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Hi umm I don't know what to put here so hey?

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Would you rather Laugh at sad things or Cry at funny things 4 years ago 150 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Futurama or The Simpsons 4 years ago 150 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have 3 legs or Have 3 arms 4 years ago 134 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which game is better? League of Legends or Hearthstone 4 years ago 464 votes -1 comments 0 likes
Do any of you have Instagram Yes (Comment or PM or username) or No 4 years ago 128 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sneeze glitter or Burp bubbles 5 years ago 263 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never have Arizona tea or Taco bell 5 years ago 193 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to be Invisible or To Teleport 5 years ago 186 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only watch The Big Bang Theory or Two an a Half Men 5 years ago 140 votes 5 comments 0 likes

AshAshton has posted the following comments:

Coke 4 years ago  
Ugh so hard 4 years ago  
*sighs* 4 years ago  
I kinda like both but Fifth Harmony is better 4 years ago +1
Wrong one 4 years ago +2
Wrong one 4 years ago  
F*ck those strangers 4 years ago +2
Wrong one 4 years ago  
I really like AshAshton 4 years ago  
haha ikr 4 years ago  
Yes i can sneak into concerts without being caught 4 years ago  
F*ck Apple 4 years ago  
haha I'm not even a fan and I don't even like apple 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Well how long has the simpsons been on for and they still haven't aged 4 years ago  
I want to be Iron Man 4 years ago  
NigaHiga is amazing 4 years ago  
Lol maybe with Luke i might 4 years ago  
I egged her house 3 times with my friend 4 years ago  
Halo! 4 years ago  
Yes celebrity's naked. That sounded weird 4 years ago  
Hmm most people know what 5 boys i want 4 years ago  
Windows 8 sucks! 4 years ago  
Tekken is awesome 4 years ago +1
When Beyonce turned 6 Jay-Z turned 18 4 years ago  
Who you gonna call. Ghost Busters! 4 years ago  
I hate Dark Horse 4 years ago  
Already am *cough* Luke *cough* 4 years ago  
My grandma is dead 4 years ago +2
New Disney sucks! 4 years ago  
The Lego Movie was so good! 4 years ago  
I live in the South 4 years ago  
I don't use tablets 4 years ago  
Eat them 4 years ago +2
Star Trek is awesome 4 years ago +1
=3 Is awesome 4 years ago  
Always wanted to own that ghost 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one James is way better 4 years ago  
Avatar sucks! 4 years ago  
Sometimes 4 years ago  
Always wanted to dye some of my hair blue 4 years ago  
Nirvana is awesome 4 years ago  
Eating? 4 years ago  
Haha yes 4 years ago  
CinemaSins is awesome 4 years ago  
I'm already part Russian 4 years ago +1
Lol I'm not athletic 4 years ago  
Anything is better than a 1D song 4 years ago +2
Can't eat cake 4 years ago +1
Can't have either lol 4 years ago  
I'll put it outside 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago +1
British accents are hot 4 years ago  
Hehe Calum 4 years ago  
I don't know you but I'm sad now 4 years ago  
I don't even know you so I'm assuming you suck 4 years ago  
I collect merch 4 years ago +2
I would drop my phone in the toilet then 4 years ago  
Dimples are adorable 4 years ago  
Shes cute 4 years ago +1
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Lol it don't snow where I live 4 years ago +4
Lol 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Am I the only one who likes Myspace over Fb 4 years ago  
Love cats 4 years ago +1
Jenna is awesome 4 years ago  
Damn wrong one 4 years ago +1
First of all I can't twerk 4 years ago +1
How I met your mother is one of my favorite t.v shows 4 years ago  
I could kill my mortal enemies 4 years ago  
Video games here I come 4 years ago  
I will be a nice idiot 4 years ago +2
I hate it when I'm listening to Pandora in the shower and then the ads come and its really awkward then 4 years ago  
They call me Kian in the chat 4 years ago  
I cant choose both are amazing 4 years ago  
