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    it doesnt matter.....lines...its all about lines....whoever has the biggest line wins....almost like their trying to compensate for something +1
    hahahaha its a crush! 2 weeks later you will get a new one lol  
    happens....and if it does at least she will finnaly say yes/no i mean the school will find out eventually lol  
    happened to me many times...i simply help my friend now lol  
    at least i know....  
    the first option lasts 10 seconds.....the next option lasts 4 years...i cant believe this is even close -facepalm-  
    let it goooooo....let it gooooo....the cold never bothered me anyway....but the heat bothers me fo sure!!!  
    the only competition DC gives is Batman and expect an amazing fight and being very close...but overall...1-far more marvel superheroes and 2- marvel has better overall characters....i do agree batman and superman are freacking amazing and i cant diss the justice leauge...but in terms of sheer size...marvel would overwhelm.....  
    id rather everyone else would be happy for eteenity....  
    dear lord all the girls dont realize...that this question aint meant for i wish they would refrain from commenting...  
    an extra 5 hours in my life would be great  
    i havent even seen harry potter or twilight...but i know which is better!!!  
    if i was immortal i could always amass a fortune  
    agreed mate  
    this is a very controversial question lol....  
    but maybe its a person who runs into you and smashes into a pole because of you....death by car wreck....  
    plenty of peoples last name is hitler or hittler it doesnt bother them too bad  
    hahaha the most lopsided votes ive seen so far  
    computer gaming is always better than console gaming  
    putin... would probably nuke the world  
    teleporting is faster  
    one word: Vodka  
    cabins and Alaska are awesome  
    oh yeah  
    I can run from cats  
    at least I wont die standing in line (probably)  
    nerds will rule the world  
    already am  
    no brainer  
    at least u can try and befriend them  
    mo money  
    that was easy  
    more fun  
    I don't agree with homosexuals but I do realize people harass them way too much least top 10  
    can't let ppl hate each other  
    need..... BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    love my bro and sis too much  
    the battle continues  
    let it snow let it snow let it snow  
    well at least he is on hiw way out  
    hopefully a fire doesn't start  
    anything is better  
    hahaha... has been debated... for over a century.... look to science without bias... mabe the answer will come to pp  
    hell no... nobody is goin through ma history +1
    all my wihes come true  
    love my hair too much  
    at least he dogs are cuter  
    anything is better than tighlight  
    way hotter  
    tried the other once  
    less people die this way  
    more intimidatng  
    at least im th loya one  
    not nesacarilly  
    awww yeah  
    neat question  
    the possibilities  
    Russian roulette look it up u made a good choice  
    more fun this way  
    anything but YOLO  
    this is....depressing  
    increase the size of food... problems solved  
    what do we use money for?... buying things... so who cares if its only for Amazon +1
    this is too easy  
    ahh well to each hi own  
    this is hilarious  
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