago  
Both are awesome though 3 years ago  
One of my favorite movies 3 years ago  
How do you know? Someone may be playing this game with an alien race right now. And the winner determines the fate of our planet. 3 years ago +2
Be nice now. Lol 3 years ago +3
Flying beats every other superpower combined 3 years ago +3
Geminis rule! 3 years ago +2
Do one on P!nk 3 years ago  
I'm fat and 6'3 so either would be a win for me 3 years ago  
Sorry mommy, but I won't become a murderer, and I don't think you want to see me turn into one. 3 years ago  
A is too much work 3 years ago  
B grows back, A doesn't unless you're 6 3 years ago  
Most of my favorite songs from P!nk came out during this decade 3 years ago  
Actually I change my answer. I'm hating the way I've developed so I want to start over 3 years ago  
I'd still love them to death 3 years ago  
I want both to be small but I unfortunately have A 3 years ago  
A is heaven 3 years ago  
Both were awesome 3 years ago  
P!nk 3 years ago  
A is my favorite of all the phobias 3 years ago  
A sucks but he doesn't kill a bunch of innocent people 3 years ago +2
Ya he's the sh*tbag 3 years ago  
A would suck cause sometimes you want to comment about how sucky both answers are 3 years ago  
I almost fell for it. 3 years ago +1
I hate South Park 3 years ago  
I haven't had constipation since I was in my mom. But I've had B for the past two weeks. 3 years ago  
I'd like one. But it would ruin the point of the site. 3 years ago  
A BIT disturbing? 3 years ago  
Alaska 3 years ago  
I actually like Fred's voice. It's funny 3 years ago  
Anyone with a name like that has to be awesome 3 years ago +1
She's awesome 3 years ago +2
Some yugioh game 3 years ago  
Do me please! 3 years ago  
What's up? 3 years ago  
Yay 3 years ago +2
See ya 3 years ago  
That would be awesome! 3 years ago  
Congrats!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!! 3 years ago  
The broncos are evil 3 years ago  
And I definitely don't want to 3 years ago +2
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