Have fun watching me having sex with Calum 4 years ago  
Paul would be an awesome roommate let alone having a llama as a roommate 4 years ago  
I don't celebrate Christmas 4 years ago  
Cat Dog was my favorite show 4 years ago  
Pringles actually fill the whole packet with chips 4 years ago +1
BODMAS people 4 years ago  
Shawn Mendes obviously 4 years ago +2
Wrong one 4 years ago +1
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Well I already saw my friend crack her head open 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Neither. Hate Apple products 4 years ago  
Skyrim is awesome 4 years ago  
Wring one 4 years ago  
I hate it when you're about to watch a show and the show b4 it runs through the show ur about to watch 4 years ago  
Well I'll die if I eat fish and I hate the taste of beef 4 years ago  
Omg I love Tekken 4 years ago  
Dragon Ball Z was awesome 4 years ago  
wrong one woops 4 years ago  
I say Utella. Is that weird?? 4 years ago  
Order a pizza 4 years ago  
Kick-Ass was awesome 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago +1
Allergic to strawberries 4 years ago  
Well I will break my legs trying to do the splits 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Or don't tell anyone 4 years ago +1
Hahaha smooth move dude 4 years ago  
Well I only use these two websites 4 years ago  
Already own 2! 4 years ago +1
Already know how to play the guitar 4 years ago  
Well she kinda does 4 years ago  
I'm a girl 4 years ago  
Anything to have sex with Luke 4 years ago  
She looks like Bindi Irwin 4 years ago  
I know but still don't leave 4 years ago  
Hahaha 4 years ago  
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
It's actually really easy when you know the trick to it 4 years ago  
Hate strawberries 4 years ago  
I'm just gonna throw up now 4 years ago  
I've so badly want to go Paint balling and Laser Tag gets boring after a while 4 years ago  
Both were really good but Reach was better 4 years ago  
Red team all the way! 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
I've always wondered what it would be like being a dragon 4 years ago  
Already am I 4 years ago +1
Worship Banjo 4 years ago  
Already does 4 years ago  
I think we will all be in it 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Take my arm I don;t need it 4 years ago  
MySpace was awesome! 4 years ago  
umm already am 4 years ago  
yes wrong one 4 years ago  
Yes. I hated the cold so bad 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Thats So Raven was my favorite show 4 years ago  
I look completely different 4 years ago  
Harry Potter 4 years ago  
NO! Why would you ask this? One does not simply choose 4 years ago  
Australia does need Netflix and also Orange Is The New Black is such a good show 4 years ago  
Can't have either 4 years ago  
Yes. when I see celebrities (that sounds so creepy) 4 years ago +2
Well I really can't have either 4 years ago  
Already know how to play the guitar 4 years ago  
Pizza 4 years ago  
Most people thought I was a guy when i joined 4 years ago  
Miss Fortune obviously 4 years ago  
Why can't i hate both 4 years ago  
Mangoes 4 years ago  
Well both suck equally 4 years ago +1
Hate Dark Horse 4 years ago  
More fun! 4 years ago +1
Why! 4 years ago  
Can't walk in heels 4 years ago  
Well I was bored one day and I searched would you rather questions and found this site. About 2 months later I made an account 4 years ago +1
They are easy when you know how to do them and i can solve them in about 2 or 3 minutes 4 years ago  
Win! don't have either of them 4 years ago  
Ugh why can't I do both 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
37,200 4 years ago  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught me that living in the sewers can be pretty cool 4 years ago  
I make a Tsunami when I take a shower and it gets soaked up 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago +1
Hate winter 4 years ago  
Ryan is amazing! End of story 4 years ago +1
Wrong one lol 4 years ago  
How about neither 4 years ago  
You don't know me! 4 years ago  
Umm I'm a girl so pass 4 years ago  
Only liked the old episodes 4 years ago  
Win! Female 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Already do 4 years ago +1
I doubt it's gonna get better 4 years ago  
Is it bad thing if I know how to speak a bit of Klingon 4 years ago  
142 4 years ago +1
Why not both 4 years ago +1
Love Taco Bell! 4 years ago  
5sos. I have weird dreams about Calum 4 years ago  
Obviously Jc 4 years ago  
I talk about stuff people don't know about 4 years ago  
Can skate but come on video games 4 years ago  
Why not both 4 years ago +1
Bring the Big macs 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago +1
Most youtubers live in L.A, better chance of meeting them then 4 years ago +1
Collection of food that umm i eat and then collect more. Oh and video games 4 years ago  
Can'r live without twitter 4 years ago  
Apple sucks! 4 years ago  
I could deal medical drugs 4 years ago  
Already do 4 years ago  
Doing it right now 4 years ago  
Coke sucks 4 years ago +1
Eh i guess ur right sorta 4 years ago +1
Always cut the red wire! 4 years ago  
Lord of The RIngs 4 years ago  
Ezio is from Assassins Creed 4 years ago  
17 time but lunch times 4 years ago  
And.... why is that? 4 years ago  
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 4 years ago  
Haha 4 years ago  
Read then watch! 4 years ago  
Don't worry I did that too but for 2 weeks 4 years ago  
The newer pokemons arent as good as the older ones 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago  
I hugged the Trojan man 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
or just download it 4 years ago +1
Ariana is adorable! 4 years ago  
Bye Australia! 4 years ago  
Don't have one 4 years ago  
Both were really good but Assassin's Creed III was better 4 years ago  
Too easy 4 years ago +1
SHANE! 4 years ago  
Lol no 4 years ago  
Why would I want your nudes??? 4 years ago  
It would guard my house and burn my mortal enemies 4 years ago  
Just Cause 2 is AWESOME! 4 years ago  
I proved my self right ha! 4 years ago  
I'm 13 4 years ago +8
Ok this is a weird story, well not really a story but my "friend" (as in my mortal enemy) wants to bang some guys on this site. F*cking slut. Thought I might tell a this site what my "friend" wants to do to some users. 4 years ago  
Both are really good! 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago +5
Lol i don't run 4 years ago  
Lol just was playing Slender man 4 years ago  
I want everything I need 4 years ago  
I don't play games on my computer just on a Xbox360 4 years ago  
I'm allergic to apples 4 years ago  
Saints is so fun! 4 years ago +1
Lilo & Stitch = My Childhood 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago +1
BOTH! 4 years ago +1
Just download it *cough* illegally * cough* 4 years ago +5
Sparkling sucks! 4 years ago +3
Love the show Seinfeld 4 years ago  
NO! i clicked the wrong one. I like you 4 years ago +1
The girl named Cat in Victorious 4 years ago  
Kitten! 4 years ago  
lol im allergic tosome seafood 4 years ago  
That's not cool that you brought that girl into this 4 years ago +1
TUMBLR! 4 years ago  
Lol i sleep at 2am each day except weekends lol 4 years ago  
I could never kill a kitten 4 years ago  
Why not both 4 years ago  
I'm a girl and i hate their guts! 4 years ago +1
I am a Kiwi! And New Zealand is awesome 4 years ago  
It could be medical drugs 4 years ago  
Well now im focused on food. ugh im hungry 4 years ago +1
He is one of my fav youtubers 4 years ago +1
Weird 4 years ago  
Well I cant dance or sing but I do like to sing 4 years ago  
Lol I cant dance 4 years ago  
Lol was this from Danisnotonfire 4 years ago +2
lol wrong one 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago  
Justin is an asshole 4 years ago  
I can't chose B I love kittens 4 years ago  
Converse are gay 4 years ago  
Lol I would rather hide in Woolworths 4 years ago  
omg when i saw the movie the cinema was filled with grandmas crying 4 years ago  
ZEE! It doesnt flow when u say the alphabet 4 years ago  
None. I'm lactose-intolerant 4 years ago  
ah! thats my brithday! I get excited over the littlest things. 4 years ago +2
F*ck those b*tches 4 years ago  
If i get to be in the front 4 years ago  
Always wanted to speak German and I already speak French, Italian and Chinses 4 years ago  
My obsession makes me sad cos I love them so much 4 years ago  
More youtubers live in California 4 years ago +1
F*ck B 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Hi! 4 years ago +2
PIZZA! 4 years ago  
I'll take my cat 4 years ago  
Lol i didnt even sleep 4 years ago  
I have 412 4 years ago  
To hold more food 4 years ago +1
Me lol 4 years ago  
My brother can be annoying but i couldn't do that 4 years ago  
Only like 3 or 4 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
I wish i could have 1 mil on both but youtube 4 years ago  
Who the f*ck doesnt like youtubers! *gets out knife* 4 years ago +1
Converse sucks! 4 years ago  
Neither! 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Dont celebrate it 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Netflix! 4 years ago +3
Lol never will 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
omg I love Jonah HIll! 4 years ago +1
Ugh I want both 4 years ago  
:) 4 years ago  
I have a gun get in the van 4 years ago  
lol wrong one 4 years ago  
None allergic 4 years ago  
Yeah 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
The jock usually dies 4 years ago +2
Oh f*ck I'm a cat lover! 4 years ago  
Lol i can't dance or be social 4 years ago +4
A tumblr boy as in Connor! 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
I already am! 4 years ago  
Lol I can't live without either 4 years ago +2
A few times 4 years ago  
Kinda, but aren't they girls in disguise?? 4 years ago  
lol wrong one 4 years ago  
Shen is the bomb! And finally someone else who plays league 4 years ago  
That would be awesome! 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Why not both! 4 years ago  
I dont have a husband 4 years ago  
umm what if I already don't go outside 4 years ago  
Because apple sucks! 4 years ago +1
Don't have a puppy 4 years ago +1
Lol I have both laughs 4 years ago  
I don't even know who you are! 4 years ago +2
wrong one 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
I have so much hw thats due 2morrow. Probably gonna do it all at 2am 4 years ago  
I chose you! 4 years ago  
Only if eating was a sport 4 years ago  
Already do 4 years ago +1
I'm using a HP rn 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago  
Umm I don't think this counts but moving ur foot in a weird position and it starts cramping up and you think that this is the end 4 years ago  
I was 4 4 years ago  
League all the way! 4 years ago +1
I already have 4 years ago  
It would be cool living with them 4 years ago  
Shane is an awesome youtuber 4 years ago  
What happens if you need what you want 4 years ago  
Why not both 4 years ago  
I would love to look like my profile pic 4 years ago  
Audio books 4 years ago  
F*ck apple 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
I HATE APPLE PRODUCTS 4 years ago +1
Nobody knows who I am 4 years ago  
I want the old disney back. When the shows were actually good 4 years ago  
I believe in you who believes in me! 4 years ago  
There is O2L in LA 4 years ago  
I would be like to everyone " F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you" and to my crush "F*ck me" lol 4 years ago  
Why not Both! 4 years ago  
theres less 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
into water or and pond of marshmallows 4 years ago  
Hearing aid 4 years ago  
I dont even know you 4 years ago +1
I would die without Youtube! 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Netflix 4 years ago +1
Don't even like heels 4 years ago  
Well the question is what the hell are you doing in a pile of sh*t 4 years ago  
I love LOL 4 years ago  
NO! 4 years ago  
But isn't Justin a female 4 years ago +3
9/10 4 years ago  
Both! 4 years ago  
Some stuff have to stay a secret 4 years ago +2
wrong one 4 years ago  
Happy Tree Friends was the bomb 4 years ago  
Neither! 4 years ago +1
WTF 4 years ago +1
Lol 4 years ago +1
Wolves are awesome 4 years ago  
Math is more important in most jobs 4 years ago +1
already have GTAV 4 years ago  
KITYY! 4 years ago  
SEXY! 4 years ago  
Love AFL! 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Food but then I eat it 4 years ago  
Both are really good. 4 years ago +1
I would love to see the catus win. lol 4 years ago +2
Yes it is 4 years ago  
Cluedo is so annoying 4 years ago  
Although when im righting an essay and there's 5 mins I write pretty quickly 4 years ago  
Don't have a sister 4 years ago +1
Already do 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Kittens all the way! 4 years ago  
I was born in Australia and was raised by my mum cos my dad left me and my bro when i was 10. I have been bullied a lot through primary school. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 10. I can speak 6 languages. I have more guy friends then girl friends. I have a weird addiction with Arizona tea. I also have an addiction to cats and coffee. And i have no idea what else to write cos im just blank rn. ok bye 4 years ago  
Kinda both 4 years ago  
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 4 years ago  
I hate sparkling water 4 years ago +1
It could be fun 4 years ago  
Lol im already a gamer 4 years ago  
Maybe 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
That is so true! 4 years ago  
Ugh Both! 4 years ago  
Personally I kinda hate the xbox one 4 years ago  
Well the real question is why the hell will you be eating poop or swimming in urine 4 years ago  
Lol same 4 years ago  
Lol cant dance 4 years ago  
lol wasnt spouse to anwser this question my bad 4 years ago  
Such a good game! 4 years ago  
Time travelling 4 years ago  
Lol my dream! 4 years ago  
*Pulls out gun to shot myself* 4 years ago  
Lol ik this isnt a serious injury but stubbing ur toe omg 4 years ago +1
Subtitles 4 years ago  
I wonder what facebook tastes lile 4 years ago  
Ok I guess I could try 4 years ago  
Idk if I should I get really nervous talking to people but i guess I could 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
More fun 4 years ago  
Haha 4 years ago  
Lol I wish 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
MySpace was the bomb 4 years ago  
Ugh so hard! 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
I have no rhythm 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Lol what if my worst nightmare was someone eating the last piece of pizza I was saving 4 years ago +1
It's really good 4 years ago  
Already am 4 years ago  
No ur not 4 years ago  
I choose you 4 years ago +1
Lol I don't even drive 4 years ago  
Lilo and Stitch was my childhood 4 years ago +1
What up big bang reference 4 years ago  
I would kill someone to meet her 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
People who are stuck up 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Haha same 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago +2
I dont give a f*ck on what people think about me 4 years ago  
Eating 4 years ago  
Allergic to nuts so win! 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Hell no! 4 years ago  
I speak 6 4 years ago  
Nash! 4 years ago  
Why cant i do both 4 years ago  
Ugh so hard but deadpool 4 years ago  
Aww kitty! 4 years ago +2
Lol ill die anyway. Im allergic to nuts 4 years ago  
13! 4 years ago  
Go firefox! 4 years ago  
Haha jaren 4 years ago  
Hate facebook 4 years ago  
ARIZONA TEA ALL THE WAY! 4 years ago  
Wigs 5 years ago +1
Bow down b*tches 5 years ago +2
Ugh both are really good 5 years ago  
Omg did any of you see Lady Gaga do the Ice Bucket Challenge 5 years ago  
Paramore 5 years ago +1
Haha I'll bring you 5 years ago  
Ugh im so hungry right now 5 years ago  
I already did it 5 years ago  
One Direction sucks! 5 years ago +1
I know this person isn't the prettiest but colleen ballinger is so pretty 5 years ago +1
Doing it right now 5 years ago  
Wow surprised that so many people prefer dogs over cats 5 years ago  
Addicting Games, YouTube, if u want to listen to a book go to 5 years ago  
Is that Arizona in Pic A 5 years ago  
I hate garlic 5 years ago  
It's delicious 5 years ago  
RoosterTeeth! 5 years ago  
Red all the way but blue is pretty good 5 years ago  
Lol 5 years ago  
Damn wrong one 5 years ago  
Oh dear this could take a while so I'm not gonna 5 years ago  
Who the f*ck likes waking up 5 years ago  
Lol don't drive 5 years ago  
Love HP 5 years ago  
Ugh why can't I have both 5 years ago  
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